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    One Life To Live CAST - Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria/Niki/Jean Lord Banks Played by Erika Slezak on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erika Slezak

    Birthday: 1946-08-05
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married to Brian Davies
    Real Name: Erika Slezak
    Height: 5' 5"


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    As Soon As You're Done Buffing My Corns.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011

    Tina and Viki return to Llanfair. Viki shares what Tina did. Tina admits she did it all for Cord, who promptly kisses her.

    You're Fired.

    Tuesday, November 01 2011

    At Llanfair, Nigel tells Clint his investigator can't locate Kim. He wants more money to keep searching. Nigel doesn't think Kim ever had a sick friend and suggests Clint forget about her. "You're fired," Clint replies. Later, Nigel reappears with a suitcase. Clint reminds Nigel of the oldest Buchanan threat. He's not fired. Clint was just upset. He looks outside at Viki and tells Nigel he'll think about whether or not to continue his search for Kim. Nigel warns he might not like what he finds if he continues it. Outside, Cutter slips a letter to Clint from Kim, in Cutter's words, into the mailbox. Cutter made it appear that Kim was saying goodbye. Nigel brings Clint the letter. Out on the patio, Todd admits to Viki that he didn't tell Blair how he feels. He claims to have stayed quiet because of Sam, who needs his dad. Todd blames himself for Victor's death and wishes he could change what he did. Viki wonders what he's talking about since he didn't kill Victor. Todd turns talk to Clint and starts teasing Viki. They agree their love lives are off limits. Nigel appears with court orders for Viki, Todd and Tina. They enter the mansion. Tina arrives and starts ranting at Clint about being a Buchanan. Nigel hands Tina her letter.

    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Ford, Jessica and Bree arrive at Llanfair after trick-or-treating. Bree asks Jessica to go to Aunt Natalie's party. While Viki talks to Jessica about Natalie, Clint shuns Ford, who tries making conversation. The men start arguing until Ford warns that he's not going anywhere. Clint better get used to it or prepare for another heart-attack. He sees Viki and Jessica listening in and agrees to tolerate Ford. They shake hands. Bree leans on the desk. The letter from Kim to Clint falls into her Halloween bag. Bree heads out with Jessica and Ford. Viki's happy by Clint's change of heart. They look at Viki's old wedding dress Tina left behind and remember their special day. Later, Clint can't find the letter that was addressed to him.

    Hogtied To The Altar Before Long.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    Clint warns Cord away from Tina at Llanfair. "It's not like we're getting married again." Cord laughs. Tina appears in Viki's old wedding dress. Viki joins them, as Tina hears Clint can't go to the party. He's under house arrest. Tina asks Clint to cuddle with David Vickers while she's gone. Viki drags Tina off, warning her not to overdo it with Cord by wearing the wedding dress. Tina thinks Viki's just too scared to pursue Clint. Viki denies it and brings up Clint's connection to Kim. Back in the living room, Clint predicts Tina will have Cord hogtied to the altar before long. Later, Brody, Natalie and Liam arrive. Natalie hears Clint's been a bit under the weather. Clint assures them he's fine to watch Liam. Natalie asks if Viki will stay and help Clint. She happily agrees. Brody and Natalie leave. While Clint takes Liam to get some blocks, Viki looks through the mail but doesn't see the letter for Clint from Kim. Clint reappears, thanks Viki for staying home with him and says, "You know I'm helpless without you." Clint starts looking through the mail.

    You Know Me? Who Am I?

    Wednesday, October 26 2011

    Outside of Llanfair, Cutter shows Tina the photo of Kim's friend. Tina admits she was there but was confused. The girl called herself Gigi Morasco, who's dead. "She's confused alright," Cutter agrees and rushes off. In the kitchen, Todd thinks of shooting Victor. Viki wonders what has him distracted. He thanks Viki for taking him in after what he's done. Viki sympathizes with what Todd's been through and says he wasn't the one who killed Victor. It's time Todd starts to rebuild his life. He has no idea where to start with his kids. As Todd complains about not having any money, Viki assures him things will straighten themselves out. Irene's dead. Tina appears and reminds them everything belongs to her now. She's Victor Lord's daughter, and Todd was declared dead. Viki plays referee. After Tina leaves, Todd rants at Viki for letting Tina back in the house and giving her another chance. Viki gave Todd another chance and begs him not to let Victor's money tear them apart. Todd wants it all backā€¦ his money, his children and especially Blair. She saved his life. Todd knows there's still something between them. They both felt it at the cabin.

    I Miss Dorian Lord As Mayor.

    Monday, October 24 2011

    Viki catches Clint finishing up a call with Joey at Llanfair. Why didn't Clint mention that Rex returned everything because he wanted to? Viki doesn't think his kids would care that Clint was kind to Rex in return, yet he didn't mention that either. Why can't Clint accept Rex like his other children? Clint admits he wasn't sure if Rex had changed. Viki hears the bitterness in Clint's voice over the bond Bo and Rex share. Viki's glad to see Clint cares, in his own way.

    How Would You Like To Get Your Company Back?

    Thursday, October 20 2011

    Standing at the bottom of the stairs at Llanfair, Viki and Clint make sexual innuendos leading to his stair-stepping exercises. Clint takes a call from Cutter, wondering if he'd like to get Buchanan Enterprises back, for a price. He tells Clint about the document he has with Rex's signature on it and texts Clint a photo of it. After Clint hangs up, Viki's upset to hear Clint is considering Cutter's offer. She doesn't believe that Rex signed the document. If it's real, why does Cutter have it?

    Rex arrives at Llanfair. Clint shows him the document Cutter texted him. Did Rex sign it? Rex claims it doesn't matter if he did. Rex is ready to give it all back. He admits his need for revenge almost destroyed him. "I should've never bargained with Gigi's heart," Rex says. He wants to put things back to the way they were. Rex gets the okay from Viki to move back into the carriage house then turns to leave. Clint stops him. He wants his son and grandson to continue living in Asa's house, free of charge. Viki tears up as Clint and Rex shake hands. After Rex leaves, Viki hugs Clint. Viki cries about the great gesture Clint just showed Rex. He just took an enormous step toward his son.

    Must Suck Being Dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    Over at Llanfair, Clint tells Viki how Cord compared them to him and Tina. He wanted Viki to know in case Cord tried pushing them back together. Viki thinks the thought of them reuniting is ridiculous, considering Kim's back in his life. He brings up why Kim returned, so he could help her friend. Clint knows Viki thinks Kim's setting him up and explains how he enlisted Rex's help. Viki's surprised. Rex thinks Kim is somehow connected to his messages from Gigi. Viki's glad Clint and Rex connected, even though he hit a dead-end in Kentucky. Clint hasn't heard from Kim since. Clint may be on house arrest but suggests it's time Viki got back into the world of dating again. She objects. Clint leans in close. Is there some reason Viki doesn't want to meet someone new? They both agree they're fine with how things are between them. Viki makes some popcorn and shares a new DVD with Clint. Over talk of Rex, Clint admits he's grateful to his son for giving him Gigi's heart. Though Clint misses his work at Buchanan Enterprises, he's happy with his life now, right there at Llanfair.

    I Have News And It's Not Good.

    Friday, October 07 2011

    Natalie calls Viki from the loft, who prays Todd is okay. Outside her door, David Vickers the dog sniffs at a copy of The Sun. She rushes away when Natalie appears for the paper. Viki alerts Natalie to the byline on the article about Scarface. Jack wrote it. Natalie heads back inside and the dog follows unseen. Natalie and Viki talk about their relationships with Jessica and Tina then hang up. When Natalie heads to the shower, David Vickers approaches Liam's playpen. They introduce themselves. "I have news," David Vickers says. "And it's not good." It's about Liam's parents. "What?" Liam asks. "Am I adopted?" The dog tells Liam his dad isn't Brody Lovett. It's some guy named John McBain. Liam thinks David Vickers is full of it. They exchange baby/dog insults. The dog promises to bring back proof then leaves.

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