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    One Life To Live CAST - Spencer Truman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Spencer Truman Played by Paul Satterfield on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Satterfield

    Birthday: 1960-08-19
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married to Elizabeth Satterfield
    Real Name: Paul Satterfield
    Height: 6' 4"


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    Suspicious Eyes...

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    After Miles explains that Tommy is really Todd’s son, Blair snaps, “How dare you mess with other people’s lives!” Just as Blair is about to throw him out of Dorian’s, Miles says, “I can prove it.” Once Miles shows Blair the file, she reads the letter from Spencer… saying how badly Spencer wanted to make Todd suffer. As Blair continues to read Spencer’s plan, the ghost of Spencer looms near Blair – and Miles! Although shocked by what’s in the file, Blair still wonders if it’s true. However, Miles apologizes for keeping the truth from Todd but vows it is the truth! Finally believing Miles, Blair knows it’s up to her to convince Todd!

    Has John Nabbed The Real Killer?

    Monday, August 27 2007

    Later, at the bus station, standing before the bus locker, Miles hears Spencer's voice prompting him to open it! Unlocking it, Miles reaches inside, pulls out a file, looks inside and says, “Oh, my…” As Spencer’s voice taunts him, Miles replies, “It can’t be true.”

    Nash Takes A Risk!

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    Looking at a picture of Tommy, John tries to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Suddenly an image of Spencer appears in John’s mind saying, “Why don’t you just let it go, John.” Spencer’s voice goes on to accuse John of trying to solve the case to save yet another damsel in distress – Marty! As Spencer’s voice runs down a list of who could’ve killed him, John finally realizes Marcie didn’t do it and says, “It had to be somebody else, and you’re going to help me figure it out. It had to be someone who knew the truth about Tommy… Someone who wouldn’t have stayed around to help Blair… It wasn’t Marty.” Suddenly, John realizes who killed Spencer!


    Monday, July 23 2007

    Behind bars, as Miles rants how he’s lost Marty, Spencer reminds him, “You never had her.” Miles begins blaming Spencer for what’s going on with him then says, “You made me hate Todd Manning. Now I’m as dead as you are. It’s not over yet. I still have a chance to make this right.”

    Secrets Start to Unravel

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Back at Rhodi's, Spencer continues to taunt Miles, warning him he should have killed Todd when he had the chance. After stating that he's not a murderer, Spencer suggests Miles at least hide Todd a little better. Miles then asks Cole to give him a fake call so that he has an excuse to leave the family dinner.

    Going back to where he left Todd, Miles discovers him missing from under the bridge. Spencer appears to taunt Miles about losing Todd and warns, "You better find him Miles. You better find him fast." Todd is then seen lying passed out in a new wooded location.

    Jessica Has a Setback!

    Monday, July 09 2007

    In the storage room, although Cole threatens to go to the police, Miles once again reminds Cole that Marty will go to jail if he opens his mouth! Cole storms out… Again, Spencer appears to Miles. Although Miles is feeling sorry for Cole – and Todd – Spencer reminds Miles that he’s a good person and says, “Get a grip! Cole could be ratting you out as we speak.”

    After putting Todd in the trunk of his car, Miles gets an order from Spencer to dump Todd’s body now! Although Miles tells Spencer this has to stop, and starts to head back upstairs to tell Blair Todd is alive, Spencer suggests Todd will rape Marty again! Once Miles gets behind the wheel, Spencer tells Miles he needs to fight for the ‘new him’ and says, “Can you protect Marty from that rapist Todd?” Miles starts the ignition and pulls out of the parking garage…

    Blackmailed - Again!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    In the storage room, as Cole is trying to wake up Todd, Miles arrives and says, “You should have never come down here.” Seeing the needle in Miles’s hand, Cole threatens to go to the police! However, Miles warns, “I’ll do anything to keep this between us.” Although Miles swears he didn’t mean for things to go this far, he says, “You say you love Starr… You’ll forget that you saw Todd here.” Just as Cole heads for the door, Miles hold him back! Suddenly, Miles hears Spencer’s voice giving him instructions. After reminding Cole of all the harm Todd has caused his mother, Miles lifts up a syringe and says, “Kill Todd.” Although Miles keeps saying Cole needs to avenge his mother, Cole refuses! Again, when Cole warns he’ll go to the cops, Miles says, “You can’t… Your mother will go to prison.” Miles pulls out the tape recorder and plays Marty’s confession to Cole saying, “I killed Spencer Truman.” Cole now realizes why Marty married Miles – because he was blackmailing her!

    Cole Finds Todd!

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    In the storage room, as Miles is about to give Todd more drugs, he hears Spencer’s voice saying, “There’s still so much more we need to do before we’re done with Todd Manning.” Suddenly, Spencer appears to Miles! Although Miles explains that Todd needs help, Spencer goes on to say, “I’m trusting you to finish what I started with Todd Manning. You’re in far too deep to back out now.” After Spencer reminds Miles what Todd did to Marty, he says, “Don’t betray me now!” When Miles says he’ll do anything to keep Marty, Spencer asks, “Does that include murder?” Holding a syringe, Spencer informs Miles that all it’ll take to make Todd stay in dreamland – permanently – is one little shot! Miles leaves…

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