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    One Life To Live CAST - Spencer Truman

    Full detailed profile on Spencer Truman Played by Paul Satterfield on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Satterfield
    Spencer Truman

    Actor: Paul Satterfield

    Who played Spencer Truman over the years

    Paul Satterfield (2005 - January 2007)

    Useful information on Spencer Truman

    * Single with an obsession with Blair Cramer.
    * Blood type is O-
    * Blackmailed David and Paige in the death of Thomas McBain.
    * Blackmailed David into leaving Dorian Lord at the altar.
    * Was the mastermind in Margaret Cochran's faked death and framed Todd Manning for the murder of her and his unborn chid.
    * Erased Margaret's memory.
    * Injected Kevin Buchanan with a virus making him sterile.
    * Forged Bo Buchanan's signature implying shady doings in the Margaret Cochran murder.
    * Hired a lawyer who took care of adopting out Margaret and Todd Manning's baby.
    * Killed Thomas MCBain.
    * Was kidnapped and tortured by Todd Manning.
    * Pulled Blair Cramer off a roof with him.
    * Was almost strangled to death by John McBain while cuffed to a hospital bed.
    * Deceased.


    Current: Deceased
    Past: Doctor


    In 2005, the dapper, charming and world-renowned surgeon Dr. Spencer Truman showed up in Llanview on a mission to avenge his mother's dying wish - To make Asa Buchanan and his family pay! Upon his arrival, Spencer was not received with a warm welcome. His brother David Vickers and ex-wife Paige Miller regretted laying eyes on Spencer from the first second they saw him. However, the one thing Spencer didn't plan on was falling madly in love with Blair Cramer.

    After saving Blair's son Jack, Jack and Blair became very fond of Spencer. Seeing a way to rid Blair of Todd, Spencer made authorities think that Todd murdered Margaret Cochran and his unborn child! While Todd was in prison, Spencer seduced Blair and took Todd's place in the Manning family. However, just as the last shot of Todd's lethal injection was pumped into his veins, proof came in that Todd was indeed innocent and with Blair's plea, Spencer was forced to bring Todd back from the dead.

    For months, Spencer blackmailed Paige and David in order to further his path to seek revenge on the Buchanan's. After torturing Asa, making Kevin Buchanan sterile and making David believe he had killed Officer Thomas McBain, Blair helped the police prove that Spencer was the real killer! While awaiting trial, Spencer announced he was the long lost son of Asa, but a DNA test proved that he was not a Buchanan.

    Spencer's next ploy worked when he was deemed insane and unfit to stand trial. On his way to a mental facility, Todd kidnapped Spencer and held him hostage in hopes of finding his son. The plan took a turn for the worse when Blair showed up on the roof of the warehouse to find Todd and Spencer fighting and was tragically pulled over the edge by Spencer causing Blair to lose her unborn child.

    While recuperating in Llanview hospital, hand cuffed to a bed, Spencer was in fear for his life after John McBain was caught sneaking into his room attempting to squeeze the life out of Spencer! After managing to kill his lawyer, Spencer took on his identity, escaped into Blair's room, drugged her and planned to make her his! However, a mysterious person saved Blair by stabbing Spencer to death from behind!


    Paige_Miller (divorced)




    Ned Truman (father)
    Emma Bradley (mother - deceased)
    David Vickers (brother)


    Hugh Hughes (son with Paige Miller - deceased)



    Thursday, August 30 2007: Suspicious Eyes...

    After Miles explains that Tommy is really Todd’s son, Blair snaps, “How dare you mess with other people’s lives!” Just as Blair is about to throw him out of Dorian’s, Miles says, “I can prove it.” Once Miles shows Blair the file, she reads the letter from Spencer… saying how badly Spencer wanted to make Todd suffer. As Blair continues to read Spencer’s plan, the ghost of Spencer looms near Blair – and Miles! Although shocked by what’s in the file, Blair still wonders if it’s true. However, Miles apologizes for keeping the truth from Todd but vows it is the truth! Finally believing Miles, Blair knows it’s up to her to convince Todd!

    Monday, August 27 2007: Has John Nabbed The Real Killer?

    Later, at the bus station, standing before the bus locker, Miles hears Spencer's voice prompting him to open it! Unlocking it, Miles reaches inside, pulls out a file, looks inside and says, “Oh, my…” As Spencer’s voice taunts him, Miles replies, “It can’t be true.”

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