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    One Life To Live CAST - Paige Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paige Miller Played by Alexandra Neil on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Neil

    Birthday: 1955-04-07
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married to John C. Vennema
    Real Name: Alexandra Neil


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    One Last Breath

    Tuesday, February 27 2007

    When Paige gives Bo the details of her offer, he's shocked to hear the job is in Pakistan! Although Paige doesn't know how long she'll be gone, she knows she can't ask Bo to wait around for her. Suddenly, Bo gets a text message from Matthew and has to leave to pick him up. Paige promises not to make any decisions without Bo.

    After Bo leaves, Paige goes to Lindsay and Dorian and tells Lindsay that if she does decide to take the job - and Lindsay hurts Bo - she'll personally come back to Llanview and kill her!

    A Blaze In The Night!

    Monday, February 26 2007

    When Lindsay meets Dorian at the diner, Dorian smashes a piece of pie smashed in her face! Dorian claims it's payback for telling Viki that she asked Lindsay to stall Viki in order to spend time with Clint! "You're paying my dry cleaning bill!" Lindsay screams, then explains why she couldn't stick to their plan. However, Dorian states, "Now you have to help me win Clint back!" Suddenly, Paige comes in and Dorian calls her over and says, "We were just talking about you. Lindsay has been trying to break you and Bo up because she wants Bo back." Lindsay tries to talk her way out of the mess, and begs Paige not to tell Bo any of this! Just then, Bo arrives.

    Deep Secrets

    Friday, February 09 2007

    At the Palace, Paige tells Bo that she received a call from a dead man, then names off allof the people who also received a call. "Whatever's going on up there, I want no part of it," Paige says.

    When Dorian runs into Paige and Bo downstairs at the Palace, she tells Paige to get upstairs! "We had to endure Spencer's drama, so do you!" After Paige heads up, Bo asks Dorian to join him for a drink. As Bo goes to the bar, Dorian stays back and calls Lindsay, "Get over to the Palace now!" Shortly after, Lindsay arrives and Dorian directs her to join Bo at the bar…

    Paige enters the suite and Todd immediately shows her the blanket and asks if his son was wrapped it! "I think," Paige says.

    To Paige: "Even though you didn't kill Thomas McBain on the operating table, you were a sorry excuse for a doctor." Paige receives a cheap bottle of wine. "Don't drink and slice," Spencer says.

    Everyone looks closely at the man on the screen…

    What's Rex Hiding?

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    As Michael and Paige tell Clint that Viki may have a concussion, Viki erupts with angry! "I am not going to let Dorian get away with this!" Shortly after, Clint and Viki get word that she doesn't have a concussion, only a sprained wrist. When alone, Viki yells, "Dorian, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! I've had it with you!"

    When Dorian meets Lindsay at Rodie's, she tells her about the night's events with Clint and Viki. "Oh, Lindsay, you have to help me!" They notice Bo and Paige taking a seat at a table across the room. Lindsay stares at Bo… "If we play our cards right," Dorian says. "We could be sisters-in-law!" Just then, Viki and Clint join Bo and Paige.

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