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    One Life To Live CAST - Paige Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paige Miller Played by Alexandra Neil on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Neil

    Birthday: 1955-04-07
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married to John C. Vennema
    Real Name: Alexandra Neil


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    The Truth Buried In The Lies

    Monday, May 07 2007

    In the hospital chapel, Nash pleads with God to make Jessica well and offers to cut a deal, "Make her well and I'll give her up - for good." Suddenly, Paige shows up and shares her sense of regret for thinking her son would have been better off without her all those years then asks, "Are you ready to live with that regret?" Nash realizes no matter how hard he tried, "I could never leave her - or stop loving her." Paige offers to see what she can find out about Jessica's progress. After Paige leaves, Nash pleads once more with God, "Please don't punish Jessica for loving me." When Nash turns to leave, Antonio is standing in the chapel doorway having overheard!

    "I'm Moving On..."

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    In Jamie's room, Antonio tells Jessica, "I know about Nash." Just when Jessica thinks Antonio knows about her affair, he says, "It's not your fault." Before he can elaborate, Paige asks for them to join RJ and her in the hallway to hear Jamie's test results, "Jamie will make a full recovery." Paige goes on to explain that little by little, they'll be weaning Jamie off the tubes and meds, "It's likely she won't remember the accident or what happened the hour before." After Paige and RJ leave, when Nash goes to Antonio and Jess with his relief for Antonio, Antonio says to Nash, "I know what you're doing behind my back and I want it to stop!" Antonio accuses Nash of pressuring Jessica into picking Bree over Jamie. When Jessica defends Nash, Antonio stops her and blames Nash as being the reason why Jamie ran out in front of a car. Before things get out of hand, Jessica asks Nash to leave and he does. Antonio then shocks her by saying they're going to get a restraining order against Nash from coming near Jess other than to pick up Bree!

    Later Paige gives Antonio the news that Jamie has been responding well and will be able to go home tomorrow. Antonio hugs Jessica and says, "She's going to make it… we all are." After Antonio joins RJ in Jamie's room, Jessica goes to make a call. As she rounds the corner, Nash abruptly reaches out from the shadows and pulls her in a kiss! Although Jessica says she can't tell Antonio now, she promises to tell him about Nash after they bring Jamie home. Nash and Jess say their I love you's then she goes back into Jamie's room - with Nash watching on…

    The Search Begins!

    Friday, April 13 2007

    Nora follows Paige to the coffeehouse and tries to convince her not to leave Llanview, "I think it's a mistake and extremely selfish if you go through with it." Nora explains that Matthew can't lose another person he loves right now, "And you need to be honest with yourself. Isn't everything you want right here in Llanview?"

    When Bo sees Lindsey at Rodie's, he tells her about Paige's new job and says, "She's leaving Llanview." Suddenly, Natalie takes a seat at their table and tells them about Jessica, "If you hear from her…" After Bo assures Natalie that Jessica will be fine, Natalie asks if he has seen John. "No, I haven't," Bo replies, then Natalie heads to the bar. Back on the subject of Paige, Lindsey tries to comfort Bo. After Bo says, "After everything we've been through, look at us, who would've thought," Lindsey takes Bo's hands and promises to always be there for him - as a friend, of course. Shortly after, Paige arrives. In front of Lindsey, Paige looks at Bo and says, "I've decided not to leave Llanview." Paige looks at the bar - at Nora - and gives her credit for convincing her to stay, then smiles and says, "Bo, take me home." Alone, Lindsey sits sipping her drink… After Bo and Paige leave, Lindsey goes to Nora and makes a comment about her part in keeping Paige in Llanview!

    Jessica Has A Meltdown!

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    Paige arrives in Bo's office and gives him some news, "I had a long distance conference call." Bo replies, "I guess that means you're going to take that job." Despite her wanting to help the underdeveloped country, and in turn honoring Hugh's memory, Bo begs, "Don't go."

    Outside Bo's office, Nora and Matthew argue, as she asks that he open up and talk to her about the fire. When Nora's phone rings, she instructs Matthew to go into Bo's office. Inside, just as Paige is telling Bo that she already signed on to leave for three months, Matthew comes through the door and says, "You're leaving? After Bo and Paige explain Paige's trip, Bo brings up Matthew's attitude, "Your grades are down." Matthew snaps, "Why can't people stay together, why did Jen have to die, why did some crazy person have to burn my house down!" Nora walks through the door and asks, "What's going on?" After Nora gets Matthew occupied with one of the officers, she hears about Paige's trip and allows Paige to go talk to Matthew alone.

    Paige tries to make Matthew understand why she needs to take the trip, "This has nothing to do with you and your dad. I love you." However, Matthew blows her off, "Great, we'll have a going away dinner for you." Bo comes out and takes Matthew home for a talk

    Utter Heartache

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    At the coffeehouse, Bo, Paige and Matthew arrive for an outing. While Bo gets the hot chocolate, Matthew expresses how hard it's been living at Asa's, "I'm fine, but my mom isn't doing too well." When Bo rejoins them, he says, "Part of life entails caring for someone." After Matthew sees Todd, he leaves the table to say hi. Bo looks at Paige and says, "I don't want to ever lose you, Paige."

    One Last Breath

    Tuesday, February 27 2007

    At the diner, Paige scares Lindsay into thinking that she's going to tell Bo that Lindsay's been trying to break them up! However, Paige keeps quiet and tells Bo that she got a new job offer. Paige makes a crack about wanting to share the news with Lindsay - because she's such a good friend - then she and Bo get a table. Lindsay calls Dorian a 'witch,' "How dare you!"

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