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    One Life To Live CAST - Paige Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paige Miller Played by Alexandra Neil on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Neil

    Birthday: 1955-04-07
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married to John C. Vennema
    Real Name: Alexandra Neil


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    Mistaken Identity

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    At the hospital, Natalie barges in the hospital room. It's empty. Bo and Paige come in, telling Natalie that they took 'Hugh' to surgery. Bo says, "Natalie, what's wrong?" Paige explains the surgery, goes further to thank Natalie for coming to support Hugh. Natalie asks to talk to Bo in private, asks Bo if they can leave the hospital for a while. However, Bo says he needs to stay with Paige. Natalie storms off and Vincent follows.

    Am I Who You Really Want?

    Monday, November 13 2006

    The man in the bed tells Vincent that he's John, causing Vincent to act as though he's seen a ghost. Vincent repeats the man's name, "John McBain," as he thinks about Natalie. The nurse comes in and John begs her not to give him any pain medications. However, she does anyway. Paige comes in the room, tells Vincent that they'll be taking 'Hugh' in for a skin graph. Paige comments that Vincent has been such a good friend to Natalie, after losing John, to 'Hugh,' for being there. Paige says she wants to know everything about 'Hugh,' that she almost lost him again. Vincent looks to Paige with sorrow, tells her that sometimes you can't get back the things that you lost. Vincent leaves…

    Emotions Run High

    Friday, November 10 2006

    Todd joins Evangeline, tells her that Blair is home sleeping, that he needed to come back to the wedding. Cris swoops Evangeline in his arms, away from Todd, holding her in a passionate kiss.

    At the wedding reception, the couple is introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Vega. Jessica, Clint and Vicki go to take pictures, leaving Antonio confronting Nash, asking why he and Jessica were late for the wedding. Nash claims he had business to take care of, says he's not sure why Jessica was late. Jessica approaches them, and Nash leaves.

    Dorian watches on as Clint and Vicki dance. David suggests that she dances with him, and they do.

    Jessica and Antonio engage in their first dance as Nash stands back, his heart breaking in a million pieces. Jessica sneaks off while Antonio is talking with the guests. She goes to Nash, thanks him for not making a scene at her wedding after what happened back at Vicki's before the wedding. She goes on to rehash about Nash asking her not to marry Antonio. Jessica starts to feel guilty, wants to tell Antonio why she was late for the wedding… She goes to Antonio, says that she needs to tell him something. Cris interrupts to make a toast as the best man. After Cris is done, Nash comes forward, says there's something he wants to say, too. Nash expresses how happy he is that his baby will grow up in a home so full of love, thanks them for including him in their day, then tries to leave. However, Clint stops him, thanks Nash for not ruining Jessica's wedding. Antonio asks Jessica if that's what she wanted to tell him, that Nash was going to give them a toast, Jessica says yes…

    Jessica throws her bouquet, and Evangeline catches it! Antonio removes Jessica's garter, throws it, and Todd catches it!

    Where's The Bride?

    Wednesday, November 08 2006

    At the church, everyone waits for Jessica and Antonio's big event. Evangeline goes to Todd where he comments on hating weddings. They take a seat together. Bo and Paige start to get close until Rex comes up, asking if they've seen Jessica or Natalie. Natalie comes in the church with Roxy, but Jessica still hasn't arrived. Her bride's maids start to worry. Natalie goes off by herself, holding John's St. Jude metal, thinking about John. Bo comes to her side, tries to comfort her.

    Nash storms in, and Clint demands to know where Jessica is. Nash says he saw her back at the house. Clint needs to know if there's something he should be aware of, and Nash tells him to ask Jessica. Nash goes into the church and joins the men at Antonio's side. All eyes turn to the door where a confused Jessica stands with her arm laced through Clints…

    An Eternal Flame

    Monday, November 06 2006

    David goes to the hospital, tells Paige that Spencer isn't Asa's son. They talk for a bit and Paige asks if David will stay with 'Hugh' while she goes to get something to eat. After giving David some instructions, David goes in and sits with the patient.

    He's Bad News

    Monday, October 30 2006

    Bo and Paige question what Spencer did to Kelly. Spencer taunts Bo with what happened to Duke, to Kelly. When Bo asks for Spencer to give him his phone, Spencer crushes it, says the phone is dead just like Kelly's baby.

    An Early Arrival

    Friday, October 27 2006

    Bo goes to see Paige at the hospital, tells her that he wants to take care of her since she's spending all her time with Hugh, not taking care of herself. Bo gets a call… It's Clint letting him know that Kelly's in labor. When Paige hears, she's surprised, says that Spencer's procedure was supposed to prevent an early delivery. Bo goes to be with Kevin.

    Spencer gets a visit from his lawyer who informs Spencer that Evangeline will be prosecuting him. Another visitor comes… It's Paige. Spencer asks about Hugh, but Paige says she's not there about Hugh. She tells Spencer that Nora found out the truth, that Paige didn't botch up Thomas Mcbain's surgery. Paige goes further to tell Spencer about Kelly, questions what Spencer really did to Kelly during the operation. Spencer says he needs to examine Kelly, that if she wants Kelly's baby to live, Paige better get him to the hospital.

    Paige calls Bo, tells him that Spencer can save the baby…

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