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    One Life To Live CAST - Paige Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paige Miller Played by Alexandra Neil on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Neil

    Birthday: 1955-04-07
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married to John C. Vennema
    Real Name: Alexandra Neil


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    Unexpected Kisses...

    Thursday, August 06 2009

    Over at the carriage house, Rex makes sure he and Gigi are okay, who says, "I still can't believe that my sister is having your baby." However, Gigi offers to go apologize to Stacy for suggesting she have an abortion, but Rex asks her to just stay out of it - for her own sake. Wondering if Rex can forgive her for suggesting the abortion, Rex tries to make her understand that there's room for her, Shane and the baby. Gigi isn't so convinced but kisses Rex before he leaves to smooth out some ground rules with Stacy - alone.

    I Remember!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    In his office, after Bo instructs an officer to holds all of his calls, he asks Paige why she’s changed her mind about leaving town. Although Paige expresses her need to leave the country and help those in need, Bo asks, “When are you going to come back?” However, Paige replies, “Maybe the question should be… Will I ever come back?” While Bo is so confused, and doubts that a long distance relationship can work, Paige explains, “I am broken… When Hugh died, a piece of me died too. I’m drowning and I don’t want to pull you and Matthew down with me.” With great sadness, Bo holds Paige close. Just then, Talia interrupts and says, “We got Tate Harmon.”

    After Adriana admits to Rex that she should’ve trusted him, Tate is brought in and entices a fight with Vincent! Bo quickly rushes into the waiting area and screams for everyone to get into his office! After everyone is questioned, Bo gives Paige a passionate kiss goodbye…

    Tate Takes On Llanview!

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Out in the hall, Viki runs into a troubled Paige who asks to speak to her. Without revealing what their conversation was about, Viki tells Paige to follow her heart and do what’s best for her…

    After Bo returns to his office, Paige is waiting for him and states, “I’m leaving Llanview.”

    Todd Comes Home!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    In a hospital room, Michael looks down at Todd and thinks back to the secret about Tommy. When Michael asks Todd if he remembers anything, Todd whispers, “My son.” Michael then goes out into the hallway to give Blair and Viki an update, fearing that Todd knows the truth about Tommy! Once Michael warns Blair and Viki that Todd may not remember anything, they go in to see Todd – leaving Paige to confront Michael as to why he’s acting so strange! Although Michael says there’s nothing wrong, Paige insists that Michael go home to be with Marcie, admits to knowing about Marcie's fertility problem then offers to help in any way. However, Michael wants to check on Todd one more time…

    Inside Todd’s room, just as Blair tells Viki she wishes Todd would wake up, Todd says, “Yak, yak, is that all you girls can do?” After Blair tells Todd how John and she found him, he says, “I don’t remember that… But everything else I do.” As Todd is explaining what happened after he was lured to Chicago, Michael joins them and listens on as Todd talks about hearing a baby crying, being stabbed, then walking in the woods outside of town. “Welcome back, Todd,” Michael buts in. “How are you feeling?” Before leaving, Viki promises to help Todd find his son, but Todd tells her he needs a favor now… After finishing her conversation with Todd, Viki runs into Paige outside of Todd’s room and hears that David has requested to see her.

    Tate's True Colors!

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    In the hallway, after Paige comments to Michael on how surprised she is that David gave up part of his liver for Jessica, Michael and Paige agree that David has changed. Over talk of how busy the hospital has been tonight Paige says, “The next drunk is yours!” While waiting for their next patient, Paige and Michael talk about Tommy and Hugh’s adoption. Seeing Michael’s worried expression, Paige says, “Are you worried about Tommy? His parents are dead. It’s not as though they’re going to show up and take him away.” Just as Viki joins them, Blair and John arrive - followed by Todd on a gurney!

    Cole & Marty Confess Their Secrets!

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    When Paige goes to the station, Bo thanks her for saving Jessica’s life. Just then, Lindsay bursts in, doesn’t see Paige, and says to Bo, “How are you doing with that problem you were telling me about.” After Paige makes her presence known, Bo and Lindsay blow it off then Paige gets called back to the hospital. Although Lindsay wants to reopen the All American exhibit, Bo asks her to wait a while longer then takes a call from the mayor.

    At the hospital, although Nash talks about Jessica’s release, Jess says, “I don’t want to go home.” Jessica worries that the transplant won’t take and says, “I should stay a little longer.” Nash says he understands and appears strong and confident that Jessica will be fine. Just then, Paige comes in, says Jessica is on her way to good health and that she can go home in a few days. After Paige leaves, Nash follows her into the hallway and expresses his concerns with, “I need you to reassure Jessica that this liver is going to take.” However, Paige replies, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Despite what Paige revealed, Nash goes back in and tells Jessica, “She said you’ll be fine.” Over talk of their wedding, Jessica says, “It was perfect,” and Nash replies, “Yes, it was… Except for one thing.” Nash takes out a ring inscribed with, “Two bodies, one heart,” then puts it on Jessica’s finger.

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