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    One Life To Live CAST - Michael McBain (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Michael McBain (Past) Played by Nathaniel Marston on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nathaniel Marston
    Michael McBain (Past)

    Actor: Nathaniel Marston

    Who played Michael McBain (Past) over the years

    Chris Stack (December 3, 2007 - present)
    Nathaniel Marston (2003 - November 29, 2007)
    Robert Harte (temporary recast for two episodes in 2007)
    Richard Brandon Johnson (Nov. 2003 - Dec. 2003)

    Useful information on Michael McBain (Past)

    * Married to Marcie Walsh (2006- present)
    * Resides with Marcie and Tommy at the Angel's Square Hotel.
    * Died and had his body taken over by Al Holden's soul while Michael's spirit went to heaven.
    * Broke into Dr. Long's office to investigate a series of mysterious organ transplants.
    * Spied on Paul Cramer when he was the helicopter pilot for the hospital.
    * Adopted Tommy McBain.
    * His father was shot and killed by Spencer Truman.
    * Saved Spencer Truman during surgery.
    * Kept the secret that Tommy was Todd Manning's son.


    Current: Medical Resident at Llanview Hospital
    Past: Medical student


    Michael McBain grew up in Atlantic City in a family filled with grief after his father was shot and killed in the line of duty. After spending years in a boarding school, Michael went on to medical school, then arrived in town in 2003 as an intern at Llanview hospital.

    Living a life filled with pain, Michael grew up to be a bitter man. Although Marcie Walsh befriended him, she was reeling with her own grief after losing the love of her life Al Holden and found it hard to tolerate Michael's rash mood swings and crude behavior. Here's where Michael's life took a turn for the worse� Surprisingly, after having a bad reaction to a certain medication, Michael died before Marcie's eyes�

    What people didn't realize was that Marcie had been having 'real' visions and conversations with her deceased boyfriend Al. On the day Michael died, Al was there in Angels Square and took over Michael's body! In order to live again, Al had until Valentine's day for Marcie to realize it was indeed him inside of Michael's body. With a love so strong, Marcie recognized Al in Michael's eyes and the two were able to live their lives together with Al's soul in Michael's body as Al's spirit went to heaven with Michael's soul�

    Michael turned out to be a major asset to Llanview hospital. With the help of Marcie, Michael spied on Dr. Long and Paul Cramer and revealed that the two had been working together and making money by illegally stealing and selling organs from dead patients without the family's permission!

    Throughout the years, Michael and Marcie have had their ups and downs. After Marcie shared an old manuscript with Michael that she'd written titled The Killing Club, Michael convinced her to find an agent and introduced her to Hayes Barber. Little did Michael know, Hayes was the sole mastermind behind the Killing Club killings. Although he lost many friends during Hayes's killing spree, Michael was thankful that Marcie's life was spared.

    In 2006, Michael went on to marry Marcie and the two recently adopted baby Tommy who lost his parents in a tornado. Although Michael hired Rex Balsom to find Tommy's birth parents, Rex didn't have the heart to tell him and Marcie that Tommy is really the biological son of Todd Manning!

    With the near tragic death and recovery of his brother John weighing heavily on Michael's mind, Michael had to face his biggest hardship after finding out Todd Manning was Tommy's biological father!

    Although Michael did everything to keep the secret, eventually the truth was exposed and he was forced to admit to Marcie that he knew the truth all along. Furious, Marcie packed up Tommy, left town, leaving Michael with not only a broken heart but fearing for what will happen to Marcie once she's found!




    Jennifer Rappaport


    Thomas McBain (father - deceased)
    Eve McBain (mother)
    John McBain (brother)
    Shannon McBain (cousin)


    Thomas John McBain (adoptive son with Marcie)



    Thursday, November 29 2007: Charlie Arrives At The Vineyard!

    When Todd shows up at Michael’s apartment, he quickly bum rushes Michael, with a knife to his throat, and asks, “Where is she?” After Michael says he has no idea where Marcie is, Todd pushes the knife closer to his neck and says, “Too bad for you!” As Todd continues his threats, Michael screams, “Go ahead, do it! I’ve lost everything! If you want your pound of flesh, come and get me!” However, Todd laughs at Michael as he falls to his knees, saying he loves to see him wallowing in his own misery, calls him Dr. McLoser then cruelly warns that he’ll never see Tommy again! Once Todd leaves, Michael sobs…

    Wednesday, November 21 2007: Marcie & Michael Connect!

    While Rex is daydreaming about having ‘breakfast in bed,’ Adriana is busying herself around the apartment demanding Rex’s help with Thanksgiving dinner! Although Rex finally agrees to help, he tries to calm Adriana who is nervous about having her first dinner – and is glad Dorian won’t be there to pick at her!

    Just then, Vincent, Layla and Roxy arrive – with Miles and Michael close behind! Although Michael and Miles weren’t invited, Adriana hugs Michael as Rex questions Roxy about Miles by asking, “What is this, bring a con to dinner day?” While Roxy is introducing Miles around, Michael tells Rex, “This is my first Thanksgiving without Tommy.” Later, when Natalie calls Roxy, she hands the phone over to Rex and asks, “Get some info out of her about Asa’s will!” While Rex is on the phone, Adriana tries to cheer Michael up to which he admits, “I had this feeling this morning that Marcie and Tommy would come walking through the door… But they're not coming back.” Later, before dinner after everyone talks about all they are thankful for, Michael prays out loud, hoping his family is safe, then goes to leave…

    Just before he reaches the door, Michael’s phone rings, and it’s Marcie! After Marcie let’s Tommy say, “Hi daddy,” she takes back the phone and says, “I just wanted to let you know we are okay and I’m so thankful I had you in my life.” Although Michael begs for Marcie to let him come find her, Marcie insists he forgot about them and says, “Make a new life for yourself… one without us.” Once Marcie hangs up, Michael breaks down in tears…

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