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    One Life To Live CAST - Nash Brennan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nash Brennan Played by Forbes March on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Forbes March

    Birthday: 1973-05-12
    Birthplace: Bristol, England
    Marital Status: Married to Vanessa March
    Real Name: Forbes March
    Height: 5' 11"


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    There's A Storm Brewing...

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    Still in the kitchen at Llanfair, Tess plays a song that Nash gave her when they first started dating, causing Nash to appear. Over talk of Jared and Natalie falling victim to Tess’s brake job, Tess can’t wait to make Jared and Natalie broken and bloody – like they did to Nash. Tess rests her head on Nash’s shoulder, as they both become filled with sadness. Holding Tess close, Nash and Tess dance to the music, as Tess wonders if Natalie and Jared are dead yet.

    When Natalie and Jared enter the kitchen and find Jessica slow dancing with herself, they wonder if she’s okay, but Tess freaks when she hears that Viki went to get her wine – and took Natalie’s car! As Tess stirs the sauce on the stove, Jared and Natalie go put away some pesticides that Viki didn’t want Bree to get into. Though Nash appears and asks how Tess feels about Viki falling into the trap, Tess doesn’t care about ‘Viki or Niki’ but says she wasn’t the one who was supposed to die tonight. When Natalie returns, she offers to go get them some ‘bubbly’ from the wine cellar, and Tess quickly goes to locate the pesticides – then mixes it in the sauce! “This should get rid of those pests for good,” Tess says happily, to which Jared appears and asks, “What pests?” Stirring the sauce, Tess says she was remembering the day Nash died when he was trying to get rid of some insects in the vineyard and how he said the same thing. Natalie rejoins them, and Tess immediately says, “Let’s eat!” Seated around the table, Tess waits anxiously for Natalie and Jared to take their first bite!

    I Don't Want To Make A Sex Tape!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Outside in the garage, Tess holds an instruction form reading, “Break Tampering For Idiots,” then goes to Natalie’s car and snips the brake line! Before Tess leaves, she gets a visit from Nash and assures him that she has everything under control. With a kiss goodbye, Tess shows Nash the pine nuts that she pretended to go out to get, which were already in her purse, then heads back out on her mission!

    A Message From The Grave?

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Waking up in bed, Natalie and Jared savor the moment in each other’s arms – until Tess appears with a gun and says, “Say goodbye, Natalie!” As Natalie screams, “Tess, no!” Tess wakes up from her dream, smiles and says, “Today’s the day!” When Tess gets out of bed, she’s shocked to see Nash appear, who asks, “Miss me yet?” Tess runs into Nash’s arms and replies, “So much…” Although Tess tells Nash she can’t do this without him, Nash assures her that she will. “I’ll make Natalie and Jared pay,” Tess says. “I promise you that.”

    As Tess looks into Nash’s smiling face, promising to make those who wronged him pay, Viki shows up and asks, “Jessie, who were you talking to?” After Tess says, “Nash,” she claims how she often talks to him still, verifies that she asked Natalie and Jared to stay then says, “Because life’s too short and the four of us need to work through things.” As Viki hugs her close, Tess smiles over her shoulder at Nash, who’s now lying on her bed.

    After Viki leaves, Nash warns Tess that she’ll need to watch out for Viki, because she’s smart, then reminds her that vengeance won’t bring him back. Tess cries and says that without him, she has nothing and she won’t stop till she makes those who took him from her pay!

    Back downstairs, Viki rejoins Clint, Natalie and Jared, and hears Clint comparing Jared to David. After Viki informs them all of David’s marriage to Addie, Clint heads out, remembering Lindsay’s court appearance, leaving Viki to suggest to Natalie and Jared that, “It’s time to pick out rooms.” Though Jared offers to leave, Viki reminds them of Jessica’s wishes then asks that they all be civil. Just then, Tess appears and is overly happy to have ‘Jared and Natty’ to lean on now! While Viki, Jared and Natalie make the final sleeping arrangements, Tess waves to Nash as he smiles at her from the couch!

    On The Road To Revenge!

    Monday, June 30 2008

    At the church, Tess looks down at Nash, lying in the coffin, and says, “Hey, Baby, I’m here. It’s me, Tess.” Tess holds one red rose and cries, “I fought so hard to get back to you. I’m sorry it took me so long. I’m here, and now it’s too late. You were murdered by Jessica’s little witch sister and her pathetic boyfriend. Don’t you worry, Nash, I’m going to make Jared and Natalie pay!”

    Later, at the cemetery, after everyone reads a prayer over Nash’s coffin, Tess demands to be left alone for a few minutes. Trying to act like Jessica isn’t easy as everyone gives their condolences on their way out. Once alone, Tess lies down on Nash’s coffin then swears on his grave – and their love – that ‘they’ are going to regret taking him away from her!

    Hi, Baby, It's Me... Tess!

    Friday, June 27 2008

    Later, back at the church, Nash’s casket is opened. “Hi, Baby, I’m here… It’s me, Tess,” she says, looking down at Nash’s lifeless body!

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