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    One Life To Live CAST - Nash Brennan

    Full detailed profile on Nash Brennan Played by Forbes March on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Forbes March
    Nash Brennan

    Actor: Forbes March

    Who played Nash Brennan over the years

    Forbes March (July 2005 - June 5, 2008; some ghostly scenes in July 2008)

    Useful information on Nash Brennan

    * Fell in love and had a baby with Jessica Buchanan's alter ego 'Tess.'
    * Married Jessica.
    * Resided in a cozy house on his vineyard.
    * Helped Claudia Reston cover up the fact that she accidentally stabbed her father and caused his death.
    * Kidnapped Jessica and Baby Bree and took them to New York.
    * Moved to Llanview and opened a winery to be a father to his daughter Bree.
    * Dies after suffering complication from a fall.


    Past: Winery Owner
    Past: Manager of Club Capricorn
    Past:: Aspiring Vinter


    We first saw Nash Brennan in July of 2005 when Tess Buchanan took a trip to New York City and stole his car. After getting his car back, Nash once again ran into Tess at a party at Bruce Bartlet's house and saved her from being drugged and raped by Bruce! Through a series of wild and crazy events, Nash became drawn to Tess and eventually the two fell in love.

    Wanting to know more about this mysterious woman who literally fell into his lap, Nash ran a background check on Tess and found out that she was really Jessica Buchanan! Months went by before Tess confided in Nash that she was an alter of Jessica's who suffered from Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID). By this time, Tess had become pregnant with Nash's child and had broken his heart when she left New York to head back to Llanview.

    After arriving in Llanview, Nash found out that it hadn't been Tess who had left him, but rather Jessica after she'd resurfaced. However, when Nash approached Jessica, the 'Tess' in her came back out and right into Nash's arms. Although Nash and Tess tried to remain strong against Jessica's family and friends, in the end Jessica won out over Tess and delivered Nash and Tess's healthy baby girl Brennan.

    With Jessica's integration complete, Tess was gone for good. However, Nash still saw traits of Tess shining through in Jessica and continued to find himself drawn to his Tess look-a-like with hopes that he can put his family back together and experience a love again with the only part of Tess he had left!

    Finally married and in love with Jessica, and all that he knew as Tess, Nash was consumed with making his winery a success, with the help of his new business partners!

    After finding himself in too deep with a business associate, Nash was forced to accept an offer from Jared Banks, one that would allow the Buchanan money to save his vineyard. However, after it was revealed that Jared wasn't really a Buchanan, Nash was informed that he'd lost the vineyard, which in turn caused a fight between Nash and Jared - that landed Nash over an edge and through a skylight at The Palace, leading to his death.


    Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan (married)


    Jessica_Buchanan_Vega (as Tess)




    Brennan Buchanan (daughter with Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan when she was 'Tess' - 2006)
    Unborn child with Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan



    Wednesday, July 16 2008: There's A Storm Brewing...

    Still in the kitchen at Llanfair, Tess plays a song that Nash gave her when they first started dating, causing Nash to appear. Over talk of Jared and Natalie falling victim to Tess’s brake job, Tess can’t wait to make Jared and Natalie broken and bloody – like they did to Nash. Tess rests her head on Nash’s shoulder, as they both become filled with sadness. Holding Tess close, Nash and Tess dance to the music, as Tess wonders if Natalie and Jared are dead yet.

    When Natalie and Jared enter the kitchen and find Jessica slow dancing with herself, they wonder if she’s okay, but Tess freaks when she hears that Viki went to get her wine – and took Natalie’s car! As Tess stirs the sauce on the stove, Jared and Natalie go put away some pesticides that Viki didn’t want Bree to get into. Though Nash appears and asks how Tess feels about Viki falling into the trap, Tess doesn’t care about ‘Viki or Niki’ but says she wasn’t the one who was supposed to die tonight. When Natalie returns, she offers to go get them some ‘bubbly’ from the wine cellar, and Tess quickly goes to locate the pesticides – then mixes it in the sauce! “This should get rid of those pests for good,” Tess says happily, to which Jared appears and asks, “What pests?” Stirring the sauce, Tess says she was remembering the day Nash died when he was trying to get rid of some insects in the vineyard and how he said the same thing. Natalie rejoins them, and Tess immediately says, “Let’s eat!” Seated around the table, Tess waits anxiously for Natalie and Jared to take their first bite!

    Tuesday, July 15 2008: I Don't Want To Make A Sex Tape!

    Outside in the garage, Tess holds an instruction form reading, “Break Tampering For Idiots,” then goes to Natalie’s car and snips the brake line! Before Tess leaves, she gets a visit from Nash and assures him that she has everything under control. With a kiss goodbye, Tess shows Nash the pine nuts that she pretended to go out to get, which were already in her purse, then heads back out on her mission!

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