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    One Life To Live CAST - Rex Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rex Balsom Played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John-Paul Lavoisier

    Birthday: 1979-03-12
    Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star Farah Fath
    Real Name: John-Paul Lavoisier
    Web site:


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    Must Suck Being Dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex watches Echo panic over the missing gun and asks, "I thought you got rid of it?" Echo explains what happened and how she hid the gun. Who could've taken it? They realize it must've been Shane. When they can't find Shane, Rex wonders if his son killed Victor. Rex thinks maybe Shane took the gun to finish the job by killing Jack. Rex rushes toward the door and finds Bo on the other side. They got a lead on the gun that killed Victor. It was Rex's. Rex confesses. Echo cries that Rex's confession won't help 'him'. Bo puts two and two together and whispers, "Tell me about your son." Rex admits Shane took the gun. He wonders what Bo will do if Shane killed Victor?

    How Else Am I Going To Take Her Life?

    Tuesday, October 11 2011

    Rex enters the Buchanan Mansion, suspicious over finding Echo and Roxy together. Echo hides the gun in a flower vase then joins Rex and Roxy in the living room. They admit to knowing Rex killed Victor. He denies it. Echo explains how she found the gun had been fired. "Not by me," Rex replies. They bring up Shane. Roxy and Echo don't want Shane to lose the one parent he has left. They vow to keep Rex's secret. Again, Rex denies killing Victor. Out in the foyer, Shane approaches the vase, takes out the gun and remembers smashing Jack over the head with it. Shane recalls hearing a shot and jumps. He leaves. When Echo and Roxy emerge from the living room to show Rex that a bullet was missing from the gun, they find the plastic bag in the vase empty.

    How Different We Look Now.

    Monday, October 10 2011

    Rex stands before Gigi's grave. He wonders what her message means and asks, "Don't give what up?" Delphina appears. Rex shows her Gigi's note and asks, "Can you ask her about this?" Delphina impatiently calls out to Gigi. After three times, she screams, "Give me a sign!" Delphina hears a crash. When she can't get through to Gigi, Rex asks Delphina to send him back in time, so he can saved Gigi from being killed by Jack. Delphina would if she could, but the portal only opens every twenty years, next time in 2028. She offers to pencil Rex in then walks off. Rex vows to never stop loving Gigi and thinks back to happy times with her. Now he has to let her go… Nearby, Jack panics at Victor's grave. He apologizes for lying about seeing Todd kill him. Delphina appears and accuses Jack of having a guilty conscience.

    Roxy barges into the Buchanan Mansion, worried about Kim's blackmail. Echo ignores a call from Kim then shows Roxy a newspaper. The cops have their man. It isn't Rex. Roxy reminds Echo that Rex had motive to kill Victor. If the cops get Rex's gun, he's toast. Kim arrives. Echo hands Kim some papers, stating that Clint's fortune reverts back to him. They're signed by Rex. Kim wonders if the papers are for real. Echo assures her they are. Kim hands over Rex's gun, orders Echo to tell Rex to start packing and leaves. Echo admits to Roxy that she signed the papers. Rex returns and wonders why Echo and Roxy are talking about him.

    We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom.

    Thursday, September 29 2011

    In Angels Square, Shane recalls bashing Jack over the head on the night of Victor's murder. Rex appears and wonders what's wrong. Shane is distant and continues visualizing hitting Jack. This time he recalls aiming a gun at him and says, "Jack Manning." Shane relays how Jack is telling everyone Todd's the shooter. He thinks Jack's lying. Rex wonders why. Shane covers and claims Jack lies about everything. Rex reminds Shane Victor's murder has nothing to do with him and urges him to let it go. They look at the angel statue. Shane admits he imagines Gigi. He can hear her talking to him. Rex hears Gigi too and shares his experiences with Shane. She begs Rex not to give up. He shows Shane the note. It's Gigi's handwriting. Shane wonders if her messages have anything to do with Jack and his dad. Rex doesn't think Gigi would want them to seek revenge. Shane appears nervous when Rex says that Gigi's always watching over them.

    Sample My Wiener.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    Rex places his order at the diner and sees Gigi in place of the waitress. Natalie arrives and shows Rex her ring. She doesn't appear happy and relays her conversation with John. He wonders if Natalie's upset John didn't try to talk her out of marrying Brody. Natalie admits to overhearing John saying he doesn't love her anymore. Is that why she said yes to Brody? Natalie reminds Rex that she and Brody have a family. She and John don't. Over talk of dreaming that Liam's paternity test named John as his father, Rex can tell that's exactly what Natalie wishes. He urges her to hold out for John. Rex talks about Gigi. They almost had everything until Jack took it all away. Rex finally gives Natalie his blessing. After Natalie leaves, the waitress reappears. Rex sees Gigi again. The waitress leaves the bill, which reads: Don't give up.

    You Left A Big Chunk Of The Story Out.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    Rex enters the Buchanan Mansion and mistakes Natalie for Gigi. He apologizes and says the lead was another dead-end. He can tell something's wrong. Natalie admits Brody proposed. She didn't accept and doesn't know how to feel. Rex wonders if her hesitation is because of John. She feels a life with John is impossible but one with Brody isn't. Rex calls Natalie out for making excuses to marry Brody. She doesn't feel she has a choice. John doesn't love her. Later, Echo arrives and debates forging Rex's signature on the papers.

    John arrives at Rodi's and refuses to give Roxy details on Victor's case. She suggests they talk about Natalie instead. Nearby, Natalie overhears.

    Yeah, Hilarious.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Kim hides from Rex at the special care facility in Kentucky, as he asks a nurse about a patient that she's responsible for. Kim ducks inside her friend's room, panics and presses the call button. When the nurse appears, Kim explains that Rex is her friend's abusive boyfriend. He put her in this condition. If that's the case, the nurse wonders why Rex doesn't know the patient's name. Kim begs her to get rid of him. Back outside the room, Rex finds a list of patients and begins scanning the names. The nurse catches Rex, who apologizes. She claims the patient he's looking for was discharged yesterday. Rex leaves then returns and catches Kim thanking the nurse. Again, Rex explains to Kim that he's there due to Gigi's messages and begs, "If this has anything to do with Gigi, tell me." She denies her friend has any connection to Gigi. Rex brings up Clint's offer and how Kim said her friend was too sick to move, yet she's been released. It doesn't make sense. Kim says she lied to Clint to protect her friend. Her friend's family arrived and paid her bills. After Rex leaves, Kim returns to her friend's room and says, "That was a close one, Stacy. No one can see your face, and we know why."

    Do I?

    Monday, September 19 2011

    Still at the diner, Rex wonders why Echo's urging him to give Clint's fortune back. Why would she even ask him to? Echo thinks back to Kim's threats and claims it's due to Gigi. Maybe Gigi's appearances are really Rex's conscience speaking to him. Gigi would never have approved of what he did to Clint. Rex thinks Clint deserved what happened to him, at the time. Echo claims she's trying to protect Rex and his soul. Rex admits Clint's another piece of the puzzle. He gave him a lead. He's leaving for Kentucky. Rex thinks Gigi wants him to find out about Kim's sick friend. He assures Echo he's mentally stable, especially now that Victor's out of the picture. After Rex leaves, Echo takes a call from Roxy and says that they have a major problem on their hands, and it's not Cutter.

    Kim rushes into the hospital room in Kentucky and tells her friend their problems are solved, thanks to Rex. She explains the murder weapon and asks if her friend remembers Roxy's ratty old porcupine. That's where the weapon was hidden. Kim lays out her deal with Echo. She takes out the gun. Cutter doesn't know it's missing. She assures her friend Rex won't be in trouble. The gun is the key to everyone's happiness. She talks about Clint's offer to move her to Llanview, but says, "You and I both know no one in Llanview can ever see you." Kim calls Echo with a reminder to make sure Clint gets his money back. Echo's working on it but needs more time. She ignores a call from Cutter and realizes he now knows she took the gun. Kim steps out into the hallway and is stunned to see Rex asking questions.

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