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    One Life To Live CAST - Rex Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rex Balsom Played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John-Paul Lavoisier

    Birthday: 1979-03-12
    Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star Farah Fath
    Real Name: John-Paul Lavoisier
    Web site:


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    That Woman Is My Mom.

    Thursday, November 17 2011

    Aubrey rushes to the airport before Rex gets on the plane. He's surprised that she's going with him.

    I Can't Lose Gigi Again!

    Wednesday, November 16 2011

    Rex and 'Stacy' lock eyes at the airport. "It's you," Rex gasps. 'Stacy' rushes off to board the plane, leaving Rex banging on the locked door. Rex orders a woman to unlock the door. He has to get on the plane and screams, "I can't lose Gigi again!" In another area, Brody appears and inquires about changing his honeymoon tickets from Greece to Australia. There's a layover at LAX. A fellow LPD officer overhears and approaches them. He thought Brody and Natalie were going on a honeymoon to Greece. Brody claims there's been a change of plans and that Natalie's in the bathroom. A security call comes in, involving Rex. Brody's forced to help his fellow officer and hands Liam over to an airport worker. Brody prevents Rex from being arrested. Rex begs Brody to help him get on the plane. Gigi's on it! Brody warns Rex to take it easy or the other cop will arrest him. After Brody leaves, Rex sighs. He lost Gigi again. Rex apologizes to the airport worker and talks about the fiancée he lost. He finds out that the plane 'Stacy' boarded was headed to Rio and buys a ticket on the next flight that leaves in the morning. A worker sees Brody and an Amber Alert involving him. Brody sees it too and rushes off.

    Liam Is Your Son. He Always Was.

    Tuesday, November 15 2011

    At the church, Natalie thinks about John. Roxy worries he could already be gone. Natalie cries to Viki. How could Brody do this? Clint plans to handle Brody. "Go catch, Johnny!" Roxy orders. Viki urges Natalie to go. Bo hands her Liam's paternity results. Rex leads Natalie away. Tina hopes Natalie's not too late but feels bad for Brody. She knows how it feels to make a big mistake and be forced to pay for it. Viki begs Clint to calm down. She could ring Brody's neck but knows he loves Natalie and Liam. Now he's lost them both. Tina rants about ruining Natalie's wedding. She wanted it to be special. Nobody blames Tina. She did the right thing. Viki apologizes to Clint. They managed to get him to the church, now there's no wedding. Cord gets down on one knee and proposes to Tina. Nearby, Vivian and Shaun, who's holding David Vickers, talk to Bo and Nora about Matthew and Destiny. When Destiny's baby is born, they'll all be a family. They're alerted to Cord's proposal and join them. The priest can't marry them without a license. Viki calls Dorian and says she has a favor involving someone else Dorian hates. Later, an envelope from Dorian arrives. Viki and Clint happily stand up for Cord and Tina. They exchange vows and use Natalie and Brody's rings. Cord and Tina are pronounced husband and wife. Tina promises to make Cord proud of her. Always. Roxy prays that Natalie gets to John on time. She also asks God for Rex's happiness.

    Over at the airport, Cutter apologizes to 'Stacy' for trying to make money off her confusion. He wants to help 'Stacy' get her old face back. After 'Stacy' agrees to let him join her, Cutter goes to buy their tickets. Nearby, Rex appears and ushers Natalie toward another area. He sees Cutter and hears a clerk ask who the other ticket is for. "Let me guess," Rex says, approaching Cutter. "Gigi Morasco." After they argue, Rex takes off. He sees the message 'Don't give up' on a TV screen and turns around. "Gigi," Rex gasps, as he locks eyes with 'Stacy'. In another area, John collects his ticket and daydreams about Natalie appearing and stopping him from leaving. As John imagines kissing her, his plane is called to board. "John," Natalie screams from behind him. "Wait." She explains that the wedding is off and says, "Liam is your son." Why is she saying this? Natalie shows John Liam's paternity results and explains everything about Marty's tape. Brody erased it. He's known all along. John realizes why Brody had threatened Victor. "Liam's your son," Natalie repeats. "He always was." John rushes into Natalie's arms. He wonders if Natalie's okay. She is and owes Jessica a huge apology. Natalie wants to take John to see his son. John admits he visited Liam earlier. He's always felt as though Liam was his. John puts his arms around Natalie. They leave.

    What Jessica Said Is True, You Nitwits!

    Friday, November 11 2011

    Rex arrives at Llanfair. Viki watches as Clint asks Rex to walk Natalie down the aisle in his place. Viki joins them. Clint's request won't be necessary. She reads an email from Dorian. Though Dorian doesn't care for Clint, she made it possible that Clint can attend Natalie's wedding. Everyone's ecstatic. Before Rex leaves, Clint thanks 'his son' for stopping by. In the living room, Cord finds Brody looking for Tina's dog. Brody covers, not wanting Cord to know he's really after Liam's paternity results. Cord wonders if Brody's having wedding jitters. He's not and has waited for this day for a longtime. Viki appears and shares Clint's news. Privately, Viki praises Brody on what a good husband and father he will always be. After Clint's ankle monitor has been reset, he profusely thanks Viki. They all leave for the wedding. David Vickers arrives and races up the stairs for the paternity results. She hopes she's not too late.

    Nora arrives at the church and finds Bo praying for her and Matthew. If Matthew gets his life back, Nora will get hers back too. Nora joins him, and they reflect on Matthew's condition and their grandchild's upcoming birth. They're thankful for each other and share a dance, remembering their wedding. Rex comes upon them. He remembers how Bo and Nora danced at their wedding. He wanted that with Gigi. Nora hugs Rex. Guests start to arrive. As Roxy wonders what the hell Clint's doing there, Bo warns he better not have cut off his ankle monitor. They have a laugh over how Dorian pulled through. Shaun and Vivian appear. Roxy wonders when they plan to make their relationship legal. Shaun assures Roxy it's the farthest thing from their minds. Roxy's stumped by how touchy everyone is today. Natalie appears, happy to see Clint. She announces that they'll be starting the wedding without Tina. Roxy agrees to step in as Maid of Honor. Though Roxy questions if whether or not Natalie's doing the right thing, the music starts. Natalie pushes her toward the aisle. Cord calls Tina, who promises to be there soon. They exchange 'I love yous' then Tina prays she'll be able to find her dog. Clint walks Natalie down the aisle next and gives her away to Brody.

    As Soon As You're Done Buffing My Corns.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011

    Rex enters Cutter's motel room and rants through the bathroom door to the woman trying to scam him. "There's only one Gigi in the world!" Rex shouts. "And she's not you." 'Stacy' listens as Rex talks about the woman and mother Gigi was. He begins talking about what a conniving bitch Gigi's sister Stacy was. Cutter appears and assures Rex Gigi is behind the door. If he pays up, Cutter will show him. Rex tells them both to go to hell and leaves. 'Stacy' joins Cutter. Though none of Rex's words brought anything back, she wants out of his scam and plans to undo the surgery in order to look like the old Stacy again.

    As Aubrey denies falling for Rex, he appears at Foxy Roxy's. He admits what happened at Cutter's. Aubrey comforts him with a hug, as Rama smirks.

    You're Fired.

    Tuesday, November 01 2011

    Rex thinks Cutter's hiding in the Buchanan Stables. He grabs a pitchfork and threatens to stab the hay mound. Cord and Tina pop up, naked! Rex apologizes and leaves. Tina can't wait to tell everyone they're back together. "Just because we made love doesn't mean we're back together," Cord replies. Tina objects, but Cord can't forget their trust issues and says, "Let's just not go there again." He wonders why Tina came back to Llanview. She denies it was due to Victor's money. She wanted to be there for Viki. Tina knows Viki's waiting for her to mess up, just like Cord is. She plans to prove that she and Cord belong together and leaves.

    Up at the mansion, Rex and Aubrey discuss Cutter and his date. Rex can't believe she was talking to Shane and that Cutter would try to hurt a grieving kid by pawning the woman off as Gigi. Rex finds the woman's mask. Aubrey urges him to forget about Cutter and his con-artist friend. Aubrey recalls being that to Cutter once. She's no better than Cutter. Rex thinks otherwise. After Rex leaves, Aubrey picks up the mask, looks at Gigi's photo and envies Rex's love for her.

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