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    One Life To Live CAST - Rex Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rex Balsom Played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John-Paul Lavoisier

    Birthday: 1979-03-12
    Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star Farah Fath
    Real Name: John-Paul Lavoisier
    Web site:


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    It Was No Dream, Balsom.

    Tuesday, December 27 2011

    In his motel room in Texas, Rex dreams about being at the Bon Jour Café, where Gigi remembered her life with him and Shane. He wakes up to an empty bed and thinks it was all a dream. "It was no dream, Balsom," Gigi says from the doorway, vowing never to leave him again. After they make love, Gigi anticipates seeing Shane again. Rex brings up Shane's message and how he has big news. He knows whatever it is, it can't top Rex's. When Shane calls, Rex puts it on speakerphone. Gigi listens as Rex and Shane promise to outdo each other with their news. "We'll be on the next flight out," Rex promises. Shane wonders who 'we' is. Rex backtracks and assures Shane he'll see him soon. Hearing Shane talk about Clint, Rex fills Gigi in about Clint's transplant and how he has Stacy's heart. Rex recalls how dark his life became after she died. He didn't snap out of it until Rex started seeing Gigi.

    Back at Llanfair, Natalie quizzes Clint about him and Viki. Clint's taking things slow. Natalie thinks he and Viki are meant to be together. She joins Shane, and they reminisce about Gigi. Natalie sees a lot of Gigi in Shane and knows Gigi would too. Later, when Rex arrives, Shane happily tells him that Jack confessed to killing Gigi. Rex breaks the news that Gigi didn't die. Shane's confused and stunned when he sees Gigi. Rex promises she's not Stacy. "Mommy?" Shane asks. Gigi nods then holds Shane close.

    Now We Know... You're Gigi.

    Friday, December 23 2011

    In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Rex and Gigi watch the TV screen, as the events unfold from the night Gigi died. They watch Gigi leave the carriage house then see Stacy, with Gigi's face, as she laughs. "You're not going to be the bride. I am." Rex confirms what they're seeing appears right. They watch as Gigi is pushed and locked in the basement and are horrified, as Gigi screams for help then passes out from the fumes. Stacy enters the basement room and finds Gigi passed out. When she sees the carbon monoxide leak, Stacy says, "This is going to be easier than I thought." Gigi cries to Rex, "How could I do this to my sister?" Rex replies, "Save the tears." They see Gigi come to, stunned to see and hear Stacy took her identity. Gigi begs for help, but Stacy has a wedding to get to and takes Gigi's wedding dress. After Stacy is dressed, Gigi stops her from leaving, throws her down and locks her in the room. "That dress," Rex gasps. After Professor Del Fina disappears, Rex touches her face and says, "Oh my God, now we know… You're Gigi." Kim got Gigi out, thinking she was Stacy! Clint has Stacy's heart. They cry as they hold each other. Gigi still can't remember her life. Rex promises to tell her everything she needs to know then kisses her. Gigi's memories come flooding back. "I remember," Gigi cries, pulling away. "I remember everything."

    I Should've Died, Not My Mom.

    Thursday, December 22 2011

    In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Cutter tells Gigi she's not Stacy and explains why the surgeon wouldn't operate on her. He insists she's Gigi. Rex calls Cutter a liar then punches him when he says, "I care about you, Gigi." Rex ties and gags Cutter, as Gigi pleads Cutter's case. She's stunned when Rex lists Cutter's crimes and calls him a conman. The cops arrive and confirm Cutter's wanted on murder in Kentucky. Gigi calls him on his lies. Cutter's dragged away, swearing that she's Gigi. She apologizes to Rex for trusting Cutter. Rex doesn't know what he's doing with her when he has someone back in Llanview who cares about him. As Rex grills Gigi, she snaps, "I would give anything to go back in time and remember…" Professor Del Fina appears and offers to help. When Del Fina says, "Don't give up," Rex finds the messages gone from the pages of the book he gave him. Del Fina talks about his father, the time traveler, and asks how far back Gigi wants to go. He brings up how his father brought a couple who didn't belong in 1968 back to the future. Though the porthole only opens every twenty years, Del Fina takes out a device that can take them back in time. Rex doesn't buy it. Del Fina reminds them that fate brought them together. Gigi only wants answers and urges Rex to go along with Del Fina, who types into his device: 'Llanview' and the date that Rex lost Gigi. They plug it into an old TV and watch as Gigi leaves the carriage house to run an errand - with a tape recorder. After Gigi leaves, they see Stacy appear from the bushes with Gigi's face. "Is that me?" Gigi asks Rex.

    I Pushed Her Into The Basement.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Gigi approaches Rex at the Bon Jour Café. "Go to hell Stacy Morasco and don't come back," Rex snaps. He can't stand looking at her or hearing her voice and berates what she's done. "I'm not Stacy," she replies then backtracks. Everyone tells her she's Stacy, but she has amnesia and pleads, "You have to believe me." Rex doesn't but listens as she talks about Cutter helping her. She didn't want to hurt Rex and Shane, so they spun a globe, intent on leaving Llanview, and her finger landed on Paris, Texas. She apologizes and turns to leave. Rex stops her, touches her face and says, "You look so much like Gigi." He snaps out of it. It hurts too much to look at her. She tried to have her face changed back and asks if Rex knows why she would feel as though she's been in Paris before. "Nice try," Rex replies. "Stacy was never in Paris, Texas." He grabs her and warns if she ever goes near his son… Cutter appears and stands between them. Rex lunges at him. She orders Rex to leave Cutter alone. Cutter thinks back to what Del Fina said then tells Rex and Gigi there's something they both need to know.

    As Sweet And Tart As Gigi Was.

    Tuesday, December 20 2011

    In his Texas motel room, Rex sees Gigi's reflection in the bathroom mirror. He turns but no one's there. He takes a call from Aubrey, promising to be home in time to celebrate the holidays, then joins Shane. He finishes his call with Neela and leaves with Rex.

    Everyone prepares for the pie contest at the Bon Jour Cafe. Moe and Noelle reflect on admitting their feelings for each other and urge Viki to give Clint a chance. Viki would rather concentrate on winning the contest - for Gigi. Rex and Shane arrive and take a Team Gigi pin. Noelle tells Shane she's sure Gigi's watching over them today. Professor Del Fina arrives to judge the contest. Rex thinks he looks familiar. Noelle pulls him toward the pie. Del Fina asks which one of them is Gigi. Gigi's gone, but Noelle explains her pie is as sweet and tart as Gigi was. From outside the window, Gigi stares at those who loved her. Cutter appears and pulls Gigi away. Gigi doesn't want to upset those inside since they look so happy. After Del Fina takes a few pie samples, he deems the Gigi Morasco Pie the winner. Noelle gives Shane the award. Before Del Fina leaves, he gives Rex a book his father wrote and suggests that's why he appears familiar to Rex. Viki and Rex comment on how much the professor looks like Madame Delphina. Shane goes to the window but doesn't see anyone. He admits to Rex he had a weird feeling someone was out there.

    At the airport, Rex looks at the book Del Fina gave him. Every page reads 'Don't Give Up'. There aren't enough open seats on the flight to Llanview, so Rex agrees to stay behind. Gigi and Cutter arrive in another area. After Cutter leaves to pay up at the motel, Del Fina sits next to Gigi, who thinks he looks familiar. Like Rex, she's subconsciously recalling Del Fina's father as the man who help her and Rex travel back through time. They talk, to which Del Fina shares his motto, "Don't ever give up." Later, Cutter returns and finds Gigi gone.

    Rex returns to the Bon Jour Café and takes a seat. Gigi appears. Rex turns and sees her!

    I Want You Back, Cowboy.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    Inside their room, Rex and Shane talk about celebrating Gigi and moving on. They flip through Christmas movies. Shane comments that they're all about families who are alone. Rex admits he invited Aubrey to spend the holidays with them. Shane senses that Aubrey's becoming important to Rex and assures him it's okay. He wants Rex to be happy. Later, Rex checks in with Aubrey, who promises to have his house in the Christmas spirit. He thanks her, hangs up then looks around the empty room.

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