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    One Life To Live CAST - Rex Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rex Balsom Played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John-Paul Lavoisier

    Birthday: 1979-03-12
    Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star Farah Fath
    Real Name: John-Paul Lavoisier
    Web site:


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    Many Lives Are About To Change...

    Wednesday, August 09 2006

    Bo tells Rex to find Adriana, not to call Dorian. A car pulls alongside Adriana as she walks down the highway. The man seems to know her situation with Rex. He claims he lives next to the cottage that she and Rex were staying in. Adriana accepts his offer of a ride. What Adriana doesn't see is the black hooded sweatshirt in the backseat of his jeep as they drive away... You'll never believe who the stalker really is!

    Llanview Is In Turmoil.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Adriana and Rex struggle as she tries stabbing him with a knife. Rex knocks it out of her hand just as Adriana hits him over the head with a glass, leaving Rex lying on the bed as she runs out to the beach.

    As Adriana runs along the beach, she remembers back to seeing Rex with the stalker. Rex struggles to get up from the bed after being hit over the head with the glass. He screams throughout the house for Adriana, demanding to know what's going on, why she's acting this way toward him.

    Rex calls Bo and asks him if Adriana had called him. Bo tells him no, why? Rex explains that she's gone and says that she thinks Rex was talking to the stalker. He tells Bo that she hit him over the head. Just then, Rex realizes what's wrong with her after seeing his laptop open on the chair. Rex hangs up with Bo and runs out of the house after her.

    Adriana runs right into the hands of her stalker and asks him why he was talking to Rex the night before on the beach. She sees Rex approaching them, screaming her name. Adriana breaks free and continues running down the beach away from Rex and the stalker.

    Rex looks for Adriana and yells out to her. He finds her hair-tie on the beach, as he continues looking for her. Adriana finds herself on a highway, hysterical she doesn't know where to turn. Someone is watching her from the bushes.

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