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    One Life To Live CAST - Rex Balsom - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rex Balsom Played by John-Paul Lavoisier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John-Paul Lavoisier

    Birthday: 1979-03-12
    Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Dating Co-Star Farah Fath
    Real Name: John-Paul Lavoisier
    Web site:


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    Oh My God, Cutter!

    Friday, September 02 2011

    Natalie visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. He knows Victor was shot and says, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." He wonders if the cops have a lead. They're waiting for forensics. Natalie questions him over Gigi's exhumation. Rex now knows Gigi's dead and accuses Delphina of being a fake. Talk turns to Kim. They agree Kim can do no good. Rex is stunned to hear Natalie moved out of Llanfair and is now living with Brody and Liam. Natalie has to leave and hopes the forensics' report is ready. It'll tell them the type of gun that was used to kill Victor. After she leaves, Rex takes a gun out of the safe and aims it at the wall.

    What Did You Do?

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    Shane catches Rex arriving home and asks, "Where were you?" Rex is evasive. Shane wonders what he did. Rex went back to Gigi's grave to make sure she was peaceful and to apologize for trying too hard to make things right, things Gigi would've talked him out of doing. Shane is sorry too, for being mad at Rex. He thinks Shane's perfect, but Shane doesn't think so. Neither of them can sleep, so they turn on the TV just in time to see Blanca's news report and Victor's body removed from the crime scene. Rex and Shane exchange an empty look. They watch as Brody orders Blanca off the Manning property. She vows to find out who killed Victor Lord. Rex thinks back to removing the gun from the safe. Shane recalls approaching the safe and says, "I wonder who did it." Rex doesn't think it matters. A lot of people hated Victor. "We're free from him now," Rex says but warns it would be disrespectful to Gigi's memory if they celebrated his death. Shane brings up Rex promising Jack and Victor would pay and figures they finally have. They talk about how steamed Brody appeared on TV and agree he seemed over the top. After Shane goes to bed, Rex looks at the safe.

    Ridding The World Of Victor.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Rex removes the gun from the Buchanan Mansion safe but replaces it when Shane appears. Shane thinks Rex had Gigi's body exhumed because he was looking for a clue. Rex denies finding one. Shane lashes out. Rex promised Jack and his father would pay then never did anything. That's why he went to Brody for help. Rex promises he's working on something. It's no comfort for Shane to have Victor and Jack stripped of all of their money. They'll still be alive, and Gigi will be dead. Later, Rex and Shane separately approach the safe.

    Gunning For Victor.

    Monday, August 29 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Shane can't believe Rex had Gigi dug up. He wonders if the Mannings will ever pay for what they did to her. Later, Rex arms himself with a gun and vows to get justice for Gigi.

    Making The Mannings Pay.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Natalie joins Rex at Gigi's gravesite. She sees the date of death scratched off Gigi's headstone. Though Natalie assumes some kids did it, Rex thinks Gigi's trying to send him a message that she's still alive. Natalie reminds Rex that their father has Gigi's heart. He knows it's crazy but plans to find her. Rex will let Natalie check him into St. Ann's if he's wrong. Natalie admits Jared appeared to her after his death. Though he disappeared, Natalie knows anything's possible. She vows to stand by Rex. After Natalie leaves, Rex puts his hand on the headstone and begs Gigi to keep sending him signs.

    Rex runs into Bo's office and asks him to exhume Gigi's body. He needs to know if it's really her in the grave. Rex explains all of the signs and why he thinks Gigi's still alive. Bo wonders how this will make Shane feel. Rex plans to do this with or without Bo.

    Later, Kim appears at Gigi's gravesite and places her hand on the scratched off area. The caretaker startles Kim. He thought she was a vandal and admits he's never seen someone scratch off a death date on a headstone. Kim's stunned to hear Rex is on his way. He just ordered an exhumation. The caretaker clears the flowers from the headstone and is surprised to find Kim suddenly gone. Bo and Rex appear with a crew. Bo gives the okay for them to start digging, as Kim nervously watches from the shadows. The coffin is lifted from the grave and opened. Rex looks at Gigi and can't make sense of any of this. Kim looks on confused. Shane appears and demands to know how Rex could disturb his mom's grave. Rex promises to explain and ushers Shane away. Once Gigi's reburied, Kim places flowers at her grave.

    The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    Rex wonders what Clint's doing at the Buchanan Mansion. "I was aiming for a father/son moment," Clint replies then clarifies that he's there for Asa. Rex tries pushing Clint's wheelchair out. Clint puts on the brakes. He doesn't think Rex will throw him out, knowing how it feels to lose someone and want to keep them alive. "So," Rex asks. "How does this work?" Clint shows Rex the bourbon, as well as Asa's photo. Rex sets the photo, along with a glass of bourbon next to it on the mantle. He refuses to allow Clint to screw-up Gigi's heart and hands him some water. Bo appears in the doorway as Clint tells Rex, "Thank you, Son." Rex sees Bo. Clint wonders if he's going to arrest him. Bo pours himself a drink. He wishes Asa would've known Rex was his grandson. Though Asa sometimes hurt them, he was willing to admit when he was wrong about someone. Clint glances up. Bo toasts to Asa. Clint toasts to Bo. Rex allows them to finish up and claims he has something to do. Bo thanks him. After Rex leaves, Bo orders Nigel to take Clint home.

    Rex approaches Gigi's grave with flowers but doesn't feel closer to her. He asked Gigi for a sign and wonders why he hasn't seen her. Rex thinks maybe that's the sign. Maybe it's time for him to believe she's gone. He moves some old flowers away from her headstone and sees Gigi's date of death has been scratched off.

    We Need You, Pa.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    Natalie visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. He fills her in on finding Kim at the Spotted Pony using Gigi's name. Natalie flips her lid and vows to keep Kim away from their father. Kim would put Clint's health over the edge. Rex thinks maybe he should make sure they reconnect. Clint's been looking for her. Natalie wonders what Rex will tell Clint, that Kim's back on the pole? Rex finally agrees to stay quiet about Kim. After Natalie leaves, Rex looks at Gigi's photo. He vows not to give up on her and asks for a sign. Clint appears.

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