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    One Life To Live CAST - Lindsay Rappaport - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lindsay Rappaport Played by Catherine Hickland on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Catherine Hickland

    Birthday: 1956-02-11
    Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Catherine Hickland
    Height: 5' 5''
    Web site:


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    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    After Bo and Troy exchange gunfire at the cabin, Troy's injured. Lindsay and Bo hold a gun on Troy, who screams, "I'd never hurt you, Nora. I love you!" Bo hands Nora his gun and looks for something to tie Troy up with. Bo returns, as Nora thanks Lindsay and notes how she's really changed. She could have taken off instead of warning Bo. When it's time to take Troy in, Lindsay asks, "What about me?" Bo turns the floor to Nora, who says, "I forgive you." She and Bo vow to talk to the judge in order to get her sentence reduced and Lindsay paroled. Bo trusts Lindsay to drive his car down the mountain and get help. "Thank you," Lindsay replies. She leaves with a smirk. Nora wonders why Bo wanted Lindsay to send up an ambulance. Bo falls to the ground, unconscious. He's shot. Nora cries, "Where am I going to find a doctor." Troy perks up. Nora reminds Troy of the oath he took as a doctor and begs, "You have to save Bo." She promises to talk to the warden if he does. She'll do anything he wants! Troy refuses and says, "Bo has to die, so we can be together." Nora pleads that she can't live without Bo and continues to beg. Troy asks Nora to untie and trust him. She does. Troy tends to Bo.

    Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    At the loft, Bo tells Lindsay he thinks Troy took Nora to the same place he took Matthew years ago. He loads his gun. Lindsay insists on going with him to Llantano Mountain.

    Nora fears the syringe Troy holds in the cabin. It's filled with the same drug Lindsay gave her. Nora recalls the past and begs Troy not to do it. He rolls up her sleeve, as Nora tries appealing to the man he used to be. Bo watches from outside and tells Lindsay Troy plans to wipe Nora's memory away like she did. Bo doesn't want to surprise Troy and has a plan. He needs Lindsay's help… Soon after, Lindsay barges in and screams, "Troy, stop!" Nora's face falls when Lindsay reports to Troy, "Bo is dead. I killed him." She claims Bo rejected her. Troy smirks, as Lindsay and Nora argue. Lindsay manages to distract Troy. Bo bum rushes him, and the men struggle. Lindsay grabs Troy's gun and unties Nora. Bo overpowers and kicks Troy. As Bo and Nora fall into each other's arms, Troy eyes the gun Lindsay's holding. He makes his move. Shots ring out.

    You're In This Together, Aren't You?

    Wednesday, January 04 2012

    Bo kicks open the door and finds the loft empty. After the cops leave, Bo sees Lindsay on the fire escape. He lets her in. Lindsay admits Troy's on the loose. She has a bad feeling. "And you're in this together, aren't you?" Bo asks. Lindsay took a risk by escaping to help Bo. She recants an earlier conversation with Troy in the prison library. He was reading an electrician's manual and kept insisting that he, Nora and Matthew would be a family soon. She warned a guard, but in the commotion Lindsay escaped to warn Bo. He thinks he knows where they are.

    Lindsay The New Dr. Phil?

    Friday, July 31 2009

    Bo arrives at Statesville and tells Lindsay he needs her to stop him from stopping Clint from marrying Nora. Lindsay says she knows Nora loves him but wonders if Bo loves Nora? Over talk of the kiss they shared, Lindsay reiterates that Bo wants her to talk him out of stopping the wedding. Bo goes back and forth about his past with Nora, leading Lindsay to say, "You need to talk to Nora." Bo reminds Lindsay of her hatred for Nora, but Lindsay says, "I'll always love you, but I want you to be happy. Nora seems to ring your bell… If you can live with hurting Clint, can you grab him before the ceremony starts? Give him that much." After Bo sees a message from Clint, Lindsay admits that Nora did the right thing by stopping her wedding to Bo, saying what Lindsay did wasn't right, then pleads, "Don't be a stranger."

    Climbing Up The Ranks...

    Thursday, July 30 2009

    Bo takes a trip to Statesville - to ask Lindsay for help!

    Royal Bed Mates!

    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    Bo pays a visit to Statesville prison to see Lindsay, who is surprised to see him. Bo admits that Lindsay is paying for what she did then says, "Believe it or not… I came here to thank you. All of this made me realize that I've lived my life in a reaction to my father - even after he died." Over talk of why Bo asked her to marry him - to reclaim his life and not worry about what Asa would think - Bo admits how hurt he was over what Lindsay had done, and talks about how he ran away. "If I wouldn't have done that I wouldn't have found what I did… I found myself." Bo puts his hand to Lindsay's, against the dividing screen, then leaves Statesville, and Lindsay, behind.

    A Call Through Time...

    Tuesday, July 29 2008

    Just as Rex starts taking jabs at Bo (Asa) about sleeping with Emma Bradley (Gigi), Lindsay appears as Asa's wife Olympia (Bo's mother) and demands, "Who's my husband been sleeping with this time?" After Olympia rants in a psychotic rage, she approaches Rex (Bo) and calls him her little boy, Bo, then screams, "I'm not letting them take you!" Olympia (Lindsay) then turns to Bo (Asa) and accuses him of wanting to send Bo (Rex) into the Vietnam War! As Chuck Sr. talks about sending his boy, Chuck, to the war too, Rex snaps at Bo, "I'm not going to Vietnam!" to which Bo replies, "I'm afraid you don't have a choice." Bo pulls Rex aside and tells him that in order not to change the future, they can't change the past - and Rex has to leave for Vietnam. Just then, Chuck appears at their side - confused by the 'thing' he found out in the field. Rex grabs the object from Chuck's hands and says, "It's the answer to our prayers." Rex quickly dials a number on his cell phone!

    A Message From The Grave?

    Friday, July 11 2008

    In court, Rex questions Nora, asking if she thinks Lindsay will get off, to which Nora says it’s not an option! Though Rex tells Nora how hurt Bo is, Nora asks, “You think I did the wrong thing too, don’t you.” Suddenly, David, Addie and David Vickers show up in ‘Save Lindsay’ t-shirts! When Lindsay is brought in, David briefly reminds Addie that Spencer was his brother, remembers what a jerk he was, then says, “Go get em’ Lindsay!” When court is called to order, the judge is confused as to why Lindsay is being tried again. After Nora assures her that it’s not a case of double jeopardy, the judge wants to proceed and asks, “How do you plead, Ms. Rappaport?” to which Lindsay replies, “Guilty.” Addie briefly asks Lindsay to tell the truth or she’ll be sent back to St. Ann’s, to which David snaps at Addie, “Sit down or you’ll be put back in the cracker box!” With court back in order, Lindsay makes her full confession – and the judge orders her held without bail until sentencing! On her way out, Lindsay says to Nora, “Are you happy? My only question now is, what are going to do without me?” When Lindsay is dragged away, Rex tries to tell Nora that Lindsay has change – and Nora appears to almost believe it herself!

    But That's Double Jeopardy!

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    Nora goes to the gallery, accompanied by two officers, and places Lindsay under arrest for the murder of Spencer Truman! Though Lindsay screams ‘double jeopardy’, Nora informs her that lying to a judge makes that loophole null and void! Nora reminds Lindsay of how she left Marty in jail to rot for the murder – and how she let Will think she was insane! After Nora rants about how she’s led Bo on, Lindsay accuses Nora of hating her – and still wanting Bo! However, Nora assures Lindsay that her one true love is justice – and she’s finally getting it! Lindsay is read her rights and cuffed!

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