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    One Life To Live CAST - Evangeline Williamson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Evangeline Williamson Played by Renee Goldsberry on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Renee Goldsberry

    Birthday: 1971-01-02
    Birthplace: San Jose, California
    Marital Status: Married to Alexis Johnson
    Real Name: Renee Goldsberry


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    Prime Suspect?

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    Layla rushes to Evangeline's side as she arrives at Capricorn. "What's wrong, Vange?" Thinking back on her kiss with Todd, Evangeline says, "I kissed Todd." Despite Layla's objection, Evangeline says she's going to tell Cristian.

    Just as Layla gives Evangeline one last warning, "If you tell him, Cris will freak," Cris walks up to their booth at Capricorn and says, "Why will I freak?" Layla makes up an excuse for her statement, then Cris and Evangeline head home.

    The Truth?

    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    In The Sun elevator, when Evangeline kneels before Todd and asks what's wrong, he pulls her into an embrace. "My son is dead," Todd says, then shows Evangeline the death certificate. Although she tells him it could be a fake, Todd assures her that Rex gave it to him, "I think it's real. When Todd won't allow Evangeline to take him home, she sits next to him and says, "I'm not leaving you. I'm here as long as you need me." Through pain-stricken tears, Todd explains what Rex told him about his son. "I would've liked to have held him," Todd cries. After Evangeline takes his hand and says she's sorry, Todd confesses that she's the only one who 'gets' him, then leans in and takes her in a passionate kiss! When Evangeline pulls away, she appears more shocked that she kissed Todd back than the fact that he kissed her! Realizing that Cris is waiting for her at Capricorn, Evangeline gets ready to leave…

    Ties to The Past

    Monday, February 19 2007

    From his office, Todd calls Evangeline and asks her out to dinner. When she says that she has plans with Cris, Todd suggests that she bring Cris along! After Todd threatens to publish a not-so-nice article about the fire at Nora's house, Evangeline agrees to meet him.

    At Capricorn, when Cris arrives, he is furious to hear that Evangeline agreed to meet with Todd. "You go meet with him, but I'm not," Cris says. Cris warns her that Todd isn't going to stop until he gets what he wants from her. Although Evangeline doesn't want to abandon Todd, she decides, "I'm going to call Todd and tell him that I'm going to spend the whole evening with you." When she can't get through to Todd on the phone, Cris convinces her to go take care of her business with Todd. "I'll wait right here," Cris says.

    When Evangeline arrives at The Sun, she sees Todd sitting on the floor of the elevator. "Todd, what happened?"

    Advice Or A Warning?

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Evangeline goes to The Sun with breakfast for Todd. "How are you?" she asks. When Todd says, "Today's the first day of my life without Blair," Blair overhears from the doorway and enters his office! Evangeline leaves the two of them alone…

    When Evangeline arrives at the diner, Cris is upset to find out that she had breakfast with Todd.

    At the diner, Cris listens on as Evangeline gets a call from Todd. After she hangs up, Evangeline tells Cris that something's wrong with Todd and she leaves to go see him!

    As Jamie blows out her birthday candles, everyone gathers around while other residents of Llanview fall deeper into their own depression:

    Blair looks at a copy of the Sun…

    Todd throws a picture of Blair, as Evangeline comes in to comfort him…

    Nash stares at a picture of Bree…

    John continues to look over the murder photos, then says, "Someone tampered with the evidence."

    **The song on today's show is titled "Nothing Without You"by Bebo Norman & Mitch Dane**

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