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    One Life To Live CAST - Evangeline Williamson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Evangeline Williamson Played by Renee Goldsberry on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Renee Goldsberry

    Birthday: 1971-01-02
    Birthplace: San Jose, California
    Marital Status: Married to Alexis Johnson
    Real Name: Renee Goldsberry


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    Nowhere To Hide

    Monday, March 05 2007

    After seeing Starr's reaction, Evangeline tells Todd that they can't do 'this.' However, he reminds her of the relaxing time she had with him and says, "I feel so good when I'm with you. I want to be with you more." Not wanting to regret a minute of their day together, Evangeline decides to leave. However, before going, she says, "That kiss in the elevator, it was… Never mind…"

    I Got You!

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Reluctantly, Evangeline goes back to Todd's penthouse where Todd promises to take her mind off Cris. Todd surprises her with a sit-down fancy lunch - waiter and all. Just as Evangeline starts to relax, she almost breaks down and suggests leaving. However, Todd says, "I have one more surprise… I want you to take your clothes off, all of them." Todd's arranged for Evangeline to have a massage and heads upstairs, leaving her with the masseuse. After the massage, Evangeline thanks Todd for cheering her up.

    A New Patient?

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    When Evangeline goes to see Cris, he says, "It's over between us." Despite her protests, even though Cris loves Evangeline, he says, "Sometimes love isn't enough. We're over." Cris's phone rings and gets a call from Carlotta about Antonio. Cris and Evangeline head to the hospital.

    As Jessica's making up an excuse as to why she and Nash were in the storage room, Cris comes in and hears that Antonio saved Nash and Jessica. Cris glares at Jessica, then says, "You almost got my brother killed!" Suddenly, Todd and Nash come in the room and stir things up.

    A Blaze In The Night!

    Monday, February 26 2007

    At Evangeline's, over a struggle with the remote, she and Todd fall on the couch together! Evangeline jumps up and tells Todd to leave. "I need to make Cris understand what happened between you and I didn't mean anything." However, Todd refuses to apologize for their kiss. When Todd is ready to leave, Evangeline notices he doesn't have a coat and goes to get one of Cris's. While she's in the other room, Cris calls her cell, but Todd just pushes her phone aside. After she comes back, she tells Todd that she couldn't find a coat for him to wear.

    With flowers in hand, Cris uses his key and opens Evangeline's door, catching Evangeline helping Todd button up his shirt to stay warm on the way home. "What's going on?" Cris asks. Cris goes on to say that he wanted to apologize, but after walking in on 'this,' "We're done!" Cris throws the flowers across the room and leaves with a slam of the door!

    Rockin' With Nelly!

    Friday, February 23 2007

    Awakened by a knock on her door, Evangeline answers it and sees Todd. She shuts the door on him and says she doesn't want to talk about what happened. However, Todd says if they don't talk about it, they'll lose 'each other.' Through the door, Todd says he can't lose the best friend he ever had. "Let me be your friend," Todd says and Evangeline opens the door. "I told Cris that we kissed, then he broke my heart." Todd degrades Cris for his reaction when Evangeline was just trying to be honest with him. "He's treating you like dirt." However, she blames herself and accuses Todd of always egging Cris on. In an attempt to make her smile, Todd turns on his comical charm. When Evangeline puts in a romantic old movie, Todd tries to take the remote away from her and the two land on the floor: Evangeline on top of Todd!

    Just A Kiss...

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    At Evangeline's, when Jessica calls Cris and begs him not to tell Antonio, Evangeline overhears how angry Cris is and thinks back on the kiss with Todd. After Jessica hangs up, Cris tells Evangeline about Jessica and Nash's deception. Just then, Evangeline says, "There's something I have to tell you. Todd and I kissed yesterday." When Evangeline's cell rings, Cris picks it up and says, "It's for you." He shows Evangeline that Todd is calling! Although Evangeline tries to explain that the kiss wasn't romantic, Cris flips out and says, "We are a lie! And I don't want any part of it! You wouldn't have let him kiss you if you didn't want him!" Cris storms out…

    Crying in her bed, Evangeline's cell rings again. It's Todd - leaving voicemail number fourteen.

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