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    One Life To Live CAST - Evangeline Williamson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Evangeline Williamson Played by Renee Goldsberry on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Renee Goldsberry

    Birthday: 1971-01-02
    Birthplace: San Jose, California
    Marital Status: Married to Alexis Johnson
    Real Name: Renee Goldsberry


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    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Noticing Tate's eyes on Rex and Adriana, Layla warns him not to interfere in their relationship. However, in a roundabout way, Tate says, "Everything is fair game." When Evangeline shows up, Tate grills her with trick questions about love and life until Layla says, "Tate, I get the point."

    The Cowboy Way

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    In Bo's office, Antonio, Evangeline and Talia inform Nora that she was the victim of a hate crime by a group called One Pure People. Nora is furious as Talia, Antonio and Evangeline explain how they found out about the hate group, "What are we doing to nail this group!" When Talia says, "The good thing is there hasn't been another fire," Nora flips out and says, "I won't wait until someone else dies!"

    Outside of Bo's office, Evangeline empathizes with Nora and shares her own experience of being a victim of a hate crime, causing Nora to worry about them being a target again. Just then, Todd shows up and asks Evangeline out to dinner.

    John & Natalie Part Ways

    Monday, April 02 2007

    At the station, Starr promises to break up with Cole if Todd promises to leave him alone - and if Marty promises not to send him away! Despite Cole's objections, Starr says, "You have to give us up. It's the only way." However, Cole replies, "Can you really just walk away? Can you really tell me goodbye?" Marty interrupts and tells Starr she's doing the right thing. Starr turns to Todd and asks him again to leave Cole alone. If Starr and Cole agree to not see each other, Marty agrees to not press charges against Todd. Todd goes to Cole, "How about you?" Knowing he has no other choice, Cole agrees but asks to have a few minutes alone with Starr.

    As the adults disperse, Cole whispers to Starr, "That was genius." However, Starr repeats that they can't see each other again, "This is goodbye." Starr explains how she's giving up her own happiness so no one else has to suffer, "I will never forget anything about us." After Cole says, "I love you," Starr falls into his arms and cries, "I know."

    In the hallway at the station, although Evangeline tells Todd she doesn't blame him for what he did to Cole, she reminds him of the hard road ahead with Starr, "If you don't learn to have some empathy for what she's going through, you're going to lose her." Seeing Starr and Cole kiss, Todd and Marty interrupt them and the kids go home with their parents…

    A Father's Fury!

    Friday, March 30 2007

    At the station, Evangeline asks Talia if there's any news on the arson case. "The DA has you checking up on me, doesn't she?" Talia asks. However, after a brief denial, Evangeline admits she's there on Nora's behalf. Talia reminds Evangeline that the case is personal to a lot of people! Evangeline apologizes, then Talia tells her about her run-in with the arsonist, "I don't think it was Vincent Jones." As Talia explains the medal and shows Evangeline the sketch, Evangeline says, "Oh, my, God, I know what that is." Evangeline explains that she's seen the symbol on her family's house as a child, "It's a white supremacist group." Based on Evangeline's information, Talia quickly does a search, "Here it is. I need to get this to Antonio."

    I Never Meant To...

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    At The Sun, although Todd thinks he knows why Evangeline stopped by, he says, "I want to hear it from you." Standing close, she says, "If you think you know me, then why am I here?" After Todd gets worried and says, "It's about you and me… Is Cris taking you back?" Evangeline says no and Todd urges her on, "Talk to me, please." Vange is clearly upset and expresses how much she hates feeling 'this way,' "I hate that Cris and I broke up. I hate it and it's all because of you!" After her rant, Evangeline admits, "The only time I'm happy is when I'm with you." Amazingly, Todd gives her some space and is there 'as a friend.'

    Together My Love

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    When Evangeline stops by Marty's office to deliver a file, the two clash as Evangeline remarks on Marty having the reputation of getting off a murderer and Marty remarks about Evangeline's relationship with Todd. As the two bicker back and forth, Marty tries to counsel Evangeline. "I'm not your patient!" However, Evangeline lightens up and the two end up having a pleasant, caring conversation.

    Just as Todd is entering his office, Evangeline comes up behind him and sighs, "Todd..."

    Major Misunderstandings!

    Monday, March 26 2007

    At the hospital, after Blair admits to sleeping with Cris, "I thought you knew," Todd flips out and grabs Cris! As the two engage in a fistfight, Michael breaks it up demanding that they cool it! While Blair is chastising Todd for reacting like he did, Todd says, "I wonder who's next, Dorian's pool boy?" While Blair explains they had sex because they had too much to drink, Cris says, "Blame me, I went to her." Blair goes on to taunt Evangeline by saying how 'good' it was with Cris until she leaves. Todd faces Cris and says, "I owe you an apology. I know Blair went to the lodge to sleep with the first person who looked at her." Focusing his attention on Blair, Todd says, "It makes things easier now." Todd leaves… Blair expresses to Cris, "I wanted Todd out of my life, looks like I got my wish."

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