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    One Life To Live CAST - Evangeline Williamson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Evangeline Williamson Played by Renee Goldsberry on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Renee Goldsberry

    Birthday: 1971-01-02
    Birthplace: San Jose, California
    Marital Status: Married to Alexis Johnson
    Real Name: Renee Goldsberry


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    What's Rex Hiding?

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    Evangeline talks to Nora and says that before she returns to her job she needs to know that Evangeline will not abandon Cris. Nora puts her hand out. "No hard feelings?" The two hug, then join Antonio. Evangeline is shocked to hear that Cris already left the station - without her…

    At first when Evangeline arrives at Cris's, she's furious that he left her at the station. However, to celebrate his freedom, Cris scoops her up and takes Evangeline into the shower!

    Heat Of The Moment

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    At the station, even though Cris claims that he's innocent, Bo has no choice but to book him. After Bo leaves, Antonio and Evangeline talk to Cris. Just then, Nora shows up and snaps at them for not listening to her! "What part of 'you're off the case' don't you understand?" Nora goes further to tell them that she's only looking out for them all. "One screw-up and Jones's lawyer will be all over us!" Suddenly, Antonio and Evangeline shock Nora by saying, "We quit!"

    Just as Cris tries to reason with his brother and Evangeline, Vincent, Shaun and his lawyer show up claiming that Cris is once again getting special treatment! Even after Vincent's lawyer finds out that Antonio and Evangeline are off the case, he finds a way to make it look as though they're all in on some conspiracy! After Nora instructs Officer Talia to take Cris to booking, Cris stops in front of Vincent and says, "What's the matter, Jones, are you afraid of how this will look to Natalie?" Bo orders Vincent in his office and Cris is taken away…

    Nora pleads with Antonio and Evangeline not to leave and warns that Bo will not take it lightly that they're using the station as a 'revolving door.'

    In the jail, Cris tells Evangeline that he loves her more than anything and asks her to go back to Nora and tell her that she wants her job back! "Keep fighting for us," Cris says and Evangeline agrees. "All right, for us."

    Bitter Enemies

    Monday, February 05 2007

    At Cris's, Evangeline tells him that Nora thinks they should distance themselves in public. Although Evangeline tells Cris that she's not deserting him, Cris says that Nora is right. "That's crazy," Evangeline says, but Cris stands by his statement saying that she shouldn't risk her job. "You really believe that Nora's right?!" As Cris tries to apologize, Evangeline storms out.

    Evangeline goes to Bo's office and tells him about Nora's theory. Just as Bo agrees that it's best for everyone if she stays away from Cris for the time being, his phone rings. It's Antonio saying that there was another fire and that Antonio made an arrest. When Evangeline walks out of Bo's office, Antonio brings Cris in the station in handcuffs!

    Alibi Intact!

    Thursday, February 01 2007

    At John's, Evangeline tells John that she wants to talk to him about Spencer. "You think I killed him?" However, Evangeline says no and expresses that he could never make it to the hospital on his own. John thinks back at being with Michael at Memorial. John gets a call from Natalie saying that the police haven't found anything at the murder scene. "Which means that so far whoever killed Spencer, is in the clear," Natalie explains.

    After John hangs up, he and Evangeline talk about Cris' arson case and John's relationship with Natalie. Abruptly, Evangeline gets a call from Nora and leaves to meet her at the diner… Alone in his room, John appears filled with worry.

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