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    One Life To Live CAST - Kevin Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kevin Buchanan Played by Dan Gauthier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dan Gauthier

    Birthday: 1963-12-02
    Birthplace: Prineville, Oregon
    Marital Status: Married to Lisa Fuller
    Real Name: Dan Gauthier
    Web site:


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    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Kelly and Kevin arrive back at the Buchanan Compound in London. They tell Neval they had dinner out then took Zane back to school. Neval gets emotional talking about the American holiday. He informs that Joey called and says, "It's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving. Master Joseph is on his way home." Kelly wants to wait for Joey but Neval explains, "I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear…" Joey went home to Llanview.

    What Messages?

    Thursday, November 18 2010

    Kelly arrives in London. Neval welcomes her in and says Mr. Buchanan has been waiting for her. She sees him behind a newspaper and brings up the messages she left. Kevin puts the paper down and asks, "What messages?" Kevin questions why she's looking for Joey, who took off with his camera months ago. Kelly rushes to erase the messages for Joey from the machine. Kevin stops her. He wants to hear them! Kelly is mortified as Kevin listens to her drunken messages. Kelly rips the machine from the wall. They have an uncomfortable exchange about Joey and why things didn't work between Kelly and Kevin. Later, Kelly and Kevin go to pick up Zane and bring him back for dinner. Once they're gone, Joey calls. "Splendid," Neval answers after asking if Joey wants him to set another dinner plate.

    Welcome To New Mexico!

    Friday, May 07 2010

    Kevin is surprised to see Natalie at his doorstep in London. Over a drink Natalie claims she brought Jared's death certificate, the one he needed for business purposes. Kevin pushes for the truth and Natalie admits she needed an excuse to leave Llanview. She fills him in on everything that's happened in Llanview surrounding Marty, John and Todd. Kevin can't believe Marty accused Natalie when there a remote chance Todd was involved. "Marty wanted it to be me," Natalie admits. They talk about Natalie hanging out with Kevin in London, even though Kevin knows she's not over John. Natalie wonders if he's really over Kelly?

    An Offer To Stay In Llanview!

    Thursday, March 11 2010

    As Kevin comes down the Buchanan Mansion stairs, Kim's friends hit on him and offer to display their entertainment experience. Kevin tears himself away and refuses to give the girls a tour of the mansion - because the wedding is soon. Leah and Laudine don’t think there's going to be a wedding and wonder how a guy like Kevin hasn't met his soul mate yet. Kevin sits on the stairs and pours his heart out about Kelly turning down his marriage proposal, which the girls assure him Kelly will end up regretting for the rest of her life. With one girl pulling Kevin by the tie, and the other urging him to move, Kevin allows them to take him upstairs, where he doesn't have to be alone!

    In the living room, Kim tells Clint she's not sure she can marry him. Kim explains her indecision, which was caused by her bridesmaids, who she invited to show off her new Buchanan digs. When Clint suggests they don't get married, Kim is hurt. Clint only wants what she wants then pulls out an engagement ring and asks, "Would this help?" The Justice of the Peace arrives, and Kim agrees to marry him. Later, Kim sees Kevin coming down the stairs, with lipstick all over his shirt. Kevin goes off to find Clint, and Kim asks 'the hags' to stand up for her - since Stacy can't.

    Back in the living room, Clint assures Kevin that he's sure about this marriage, which Viki actually gave him her blessing for. When everyone's ready, the bridesmaids come in, giving a stripper's entrance, then Kim appears - and a quick ceremony takes place, ending with Clint kissing his new bride! After Kevin ushers the girls to the airport, who try to steal the silver, Clint warns Kim not to worry about them - they need to concentrate on Sierra Rose. Kim can't wait to spend their honeymoon with Sierra Rose.

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    Kevin meets Clint at the diner and says, "I asked Kelly to marry me. She turned me down flat." Todd overhears and begins taunting Kevin, who punches him - just as Dani enters the diner! Todd goes over to Dani, who chastises him for trying to beat-up his nephew then admits she's ditching school. Todd tries to get Dani to open up, but she warns, "I'm not going to have a father/daughter chat with a rapist." Todd explains he's trying to change and offers not to turn Dani in to the school or Tea - if she spends the day with him. "Just give me a chance," he says, but Dani would rather go back to school - and does! Back at their table, Kevin talks about going back to London, but when Clint sees Nora and Bo walk in, he announces his marriage to Kim! Nora thinks Clint is only marrying Kim to get back at her, as Bo wonders if Clint got a pre-nup. Clint assures Bo the family money is protected and says, "This time I got a pre-nup with a fidelity clause!" Bo reminds Clint that they are brothers and professes to be happy for him. Clint, Bo and Nora come to an almost civil understanding…

    Later, Kevin arrives at the Buchanan Mansion, and Kim's friends think he's Clint - and tell Kim she doesn't need to cheat on 'this one'! Once they figure out that Kim is going to be Kevin's stepmother, Kevin hugs Kim and whispers that he'll crush her - if she hurts Clint! Kevin takes off, and Kim becomes more confused when Leah and Laudine warn that she can't marry Clint - because she doesn't love him.

    Clint comes home and finds Kim alone in the living room. "Taking inventory?" Clint jokes, but Kim assures him she's fine. Clint is ready to get married!

    Tea And Todd Are Called To Llanview High!

    Thursday, March 04 2010

    After Kevin proposes to Kelly at St. James, they talk about why they got divorced. "I should've never let you go," Kevin says, but Kelly wonders if he's fully forgiven her. Kevin reminds her that they've been raising Zane for years, so Kelly brings up how she slept with his son, which resulted in Zane. Kevin knows there's more between them other than shared parenting. However, Kelly cries, "I can't marry you," even though she'll always love him. For Zane's sake, Kelly says they need to let go and figure out what they really want. "I want you," Kevin states. Kelly is touched by his gesture and will never forget it. Kevin takes comfort that Kelly knows him so well then leaves. Dorian arrives, apologizes for being late then asks, "Are you all right?" She takes Kelly in her arms, promising she has a beautiful future ahead of her.

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