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    One Life To Live CAST - Adriana Cramer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Adriana Cramer Played by Melissa Fumero on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Fumero

    Birthday: 1982-08-19
    Birthplace: New Jersey
    Marital Status: Married to David Fumero
    Real Name: Melissa Fumero


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    Do You Know What She Did To Me?

    Monday, January 31 2011

    Dorian calls Adriana from the mansion and hears that she overnighted the yearbook yesterday. Cutter arrives. Dorian recognizes him from the French magazine. Cutter reiterates that he's Aubrey's brother and admits he's there to see Dorian, not Kelly. He brings up a possible job opportunity at one of Dorian's favorite charities and asks her for some information. While she leaves to get it, the yearbook is delivered. Cutter intercepts the package! As he looks at the yearbook, Dorian appears behind him and wonders what he's doing. Cutter slips the yearbook in his briefcase, takes the address Dorian gives him for the job and leaves. Dorian's no fool. She knows Cutter wants to get his hands into Kelly's wallet! When the package doesn't arrive, Dorian calls Adriana again, who agrees to track the package. Kelly returns and fills Dorian in on Aubrey's stunt at the christening. Dorian wonders what made Clint bow to Aubrey so quickly. Kelly wonders if Aubrey has something on Clint. Dorian knows Cutter was there to size her up and promises to get to the bottom of everything going on around them.


    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    Downstairs in the dining room, Joey thanks Kelly for apologizing to Aubrey. He looks at his watch and notices Aubrey's late. He makes it clear he wants to remain friends. Across the room, Viki joins Dorian, who's irked that Echo has tagged her in a photo on MyFace. It's the photo of Dorian at the AA meeting in disguise! Viki can't believe Dorian infiltrated an AA Meeting. Joey and Kelly appear. After Viki and Joey head to their table, Dorian tells Kelly how Aubrey dumped Ford after she found out he wasn't wealthy. Kelly realizes Aubrey and her brother are after Joey's money. Dorian stops Kelly from going to tell Joey. She suggests that Kelly date Cutter to get the dirt on Aubrey. Aubrey appears, says hello then joins Viki and Joey. Over talk of what they'll do for work, Joey asks Viki if he can take photos at The Banner again. Vikki agrees then questions Aubrey, who claims to have her hands in charity work. After Viki excuses herself, Aubrey brings up Cutter and says he needs something productive to do. Aubrey thinks he'd be a good match for B.E. Joey agrees to talk to Clint about getting Cutter a job there… Echo walks in and joins Dorian. She warns if Dorian doesn't stop harassing her, she'll tag her in more photos and make the community question her drinking. Viki approaches and listens as Echo vows to do anything to keep her new family in her life. After Echo leaves, Viki suggests they just forget about Echo. She'll never admit to any wrongdoings. Dorian agrees. After Viki walks away, Dorian says, "Not by a long shot." Dorian calls Adriana in Paris and asks her to pick up a yearbook from Kelly's old boarding school. She then calls Rex and says she has a job for him.

    It's Over.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Still at the Paris hotel, Adriana informs Layla that they're going to Milan. It can't be helped. Cris interjects that this is his time with Layla. Their trip will have to wait! Layla asks for some time alone with Cris. She makes it clear this is her one shot to make it big and asks, "Do you want me to lose it?" Cris needs to know her life includes him. Adriana joins Gigi across the room and taunts her about Rex. When Adriana finds out Gigi called Rex, she laughs and replies, "You two are going to have a long cold winter." Gigi slugs Adriana, who falls to the floor! Cris grabs Gigi. Layla pulls Arianna aside. When Layla admits she's not going to Milan, Adriana reminds Layla what she's giving up. Cris approaches. They're late for their reservation. Layla has to go to Milan and promises she'll make it up to Cris. Layla goes off with Adriana, who says to Gigi, "Tell Rex… Never mind, I'll tell him myself." Cris and Gigi share a drink then leave to have dinner together. A waiter notices them and thinks Rex has a lot to worry about!

    I Hereby Sentence You To...

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    Gigi calls Rex from a hotel in Paris, who briefly fills her in on what's been happening in regards to his parents. Across the room, Layla rushes into Cris' arms, while Adriana chats with Kelly about her hot sex life over the phone. After Kelly abruptly hangs up, Adriana says hello to Cris then joins Gigi at a table. Over some catty conversation, Adriana admits she's the reason Rex and Gigi are back together. "We kissed," Adriana states. After the kiss was over, Adriana urged Rex to fight for Gigi. Adriana thinks back to how great the sex with Rex was then taunts Gigi with the knowledge that she and Rex haven't had sex in a while. Rex told her! They've become great friends. When Adriana rushes off to take a work call, Gigi calls Rex and asks, "Did you tell Adriana we haven't had sex?" Rex tries talking his way out of it, but Gigi hangs up on him! Later, Adriana joins Cris and Layla, who are heading to her room. She regrets having to end their reunion before it gets started.

    A Buchanan Returns Home...

    Tuesday, March 02 2010

    Still gathered at the mansion, Adriana tells Dorian she has an errand to run, and Kelly puzzles about her mother's heart attack. Dorian tries to push her suspicions aside, brings up Kevin, but leaves Blair with Kelly while she runs an errand of her own. Blair wonders why Kelly seemed so tense when Dorian was talking about Kevin, but before Kelly can answer, the doorbell rings. After Kelly heads to answer the door, Blair demands to know why Langston keeps looking at her cell. Langston breaks down when Blair brings up Ford and admits she slept with him! "And I'm so sorry," Langston cries, as Blair holds her close. Ford calls and invites Langston to his apartment, but Blair convinces her to hang up on him. Langston tries to leave, in order to go to Ford and tell him that her heart is with Markko, but Blair warns her to stay away from Ford - because he's a bad boy who will break her heart. Blair shares that she tested Ford, kissed him and he wanted more! Langston doesn't believe her, so Blair calls Ford and claims she hasn't been able to get him out of her mind. "I was hoping you'd be able to come over here and put me out of my misery," Blair tempts Ford.

    When Rex arrives home, he's shocked to find Adriana in his loft. Adrianna talks about everything that's happened since she left. "I see radio-free Dorian is hard at work," Rex says then catches Adriana up on what's really been happening. "If you aren't the father, does that mean that you and Gigi are going to get back together?" she asks and begins talking about why she left Llanview then kisses Rex! After he explains Stacy's death, and how he's been there for Gigi, Adriana reminds Rex that he's a good person, one who others often take advantage of.

    Visiting Day At Statesville...

    Friday, February 26 2010

    On a flight to Llanview, Kelly and Adriana talk about Emile and Dorian then are shaken when the plane experiences turbulence…

    Kelly enters the mansion, and though there's no love-loss between her and Blair, she's happy to see Dorian. Dorian wonders where Adriana is, and Kelly replies, "I'm afraid I have some bad news." Suddenly, Adriana appears, on crutches, and says she hurt herself during the flight. Dorian leads her girls into the living room and demands that Blair and Kelly, who are bickering, hug it out. They give Dorian an emotionless hug then Starr arrives, greets her cousins and tells Dorian that Langston is going to be late. Suddenly, Andrew enters the room, and Dorian wonders where Cassie is. "I'm afraid I have some bad news," Andrew says.

    Who Are You?

    Thursday, February 18 2010

    Over in Paris, at a hotel, Kelly and David argue, as they wonder which room Emile is in. When Dorian calls, David warns Kelly not to answer it, saying Dorian will kill her for sending Adriana off with a stranger! A maid appears, and though it takes paying her off, she points to a room where she last saw Adriana. David doesn't think he can kick the door in, so Kelly does it - and they're shocked by what's inside... Adriana is tied to a bed in a red negligee. After they ungag her, Adriana asks, "What are you doing?" as Emile emerges from the bathroom. Kelly goes after him, but Adriana explains that he doesn't work for Mitch, but for the prime minister, then admits they were playing a sex game - it was her idea! Adriana calls Dorian to assure her she and Kelly are fine - and that her phone was off because she was 'tied up'. Kelly and David smirk at Adriana's choice of words. Dorian informs Adriana that Mitch is being sent to a federal prison and makes her promise to keep in touch. Once off the phone, Adriana thanks Kelly for worrying about her, as David snoops through Emlie's belongings!

    Falling Through The Cracks...

    Monday, February 15 2010

    From Savanna, Cassie calls Dorian to assure her that she got a hold of Blair, who promised to protect the girls, then Dorian begs her to convince Kelly that their whole family is in danger!

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