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    One Life To Live CAST - Cristian Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cristian Vega Played by David Fumero on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Fumero

    Birthday: 1972-12-29
    Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Gallo
    Real Name: David Fumero
    Height: 5' 11"


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    You Were Expecting Someone Else?

    Monday, September 13 2010

    Layla approaches Cris at Llanview U just as he's turning down the art grant. The administrator gives them some time to talk. Layla refuses to allow Cris to give up his career just so she can have hers. Layla is willing to stay in Llanview since the job offer in Paris is now or never. Cris offers to paint in Paris but Layla reminds him of this opportunity in Llanview. Layla suggests they each take their opportunities in order to prevent any regrets. They agree it could work. Cris wants to get married as soon as possible but Layla replies, "I don't think we should get married."

    Based On A Lie...

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    Outside of the diner Greg leaves another heated message for Eli. Destiny appears and wonders who he was talking to. Greg claims it was business then leads Destiny inside. When she sees Cris and Layla, who are talking about their job offers, Destiny approaches them with news of Tea's death. Greg joins them and says he did everything he could for Tea. He's shocked to hear Layla talk about another death, Eli's! Greg makes an excuse and rushes off. Cris and Layla continue their conversation about not wanting to be separated. Destiny butts in and talks about a romantic book she's reading. Cris assures Layla that their love will make everything work out.

    Tea Died Last Night.

    Monday, August 30 2010

    Over at their apartment Cris and Layla discuss their wedding when a letter arrives from Llanview University. Cris is confused to read he's received a grant for LU's art department. Layla admits she applied for him. Cris is ecstatic that he'll have his own studio and kisses Layla. Another delivery comes. This time for Layla. It's from her favorite Paris designer. Layla is shocked that Cris, with the help of Adriana, sent him her sketch of the wedding dress she designed. Layla looks at the dress and says, "This is the dress of my dreams." After they make love Layla remembers the note that came with the dress and makes a call. Layla then informs Cris that the designer wants her to work with him. Cris wonders why Layla isn't excited. "I'd have to move to Paris," she replies.

    You're Not Going Anywhere.

    Friday, August 27 2010

    Rex enters a steam room to find Cris. They discuss the Bennett Thompson file and Rex admits Eli stole the file first. Kelly enters the steam room and Rex says that Kelly stole it next! Kelly fills Cris in on the entire sordid tale surrounding Eli. Cris leaves and Kelly wants Rex to help her figure out where Eli took Blair. Kelly laments that Blair has no idea she is in over her head. A frustrated Kelly tells Rex he is supposed to be a private investigator. Rex brings up how Ross lived in Tahiti. Kelly wonders if there was some sort of inheritance. Price enters to see Rex and Kelly together. After Kelly and Rex leave, Det. Price comments, "I don't even want to know!"

    Cris arrives to see Layla at the station and she confirms that Eli is the killer. Cris is skeptical, but Layla sadly says that Eli made them do the killing for him. Cris believes that they were honoring what Evangeline would have wanted. Layla agrees to focus on things that make her happy, like him.

    Not Until All Three Of You Know Who You Are!

    Monday, August 09 2010

    After knocking Cris out Eli makes sure he is still alive then spots the file on Bennett Thompson. Eli takes the file and leaves. Layla and Brody arrive and find Cris. Brody calls John to report the attack and that the file is gone. When Cris comes to he wonders what could've been in the file on Bennett Thompson that someone would knock him out for. Natalie arrives with her forensics kit after a call from John. She orders Cris to allow Layla to take him to the hospital. Later Natalie calls John to report that no fingerprints were found. She's consumed with her pregnancy and blurts out to Brody, "I'm pregnant."

    Is There Any Chance For You And I?

    Friday, August 06 2010

    Blair goes to Cris' to say how sorry she is about Evangeline. She hugs Cris and never sees the mug shot of Bennett Thompson beneath the chair. Cris brings up his engagement, which leads Blair to share hers. Later as Cris takes a call from Layla asking for the file on Bennett Thompson Eli appears behind him and knocks Cris out!

    I'm Actually Here To See Your Boss.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Cris and Layla return home. She urges Cris to go tell his mom about Evangeline. After Cris leaves Layla looks through a box of her sister's belongings. She finds a file on Bennett Thompson and remembers him being the one who helped Evangeline with her living will. She sets it aside without opening it.

    Nate takes a break from his job at the diner to sit with Dani. Dani fills him in on the wedding. Carlotta overhears and insists on giving Tea a wedding shower. Nate gets back to work and Carlotta talks briefly to Dani about Tea and Todd. When Cris arrives he pulls Carlotta aside and gives her the news about Evangeline. Todd appears, having overheard, and lashes out at Cris saying everyone gave up and let Evangeline die. Dani calms Todd who takes a seat and describes Evangeline to her as a lawyer who used to help him out, like Tea. Todd is forced to explain why Tea isn't there. They rush off to be with Tea.

    Cris returns to his apartment. Layla tells him that Ford stopped by and was very sympathetic. As they sit on the couch the file on Bennett Thompson falls underneath a chair and a mug shot of Eli falls out!

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