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    One Life To Live CAST - Cristian Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cristian Vega Played by David Fumero on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Fumero

    Birthday: 1972-12-29
    Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Gallo
    Real Name: David Fumero
    Height: 5' 11"


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    What Messages?

    Thursday, November 18 2010

    Cris drops Gigi off at Rex's, who catches her up on who his parents are, according to Echo. Gigi feels bad he had to go through this alone. Gigi admits how mad she was at him, which caused her to kiss Cris. Rex is stunned but Gigi rants about what he told Adriana and Dorian. Gigi brings up Dorian answering his cell and his date with Kelly. Rex apologizes. "And the kiss?" Gigi asks. Rex wonders how she knew he kissed Kelly. Gigi was talking about Adriana! Rex explains how the kiss happened and says it was a good thing. Kelly now realizes how much she loves someone else. Rex and Gigi agree they don't want to be with Cris and Kelly. They kiss and admit it's been far too long.

    John arrives at Capricorn and asks Blair, "How are you doing?" She's trying not to think about Eli. Blair sees the box John brought. He admits it's from Eli. They went through Eli's safe deposit box. John was legally bound to turn it over to her. Cris arrives. John hugs Blair goodbye. Cris wonders if Blair is going to open the box. Blair refuses. She's had enough of Eli. Over talk of his trip, Cris admits he kissed Gigi because Layla ditched him. Blair calls Gigi a fool for not taking Cris up on his offer to have sex, considering Blair's indulged in that with him a time or two. Cris wants to be with Layla but Blair says, "It's just not the right time for you." Layla needs to focus on her career. Cris jokes about sleeping together, for old time's sake, but they don't. Later, Blair tells Cris to get rid of the box from Eli.

    I Am Rex's Mother.

    Friday, November 12 2010

    Over in Paris, Gigi pulls away from Cris and asks, "Where did that come from?" They blame the kiss on the champagne until Cris asks Gigi to go back to his room and rip each others' clothes off! Gigi reminds Cris he's with Layla. He knows but worries she'll dump him for some model. Gigi thinks of Rex and Kelly. She suggests they go for it. Cris wonders when Gigi got so sexy and asks, "Are we gonna do this?" Even though they both feel the attraction, they can't deny their hearts belong to other people. Cris leaves a message for Layla. Gigi looks at her cell.

    Temptation Strikes.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    In Paris, Gigi ignores Rex's message. Cris calls for a toast and asks Gigi to cut Rex some slack. Gigi calls Rex and is stunned when Dorian answers his cell and says Rex is going out with Kelly tonight! After Dorian lies and claims Rex told her about their sex troubles, Gigi slams down her cell! Gigi brings up Layla and urges Cris not to give up on her. Cris kisses Gigi!

    It's Over.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Still at the Paris hotel, Adriana informs Layla that they're going to Milan. It can't be helped. Cris interjects that this is his time with Layla. Their trip will have to wait! Layla asks for some time alone with Cris. She makes it clear this is her one shot to make it big and asks, "Do you want me to lose it?" Cris needs to know her life includes him. Adriana joins Gigi across the room and taunts her about Rex. When Adriana finds out Gigi called Rex, she laughs and replies, "You two are going to have a long cold winter." Gigi slugs Adriana, who falls to the floor! Cris grabs Gigi. Layla pulls Arianna aside. When Layla admits she's not going to Milan, Adriana reminds Layla what she's giving up. Cris approaches. They're late for their reservation. Layla has to go to Milan and promises she'll make it up to Cris. Layla goes off with Adriana, who says to Gigi, "Tell Rex… Never mind, I'll tell him myself." Cris and Gigi share a drink then leave to have dinner together. A waiter notices them and thinks Rex has a lot to worry about!

    I Hereby Sentence You To...

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    Gigi calls Rex from a hotel in Paris, who briefly fills her in on what's been happening in regards to his parents. Across the room, Layla rushes into Cris' arms, while Adriana chats with Kelly about her hot sex life over the phone. After Kelly abruptly hangs up, Adriana says hello to Cris then joins Gigi at a table. Over some catty conversation, Adriana admits she's the reason Rex and Gigi are back together. "We kissed," Adriana states. After the kiss was over, Adriana urged Rex to fight for Gigi. Adriana thinks back to how great the sex with Rex was then taunts Gigi with the knowledge that she and Rex haven't had sex in a while. Rex told her! They've become great friends. When Adriana rushes off to take a work call, Gigi calls Rex and asks, "Did you tell Adriana we haven't had sex?" Rex tries talking his way out of it, but Gigi hangs up on him! Later, Adriana joins Cris and Layla, who are heading to her room. She regrets having to end their reunion before it gets started.

    What Are You Doing Oogling My Son?

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    Over at Llanfair, Rex tells Gigi about Echo's reaction to the necklace. Rex thinks Echo is connected to his father. He looks at Echo's past speeding ticket, which was issued when he was born. "Maybe Echo is connected to my mother," Rex wonders. He knows Echo is the key to his past. Cris arrives and announces he's been asked to take part in a conference in Paris. He wants Gigi to go with him as his assistant. They leave tomorrow and will only be gone a week. Rex urges her to go. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Gigi reluctantly agrees to go and they leave to pack. Later, Viki arrives home, looks at the love letters then grabs a book from the shelf titled "The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili."

    Shots Fired!

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Cris and Gigi are still at the diner talking about art. Gigi realizes Cris is lost without Layla and urges him to call her. He tries but can't reach Layla. Gigi says that Cris and Layla will get their schedules in check and make their situation work. Gigi begins missing Rex. Just then, Rex calls.

    We Are Not Your Real Parents.

    Friday, October 22 2010

    Clint finds Matthew at the diner. Matthew shares that he was there for Destiny's birthday. She left to go see Greg. He's awake. Clint hopes they can soon find out if Greg was connected to Eli. Over talk of Matthew calling security on Rex, Clint admits Rex was trying to steal corporate secrets. However, Clint took care of Rex by reminding him of what he has to lose. At the counter, Gigi shares her interest in a French artist with Cris. He admits the painting Gigi's describing was Layla's favorite too. Gigi reflects that Rex is in New Mexico. Both agree not to talk about being separated from the ones they love and try to focus on Cris' next slideshow.

    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Viki runs into Gigi at the diner. Viki notices the drawing of the complete heart necklace and wonders if the other half has been found. Gigi says it hasn't. She just went off of memory. Once Viki's takeout is ready, she and Gigi briefly talk about the kidnapping then Viki leaves. At the counter, Cris takes a call from Layla then catches up with Markko who denies there's any hope of getting back with Langston. Long distance relationships never work. Gigi interrupts as Markko goes on and on about what a disaster these types of relationships are. Cris storms off. Markko feels horrible after Gigi explains the situation between Cris and Layla.

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