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    One Life To Live CAST - Cristian Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cristian Vega Played by David Fumero on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Fumero

    Birthday: 1972-12-29
    Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
    Marital Status: Married to Melissa Gallo
    Real Name: David Fumero
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Who Knew Food Would Walk Through The Door.

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    At Capricorn, Wess wonders why he's not getting a buzz. Cris has to take a call. Rama agrees to keep Wess there and flirts with him. Cutter slips behind the bar and shows Wess the non-alcoholic beer. Wess sees Cris, grabs him and snaps, "Are you ripping me off?" Wess turns to leave again. Aubrey tries to help Rama keep his interest. Cutter convinces Wess that the girls are bad news, with husbands. Wess goes to leave with Cutter but runs into Ford. Wess shoves Ford off and leaves. Aubrey fills Ford in on Jessica's new alter. Ford's furious Aubrey left his son home with the Buchanan staff. At the bar, Cris asks Rama if she told Vimal the truth about her non-pregnancy. She thinks back to her scam with Cutter and Aubrey and admits she couldn't tell him. Rama thinks the lie will be worth it in the end. She backtracks and claims to be a horrible person. Cris hugs Rama. They almost kiss. Cris pulls away and maintains eye contact with Rama, as she leaves with Aubrey.

    Over The Edge.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    Cris joins Aubrey and Rama at their table at Capricorn. Wess introduces himself and continues hitting on the girls. Cris receives a call from Brody and agrees to detain Wess. At the bar, Dorian taunts Joey about Kelly and John's relationship. She wonders why he appears to care so much about who Kelly's with. Joey looks toward Aubrey and sees Jessica hanging on his wife. He approaches them and is introduced to Wess. Just as Dorian's about to call Viki, John calls with news about Kelly. Dorian relays the news to Joey, who follows Dorian out. Rama notes to Aubrey how quickly Joey raced out for Kelly. Brody and Cutter arrive. While Cutter seeks out Aubrey, Brody fills Wess in about the girl who holds his heart. Brody shows Wess a photo of him and Jessica. Wess recognizes her as the crazy girl from St. Ann's. Brody is called into work. Cris agrees to try to keep Wess there until Brody gets back. When Cris wonders how he'll trick Wess with non-alcoholic drinks, Rama asks, "Haven't you ever had a virgin?" Across the room, Cutter and Aubrey go back and forth about Tess and Joey. Cutter takes comfort that Joey left Aubrey for Kelly and says, "Looks like you might've picked the wrong horse." He warns Joey will figure her out, if he hasn't already. Wess appears, guzzles down a non-alcoholic beer then hits on Aubrey some more.

    Left To Die.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Inside, Cris asks Rama if she's told Vimal she isn't pregnant. Aubrey appears and pulls Rama away. She's worried Cutter will blow their cover. Aubrey told him they're through. Rama tells Aubrey to fix this and take Cutter back. "I don't want Cutter back," Aubrey snaps. "I love Joey." Rama changes her tune and assures Aubrey she won't lose Joey. He'll believe in their love. Rama suggests she blackmail Cutter into never telling Joey the truth. Joey appears and acts like the adoring husband. Wess appears and hits on Rama and Aubrey.

    What's He Doing Here, Tomas?

    Monday, April 25 2011

    Blair appears at Capricorn. What's Claude doing there? Claude claims he's there on business and looked up an old friend. Blair heard Claude suggest she was setting Tomas up. What did he mean by that? Claude brings up the shooting of Blair's ex-husband. He urged Tomas to visit Blair and is now worried about his friend. Claude talks of John's suspicions and asks if Blair suspects Tomas too. Blair plans to go on a date with Tomas. Claude has nothing to worry about. Privately, Claude warns Tomas to be careful. If he sees this Todd situation through to the end, it could spell disaster for Tomas, Blair and Tea. Later, Blair thanks Tomas again for helping Jack. They agree to meet at eight. Starr appears and asks Blair about her date. Blair changes the subject to Deanna, who Starr claims isn't a problem anymore. Rama approaches Cris by the bar and rants over what Phyllis Rose said about them. He urges her to forget about it. When Rama asks for a drink, Cris brings up her pregnancy. Rama admits she's not pregnant and explains why she lied to Vimal. Cris gives her some advice, which Rama appreciates.

    You Must Really Want Me Away From James.

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    Kelly finds Cutter at Capricorn and asks if Aubrey approves of his dating. Cutter claims his sister is very supportive of him. Kelly tells him Clint told her that he and Aubrey are lovers. "You look worried, Cutter," Kelly says. "You should be." She warns the truth will come out, and he'll end up alone. "He's got me." Tess appears and puts her arms around Cutter. Cris gives Cutter a warning about hurting Tess, who leaves to head home to Ford. Cutter calls the mansion. Rama tells him Clint had a heart attack. Aubrey wanted to be with Joey and went to the hospital.

    I Owe You At Least That Much.

    Friday, April 15 2011

    Natalie's watching "Access Llanview" when Cris arrives at Llanfair. He admits the gift for Liam is just an excuse to come over. Cris tells Natalie Marty's carrying around her paternity results and became nervous when he caught her. Natalie isn't surprised and fills Cris in on her latest argument with John. They hear Phyllis Rose talk about Cris visiting Statesville with Rama. "Care to comment?" Natalie asks and rants about Cris spending time with the woman who crashed her wedding. She reminds Cris Rama's married. He shouldn't get stuck on someone he can't have. Cris thinks it's rich getting relationship advice from Natalie. She's only talking from experience. Vimal already warned Cris off. Natalie guesses Vimal's comment means Rama's pregnant. Cris doesn't think so. Once he leaves, Natalie wonders what the hell Marty's up to now.

    What Are You Doing With This?

    Monday, April 11 2011

    In the gym, Ford assures Brody he won't allow Tess near Cutter again, seeing as Cutter was able to bring Jessica out. Brody better get used to it. Tess is here to stay. Brody vows to bring Jessica back. Kelly and Joey argue nearby. Aubrey hears Joey punched John. It's clear Joey is jealous of Kelly's relationship with John. Joey denies it but continues lashing out at Kelly for sleeping with John, especially in the closet at Rodi's where they almost… "Almost what?" Aubrey asks. Joey insists nothing happened. Kelly leaves, and Aubrey wonders if Joey's sorry he married her. He isn't. She rushes off anyway. Across the room, Rama admits to Cris it's her fault Vimal's in prison. She covers then thinks about telling Vimal she was pregnant. Rama realizes she's late for her visit with Vimal. Cris offers to drive her.

    In the hallway, Marty runs into Cris and drops a paper. Cris picks it up and asks why Marty has Natalie's paternity results. Cris knows Marty held Liam's paternity over Natalie's head. She's apologized for that. Marty rushes off. Cris goes to get Rama and is confused when Vimal warns him to keep his hands off his wife because she's in a delicate condition.

    Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story.

    Friday, April 08 2011

    Rama stares at Cris at the gym. Aubrey reminds her she's married. Over talk of Vimal, Aubrey thinks maybe they need a new plan. Aubrey asks Rama to distract Joey then leaves. Rama rushes Joey over to spot Cris. Rama was worried Cris would hurt himself. While Rama flirts with Cris, she notices Joey's gone. Rama takes off. Brody joins Cris and talks about his situation with Natalie. Tess and Ford appear. After Tess taunts Brody, she heads to the steam room. Brody warns Ford to keep his hands off Jessica. Ford assures Brody Tess isn't interested in him at all.

    Kelly arrives at the gym and approaches Joey and Aubrey. She wonders if Joey knows why Bo would drop the charges against Clint. Joey suggests Kelly ask her boyfriend. While Joey displays his jealousy in front of Aubrey, Cris joins Rama, who appears sad. Cris assures her there was nothing she could do to prevent her husband from going to jail. "It was my fault," Rama blurts out.

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