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    One Life To Live CAST - Blair Cramer Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Blair Cramer Manning Played by Kassie DePaiva on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kassie DePaiva

    Birthday: 1961-03-21
    Birthplace: Kentucky
    Marital Status: Married to James DePaiva (One Life to Live Max Holden)
    Real Name: Kassie DePaiva
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    I Know Exactly Who Killed Victor Lord.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    Claude is brought into John's office and makes eye contact with Todd. Blair begs Claude to help them find Tomas. John orders everyone out but Tea insists on staying. After Todd leaves, John asks where Claude was the night Victor was murdered. Blair demands Claude admit he was with Tomas. Claude knows exactly who killed Victor and stuns everyone by stating, "Tomas killed Victor Lord." Tea and Blair protest. Claude doesn't know where Tomas is but knows they'll never find him. "This is not true," Blair whispers. Claude extends his apologies. John calls Claude's bluff and has him arrested for obstruction of justice and accessory to murder. Claude assures Tea and Blair that Tomas loves them very much then is taken away. Outside the office, Todd calls Baker. If Claude gives him up, they're both going down. Claude's seated nearby. He admits to Todd that he just betrayed his oldest friend. May God have mercy on Claude's soul - and Todd's.

    She's The Original Gigi Morasco.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    Blair throws her phone at the mansion when she gets Tomas' voicemail. Starr appears and shows Blair a copy of The Sun. Blair's furious Todd published that the cops are after Tomas. Blair refuses to believe Tomas killed Victor. Todd left out some importantly details, like how he stole the gun out of Dorian's safe. Tomas has an alibi. Starr reminds Blair of when Tomas lied about another alibi. Blair makes excuses for Tomas. Starr brings up how Tomas and Claude were working together to get rid of Victor. Blair and Starr continuing to argue, heatedly. Blair apologizes for yelling at Starr then leaves. After Dani arrives, a man appears and tells Starr, "You've been served."

    At the station, Todd tells his assistant what she told him about Jack giving the staff a day off never happened. He gives her a promotion. Tracey doesn't feel right about lying. John appears. Todd feels as though he has every right to hear John question Tracey about his paper. John allows it and asks Tracey if she noticed anything out of the ordinary at The Sun on the day of the fire. Tracey admits Todd gave everyone the day off. After Tracey leaves, John wonders if Todd started the fire. Todd denies it. His paper is worth a lot of money. Todd wants his employees to like him. He tried to buy their affection. Is that so wrong? Todd suggests John go find Tomas. "We'll find him," John replies. Later, Todd runs into Tea and Blair. Just as Todd claims John doesn't know anything yet, John informs he's found Claude.

    Johnny Finally Told You.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    At the station, Tea and Blair are stunned to hear Dorian's gun is the murder weapon. John wonders how the gun went from Todd's hands to Tomas' room. At least they have a lead. John plans to talk to Todd.

    Todd arrives at the station. John wonders how the gun Todd had with him the night of Victor's murder got into Tomas' bedroom. Todd has no idea. He admits he thought about killing Tomas but couldn't do that to Blair, Tea or his kids. Todd hears about the prints on the gun and asks, "Are you saying Tomas killed my brother?" Todd thought Tomas had an alibi. He did. John plans to find Claude. Later, Natalie appears and privately tells John they have nothing to talk about. Their relationship works just fine the way it is. John's confused.

    At the mansion, Todd tries to assure Blair Tomas will be okay and holds her close. Blair worries in his arms.

    I'll Probably Never Walk Again.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    At the mansion, still in Todd's arms, Blair worries Tomas is dead. When Todd promises he isn't, she pulls back and asks, "What do you know?" Todd covers. Blair appreciates his support. "I care about you," Todd replies. If Blair cares about Tomas, so does Todd. He suggests they get some air, maybe even go to Rodi's then sledding behind the cemetery like they did years ago. Blair remembers, gets flustered and opts to call Tea. Blair tells Todd they found a possible murder weapon. Todd acts surprised. As Blair heads toward the door, Todd calls out, "Blair, I hope they find him." He privately celebrates that they won't.

    At the station, John hands the gun to Natalie for testing and says, "We still need to talk." Natalie agrees. John joins Tea and asks about her bracelet. Tomas gave it to her to protect the baby. She's pregnant. John's happy for her. Tomas promised Tea he was going to find out who killed Victor. "Maybe he did," John replies. Blair appears and urges John to get back on the case. John's not officially back to work but leaves to find out what's going on. When John returns he relays that Tomas has officially been filed as missing. Natalie appears. The gun matches the bullet that killed Victor and it contained Tomas' fingerprint. Suddenly, another report comes in. The gun wasn't Tomas'. It belongs to Dorian. It's the one Todd stole.

    Matthew's Back.

    Monday, November 28 2011

    At the mansion, Blair tries calming Tea down. She knows Tomas will come home. Tea accuses Blair of being just as worried about Tomas as she is. John arrives. Though it's too soon to file an official missing person's report, he thinks back to a conversation with Bo, over Todd. Blair wonders if John knows who could be responsible for Tomas being missing. John suggests they do this by the book and leaves with Tea to search Tomas' room. Blair begs John to find him. Later, Blair thinks back to making love with Tomas and whispers, "Please come back to me." Todd appears. He heard Tomas is missing and wanted to be there for Blair. When she fears the worst, Todd holds Blair close.

    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Blair arrives at the Manning Estate. Tomas isn't there. Tea explains, "He's chasing Victor's killer." After talk of Tomas' secrecy where the case is concerned, Tea brings up how her brother spent the night with Blair. Tea respects Blair but wants to make sure Tomas is really who she wants. She believes Blair loves Tomas but says, "Admit you love Todd too." Though Blair did love Todd for a longtime, she promises Tomas holds her heart. Blair wants a new beginning. Tea also doesn't want Tomas to hurt Blair and wishes she could trust her brother. Dani answers the door to Nate who says, "This is not my fault. Don't kill me." Nate shows Dani an online article about him and Starr, reading, 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down'. They know Rick's behind it.

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