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    One Life To Live CAST - Hugh Hughes

    Full detailed profile on Hugh Hughes Played by Josh Casaubon on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Casaubon
    Hugh Hughes

    Actor: Josh Casaubon

    Who played Hugh Hughes over the years

    Josh Casaubon (June 2005 - October 2006)

    Useful information on Hugh Hughes

    * Deceased - Killed in the same car crash that landed John McBain in a burn unit.
    * In an attempt to jump start Marcie Walsh's writing career, he uploaded her private journal to the internet and created a web blog.
    * Found out he was the son of Spencer Truman and Paige Miller.
    * Was mistaken for John and thought to be alive.


    Past: Assistant District Attorney for Llantano County
    Past: Temporary District Attorney for Llantano County


    Arriving in Llanview in 2005 as the new Assistant DA, Hugh Hughes was known as a hardworking, dedicated attorney and the town's newest eligible bachelor. Although his choice of women was of the leggy model type, Hugh surprised many when he briefly dated Marcie Walsh.

    Hugh's career took a dramatic turn when he was asked to sit in as DA after Nora Hanen was hospitalized. His first big case revolved around Todd Manning's trial where he was being prosecuted for murdering Margaret Cochran and his unborn child. Having been adopted, Hugh took the case to heart and fought his strongest to bring justice to Todd's murdered son. However, when evidence proved Todd innocent, Hugh was the first person to apologize and turn his sights on the real killer: Spencer Truman.

    Hugh was later shocked with the news that Spencer was his biological father and headed to Atlantic City, to the home of his adoptive parents, to do some soul searching. Unfortunately in 2006, Hugh was involved in a massive car crash that took his life, leaving those who loved him in excruciating mourning.




    Various models


    Spencer Truman (biological father)
    Paige Miller (biological mother)
    Ned Truman (biological paternal grandfather)
    Emma Bradley (biological paternal grandmother - deceased)
    David Vickers (biological uncle)
    Mr. & Mrs. Hughes (mother and father by adoption)





    Tuesday, October 17 2006: Why Do You Care?

    Paige is at Hugh's bedside when Bo arrives at the hospital. He takes Paige in his arms. Paige says that although Hugh's in a lot of pain, he's going to make it. Bo and Paige lean over Hugh's bed. Bo says hello, and the man under the bandages says, "Bo." Paige goes to get a doctor, and Bo sits by Hugh's bedside, tells him everything is going to be okay. The nurse comes in, gives Hugh a sedative. Bo convinces Paige to go with him to get dinner.

    After they leave, David comes in, holds out the documents to Hugh, tells him that if he signs the documents Spencer will pay for everything he's done. David holds Hugh's hand to the paper and helps him sign…

    Thursday, September 28 2006: A Feeling Of Emptiness

    In a hospital, there's a man wrapped in bandages from head to toe… A cop tells the nurse that he found his ID next to the body, that his name is Hugh Hughes.

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