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    One Life To Live CAST - Asa Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asa Buchanan Played by Philip Carey on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Philip Carey

    Birthday: 1925-07-15
    Birthplace: Hackensack, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Married to Colleen Carey
    Real Name: Philip Carey
    Height: 6' 4''


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    Surrounded By Family

    Friday, December 22 2006

    Natalie shows up at Llanfair to give everyone John's good news. When Jessica asks why she isn't wearing John's engagement ring, Natalie makes excuses for John. On her way back to the hospital, Bo, Paige, Rex and Adriana arrive. Jessica expresses to Viki her conflicting feelings over Nash's 'personal' gift.


    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    At Llanfair, Clint helps Vicki get out all the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. As they empty the ornament box, Viki and Clint show Asa and Renee all the different treasures they've collected over the years. They all express that they have so much to celebrate this year.

    Nash brings Jessica and Bree to Llanfair, and Jessica asks him to stay. They go in to join Jessica's family, and Asa makes a crack that he doesn't belong there. Viki steps forward and tells Nash to stay, says that he's always welcomed there. Nash looks around the room and comments that the Buchanan's go all out for Christmas. Clint throws Nash some lights and asks him to help with the tree.

    Kelly and Zane show up. As everyone looks at the baby, Kelly apologizes that they won't be able to stay for the holidays. Viki expresses that she's just happy that Kelly, Kevin and Zane will be together.

    Stay Away!

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Kevin and Kelly join Clint, Vicki and Asa at the mansion. Kelly shows Asa some new pictures of the baby, and Asa lets them know he really likes the name Zane. They talk about memories of Duke. Kevin says he and Kelly are moving to London, then shocks everyone by stating that he's leaving today. Kelly says she'll join him once the baby is strong enough, that they need a new start in order to get their lives back. While everyone begs for Kevin not to leave today, he tells them he has to do this. Kevin says his goodbyes and leaves for London… (Today was Dan Gauthier's, Kevin's, last air date)

    He's Alive!

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    Asa stares at the picture of Spencer's mother. Clint takes Asa's drink from him, angering him. After Clint describes Jessica's wedding, Asa talks about how upset Renee is with him. Clint demands that Asa tell him about Emma Bradley. Asa says okay, but wants Clint to promise that he'll never see Dorian again. Clint agrees, but Asa won't talk. Clint shows Asa pictures of Bree, of Zane, says that he needs to put the kids first, that he needs to let go of his vengeance toward Spencer. Asa says he'll handle things his way. Clint leaves…

    Asa again looks to the picture, tells Nigel that the woman is still giving him troubles… Nigel questions Asa whether David could be his son! Asa tells him to forget it, throws the picture of Emma Bradley into the fireplace.

    Spencer... No!

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Asa grabs the DNA results from Spencer. Spencer says that Asa is scared to find out that he's his son. Clint and Bo tell Asa to give Spencer his copy of the results. Asa throws them on the floor, and Spencer rips them open. Asa reads the results… Spencer is not a Buchanan! Spencer thinks that the Buchanan's fixed the test. Spencer is furious, and Vicki tries to calm him…

    However, Spencer lashes out, puts Vicki in a headlock! David screams for Spencer to let Vicki go. Bo pulls out his gun, and Spencer says he'll kill her if he has to. Asa calls Spencer's mother a tramp, and Spencer tightens his hold on Vicki. Vicki begs for him to let her go, but Spencer doesn't see what he has to lose. David steps up, talks to his brother, tries to reason with him… He uses sympathy toward Spencer, tells him to let Vicki go. And he does…

    Bo cuffs him and takes Spencer away. Vicki thanks David for saving her. David sits down, asks Asa why his mother would tell Spencer that he was Asa's son? Asa claims that his mother must've been delusional. David leaves. Clint and Vicki question Asa about his love for Spencer's mother, and he blows them off…

    Back in his cell, Bo asks Spencer how it feels to still be a Truman, says that his vengeance against the Buchanan's was all for nothing.

    I Did It!

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    Bo tells Asa that Spencer's DNA results are in, that they'll be read in the presence of both Asa and Spencer. As Asa tries to get up to go to the jail, he gets short of breath. Since Asa can't leave the house, he tells Bo to bring Spencer to the mansion.

    Clint and Vicki sit with Asa, telling him about Kelly's baby. Asa informs them that Spencer will be brought to the house, that they'll all know the results of his paternity soon. Clint says that Spencer could very well be a Buchanan. Abruptly, Bo comes in with Spencer who says, "Hello Pa." The notary joins them, and Bo explains everything that will take place… The envelopes with the results are handed to both Spencer and Asa!

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