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    One Life To Live CAST - Asa Buchanan

    Full detailed profile on Asa Buchanan Played by Philip Carey on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Philip Carey
    Asa Buchanan

    Actor: Philip Carey

    Who played Asa Buchanan over the years

    Phil Carey (1979 - April 2007 - Was killed off the show off screen on August 17, 2007, later appeared as Asa's ghost on November 9, 12, and 13, 2007; July 16, 2007; on and off until December 29, 2008)
    Brian Smiar (2000 temporary recast)

    Useful information on Asa Buchanan

    * Deceased.
    * Left Renee Divine a widow.
    * Resided at the Buchanan Mansion.
    * Had been married thirteen times.
    * Threw out his first wife Olympia for having an affair.
    * Had been blackmailed into marriage more than once!
    * Tried to kill Ben Davidson before learning he was his son.
    * Had $30 million dollars stolen from him by mobster Carlo Hesser.
    * Kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere by Todd and Blair Manning.
    * Faked his death a few times.
    * Returned to Llanview as a ghost.


    Past: Retired
    Past: CEO of Buchanan Enterprises


    Arriving in Llanview in 1980, Asa Buchanan built his family business, Buchanan Enterprises, from the ground up. To his loved ones and close friends, he's a kind-hearted, good ole Texas cowboy who prides himself for his loyalty. Asa has frequently frustrated his family by meddling in their business and taking the law into his own hands.

    With a long list of brides to his name, at one time or another, Asa has wronged each and every one of them! He held his first wife, Olympia, captive to ensure she wouldn't interrupt his second marriage to Samantha, faked his death thinking that his wife Delilah was having an affair with his son Bo and was even known to keep two brides at the same time! However, Asa met his match when he married Blair Cramer who left him for dead after showing signs of a heart attack and humiliated him by having an affair with Asa's archenemy Max Holden!

    Along with all of his power and riches, Asa has been known to make many enemies over the years and has put himself above the law in order to stay on top! Asa has been involved in everything from putting a hit out on Carlo Hesser's life, to having Ben Davidson's medical license wrongfully revoked, to making his own family believe he'd gone crazy, died - anything - in order to get his way!

    Asa's biggest challenge yet was having to face the possible truth that Spencer Truman was his long lost son after Spencer came to Llanview specifically to make Asa pay for ruining his mother's life and leaving her to raise Spencer alone. After the stress of Spencer's revenge against Asa caused him to have another heart attack, the Buchanan's demanded a DNA test, which proved that Spencer wasn't Asa's son after all, allowing Asa to breathe easy once again.

    Sadly, Asa's heath kept deteriorating and the great man passed away in August 2007, but left a will full of possibilities for his family - the main goal being to have them work together to bring Buchanan Enterprises to its fullest capacity.

    During the 1968 storyline in July 2008, Asa made some ghostly appearances and promised some future ones as well.

    Despite all his crimes and wrongdoings, Asa successfully reigned over the Buchanan's in their entirety. However, enemies beware, Asa Buchanan was a force to be reckoned with whose vengeful streak was feared by many - even in death!


    Renee_Buchanan (widowed by Asa's death)
    Olympia Buchanan (1980 - widowed by her death)
    Pamela Oliver Stuart (1974 - not legal)
    Samantha Vernon (June 1981 - 1984 divorced)
    Delila Ralston (February 1983 divorced)
    Becky Lee Hunt (July 1983 - 1985 divorced)
    Pamela Oliver Stuart (January 1986 - 1987 divorced)
    Renee_Buchanan (November 1988 - 1992 divorced)
    Blair_Cramer (June 1992 divorced)
    Alex Olanov (November 1994 not legal)
    Alex Olanov (March 1996 divorced)
    Renee_Buchanan (May 1999 - 2001 divorced)
    Gabrielle Medina (May 2001 - February 2002 divorced)
    Rae Cummings (2002 - 2003 divorced)


    Emma Bradley
    Mimi King
    Patricia Holden


    Pike Buchanan (brother)
    Jeannie Buchanan (sister - deceased)
    Austin Buchanan (nephew - deceased)
    Rafe Garretson (nephew)
    Sammi Garretson (great-niece)


    Clint Buchanan (son with Olympia)
    Bo Buchanan (son with Olympia)
    Ben Davidson (son with Renee
    Cordero Roberts (grandson)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (grandson by adoption)
    Joseph Buchanan (grandson by adoption)
    Jessica Buchanan (granddaughter by adoption)
    Natalie Buchanan (granddaughter)
    Drew Buchanan (grandson deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (grandson)
    Rex Balsom (grandson)
    Clinton James Roberts (great-grandson)
    Demerest Buchanan (great-grandson by adoption - deceased)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (great-grandson by adoption - deceased)
    Sarah Victoria Roberts (great-granddaughter)
    Megan Victoria Buchanan (great-granddaughter by adoption - deceased)
    Brennan Buchanan (great-granddaughter by adoption)
    Zane Buchanan (great-grandson by adoption)
    Baby Brennan (great-granddaughter - deceased)
    Shane Morasco (great-grandson)



    Monday, March 09 2009: Lives Are At Stake!

    Today's episode was In Memory of Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan) who passed away on February 6, 2009.

    Monday, December 29 2008: A Message From The Grave!

    When Beaver Calhoun, Asa's lawyer, shows up at the Buchanan mansion, with a message from Asa, Clint, Bo, Nora, Renee and Nigel are shocked to hear that it involves Asa's long lost son! Beaver puts in a DVD where Asa rants at his family for allowing Buchanan Enterprises to sink since his death. After Asa declares, "You knew the stakes… stock up, you're rich, stocks down, you're broke. You blew it," he informs that the gravy train is over - Nora is kicked out of the mansion, Clint is instructed to try to get Viki back and Bo to get a better job! Asa then says it's time to give someone else a chance - the son he never acknowledged… Asa leaves his entire empire to David Vickers! Asa knows that David is a con, says that he'll probably spend his money as fast as he can then challenges his family to, "Stop him!" Before Beaver leaves, he instructs everyone to get their stuff together then says he has a detective looking for David, who will have everything turned over to him the minute he finds him!

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