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    One Life To Live CAST - Claudia Reston

    Full detailed profile on Claudia Reston Played by Kerry Butler on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kerry Butler
    Claudia Reston

    Actor: Kerry Butler

    Who played Claudia Reston over the years

    Kerry Butler - Claudia Reston (2006 - January 2007)

    Useful information on Claudia Reston

    * Single.
    * Reformed alcoholic who's been known to fall off the wagon a time or two.
    * She overcame a drug addiction and a nervous breakdown.
    * Slept with Nash when he was drunk, thinking she was Tess.
    * Accidentally killed her father.


    Past: Lounge singer at Capricorn


    Blowing into Llanview in 2006, Claudia Reston was out for one man´┐Ż Nash Brennan. A woman scorned, Claudia blamed Nash for using her, which in turn caused Claudia to turn to drugs and alcohol to sooth her pain. After successfully making it through rehab, Claudia learned to deal with Nash's lack of feelings toward her but not before falling off the wagon a time or two.

    When she found out her wealthy father was out to ruin Nash's life, she decided to help Nash teach her dad a lesson and scheme her dad out of a few bucks at the same! However, their plan backfired when Claudia tried preventing her father from attacking Nash by smashing a wine bottle over his head and in turn accidentally stabbing him through the heart.

    Claudia took comfort in Nash's affection as he helped her face the trauma of killing her father, but realized, in the end, that his heart would never belong to her. Claudia's life continued to be filled with disappointments, and it was only a matter of time before she realized that there was nothing left to keep her in Llanview. Claudia said her goodbyes and headed to a rehab out of town.






    George Reston (father - deceased)




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    Wednesday, January 03 2007: Taking Comfort In A Child

    After getting no response from knocking on Claudia's door, Antonio has a maid let him in. He finds her passed out on the floor. When Antonio finally gets Claudia up, he tells her that she needs to go to rehab before she destroys her life! With a little persuasion, Claudia agrees and Antonio makes a call. Before Antonio takes Claudia to rehab, he calls Jessica and worries when he can't get a hold of her.

    Friday, December 29 2006: You Have A Visitor...

    At Capricorn, Layla and Adriana tell Rex and Nash that they plan to show off their new lingerie line at the party tonight! As Nash goes to the bar, he finds a drunken Claudia sitting in a chair. Claudia expresses that she'll never get over losing Nash to Jessica/Tess. Rex approaches their table and says there's tons of guests waiting to come in. With Claudia not able to run Capricorn, Nash and Rex agree to cover for her.

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