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    One Life To Live CAST - Natalie Buchanan Banks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Natalie Buchanan Banks Played by Melissa Archer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Archer

    Birthday: 1979-12-02
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Married to Glenn Angelino
    Real Name: Melissa Archer
    Height: 5' 5''


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    Hogtied To The Altar Before Long.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    At their loft, Brody anticipates marrying Natalie and says, "There's no backing out now." Natalie lies when Brody questions what she and Roxy were talking about. She surprises Brody with Liam dressed in a baby seal costume. As Natalie talks about how obvious it is that Liam has Brody's genes, he appears to feel guilty. Later, with Brody dressed in his Navy Seal uniform, he privately talks to Liam about why he's lied and promises to always be his dad. Natalie appears in her own Navy uniform then the three head out.

    Clint warns Cord away from Tina at Llanfair. "It's not like we're getting married again." Cord laughs. Tina appears in Viki's old wedding dress. Viki joins them, as Tina hears Clint can't go to the party. He's under house arrest. Tina asks Clint to cuddle with David Vickers while she's gone. Viki drags Tina off, warning her not to overdo it with Cord by wearing the wedding dress. Tina thinks Viki's just too scared to pursue Clint. Viki denies it and brings up Clint's connection to Kim. Back in the living room, Clint predicts Tina will have Cord hogtied to the altar before long. Later, Brody, Natalie and Liam arrive. Natalie hears Clint's been a bit under the weather. Clint assures them he's fine to watch Liam. Natalie asks if Viki will stay and help Clint. She happily agrees. Brody and Natalie leave. While Clint takes Liam to get some blocks, Viki looks through the mail but doesn't see the letter for Clint from Kim. Clint reappears, thanks Viki for staying home with him and says, "You know I'm helpless without you." Clint starts looking through the mail.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey helps Shane and Rex display some of Gigi's favorite Halloween decorations. They listen to a card to Shane with Gigi's recorded voice saying, "Happy Halloween to my favorite guy. I love you, Shane." Aubrey comforts Shane and suggests he put the card someplace safe. Shane keeps listening to Gigi's message. Later, dressed in their Three Musketeer costumes, Rex adjusts Aubrey's hat. Something passes between them. Guests arrive. Tina and Cord are dressed as cowboy and cowgirl. Natalie makes a quick getaway when Tina starts talking about the wedding. Roxy stops Natalie and says she tried to convince John to 'tell her'. Just as Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John really said, Rex ushers Natalie away to rant about including Tina in her wedding. As everyone mingles, the doorbell rings. Rex opens it and smiles at Cutter and Kim's friend in disguise. Back in the living room, Tina sees Gigi's picture on the mantel and tells Cord, "That's her. The dead girl."

    How Could Victor Take Liam?

    Thursday, October 27 2011

    Roxy shows off her Britney costume at the loft then confronts Natalie over her engagement. Roxy has two words for Natalie and says, "John McBain." Roxy reminds Natalie of John's love for her. She knows Natalie only accepted Brody's proposal after hearing John say he didn't love her. Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John said after she left but thought-bubbles appear. John says he loves Natalie. Rex warns Roxy not to tell Natalie about it. Roxy swipes the bubbles away and starts to tell Natalie the truth, but Brody arrives. Roxy's prevented from telling Natalie the truth and hugs her soon-to-be son-in-law. Roxy makes a quick exit.

    Care For Another Surprise?

    Tuesday, October 25 2011

    Natalie takes a call from Tina at the station. She listens to some of Tina's wedding ideas then hangs up to chat with Brody. After Brody brings up how close Jessica and Ford are getting, Natalie wonders if that bothers him. It does, only because Brody can't stand Ford. Natalie thinks he's jealous. Brody denies it and feels as though he forced them together. Natalie reminds him Ford and Jessica have a bond over their son just like they do with Liam. Brody thinks back to finding out John is Liam's father. Talk turns to their wedding and how excited they are. John appears from behind and watches as they look up wedding ideas online.

    Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    Natalie interrupts Cord and Tina's kiss at Llanfair looking for Viki. She's not home. Natalie's happy to see Cord but looks down her nose at Tina. She tries apologizing for staying quiet when Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement. Natalie doesn't want to hear Tina's excuses. Tina wants to make things up to her and offers to help Natalie plan her wedding. Natalie politely declines, but Tina pushes. Talk turns to Jessica. Tina wonders why she won't be in the wedding and is surprised when Natalie admits she's marrying Jessica's ex-fiancé. Cord tries to get Tina to butt out, but Tina suggests, "I'll be your Maid of Honor." Tina promises to take care of everything and convinces Natalie to let her stand up for her. After Natalie leaves, Cord admits Tina's heart is in the right place. Tina leans in for a kiss, but Cord calls it a night. They agree to continue their conversation, prior to Natalie's arrival, at another time.

    At Capricorn, Jessica tells Ford she doesn't know if she's going to tell John the truth. Brody loves Liam so much. Brody appears. Jessica wonders what's bothering him. Brody admits he and John got into it, tells them to enjoy their evening then walks away. Jessica brings up how 'in the dark' Brody is about Liam's paternity. "Are you sure about that?" Ford asks and nods toward Brody and Vimal, who tampered with Ryder's test. Jessica refuses to believe Brody would hurt Natalie and John by keeping such a secret. Jessica plans to sit on her knowledge of Liam's paternity for now. Nearby, Brody berates Vimal for running his mouth to Shaun. Vimal doesn't think Todd should go down for a murder he didn't commit. Brody was cleared of Victor's murder but warns Vimal he's taken lives before. "Is that a threat?" Vimal asks. It's a fact. As Vimal leaves, Brody calls out, "Say hi to your pretty wife for me." Later, as Brody looks at Liam's photo, vowing to do anything to keep his family, Natalie appears. She found a Maid of Honor. After they catch up, Natalie and Brody agree to meet at home.

    I'm Ford. I'm Cord.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    Over at the station, Natalie stands by while John questions Brody about threatening Victor. Was Victor holding something over Brody? John brings up the fact that Brody has other guns. Brody accuses John of making this personal because Liam's his son, not John's. Natalie tries to hush Brody, who pushes John's buttons for throwing Natalie and Liam away. John shoves Brody and snaps, "Knock it off!" John warns Brody to never talk to him like that again. He knows Brody's hiding something and won't stop until he finds out what it is. Natalie privately admits to John that Brody crossed a line, but he was right about everything he said.

    It's All Coming Back, Isn't It?

    Monday, October 17 2011

    Natalie visits with Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. Over talk of Shane, Rex thinks Gigi's messages meant that he needs to make Shane his priority. Later, Roxy barges in, screaming for Echo to appear. They need to talk about the document! "What document," Rex asks from the living room doorway. Roxy tries to leave. Rex stops her. After she convinces Rex she only wanted Echo to sign a release form, for when she dyes her hair, he brings up Natalie and Brody's engagement. Roxy's furious. Natalie doesn't love Brody. She loves John, and he loves Natalie. John told Roxy as much the other night. Roxy wants to tell Natalie. Rex stops her and demands that Roxy let Natalie be happy with Brody. That's what Natalie wants.

    Outside in the station, Shaun approaches John and tells him about his conversation with Vimal. He thought Victor's murderer was a cop. John thanks Shaun then joins Brody and tells him about Vimal's claim. "Let's clear everyone on the force," John says. "Including you." Brody's defensive and wonders if John's trying to pay him back for being with Natalie. John remains calm. Natalie appears, hears John's request and threatens to tell Bo. Brody hands his gun over and challenges, "Test it." John brings up Vimal and Brody's argument on the night Victor died. Brody claims their fight had nothing to do with Victor. Soon after, the test results from Brody's gun come in. It wasn't used to shoot Victor. Natalie slips about 'the secretary' and is forced to admit she overheard Brody… Brody comes clean. He threatened to kill Victor if he hurt his family. John wonders how Victor could've hurt Brody's family.

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