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    One Life To Live CAST - Natalie Buchanan Banks

    Full detailed profile on Natalie Buchanan Banks Played by Melissa Archer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Archer
    Natalie Buchanan Banks

    Actor: Melissa Archer

    Who played Natalie Buchanan Banks over the years

    Melissa Archer (July 2001 - present)

    Useful information on Natalie Buchanan Banks

    * Widow of Jared Banks.
    * Resides at Llanfair.
    * Was neglected by her adoptive mother Roxy as a child.
    * Framed ex-lover Seth for stealing.
    * Believed Cristian was dead after being kidnapped.
    * Was almost burned at the stake by the Killing Club Killer.
    * John kept the secret from her that Cris was really alive.
    * Helped John find evidence of his father's murder.
    * Was caught digging up John's grave when he was believed to be dead.


    Current: Forensics Technician
    Past: Works at Buchanan Industries
    Past: Works at the Llanview PD
    Past: Forensic student
    Past: College student
    Past: Personal assistant to Viki


    In 2001, Natalie appeared in Llanview with an agenda. She befriended Jessica Buchanan and always seemed to be there when Jessica was caught in a bind. One night while Jessica's car was broke down on the side of the road, Natalie showed up out of nowhere and changed her tire, leaving Jessica impressed with Natalie's ability to take care of herself. It wasn't until she gained the trust of Jessica and her family that Natalie did a complete turnaround and announced that she was Viki's biological daughter! Although Jessica and Natalie were twins, the two had different fathers. After Allison Perkins switched the babies at birth, she returned Jessica (Viki and Mitch's child) instead of Natalie (Viki and Clint's child) in turn causing Natalie to be raised in Atlantic City by Roxy Balsom.

    Having endured a very deprived childhood with a mother who was either always drunk or never there, Natalie raised her adoptive brother Rex until he was shipped off to live with his aunt. Jessica having taken her spot and growing up in a wealthy loving home made Natalie a very bitter girl. After months of causing Viki and Jessica constant problems, Viki was able to finally break Natalie's walls down and welcome her with loving, open arms. However, Natalie's life continued to be filled with heartache...

    After months of denying their attraction, Natalie and Cristian Vega gave into their passion and fell deeply in love. When Cris's ex-girlfriend Jen Rappaport claimed she was pregnant with his child, wanting to do the right thing, Cris left Natalie to marry Jen. Feeling thrown away once more, Natalie took comfort in a stranger, Michael Lazarus. On the day of Cris's wedding, Natalie did the only thing to help her deal with the loss. She married Michael. However, it would turn out that Jen miscarried before the wedding and Cris couldn't go through with it. It wasn't until Natalie tried to annul her marriage that she found out that Michael was really Mitch Laurence, the same man who had her and Jessica switched at birth! Although Mitch refused to let Natalie out of their marriage, Cris saved Natalie just as Mitch was about to rape her and Bo took him into custody, giving Natalie the means to annual it on her own.

    Just as Natalie and Cris got their lives back, John McBain, an undercover FBI agent came into town posing as a pool scout for a man wanted in all 50 states! John's plan was to use Natalie as a way to get information on Flynn Laurence. When Natalie refused to play by John's rules, the plan went bad and Flynn kidnapped Natalie. Tragedy would strike when Cris traded places with Natalie and was believed to have been killed.

    Although she blamed John for Cris's death, Natalie became drawn to him and eventually found love again. To complicate her life more, Cris came back from the dead! Having lost his memory, Cris had been programmed to kill mob boss Tico Santi, then claimed to be an impostor so Natalie wouldn't waste her life away while he did time in prison. By the time Natalie found out that not only did Cris keep his identity a secret, John did too, and it was too late to repair her relationship with Cris.

    Throughout the years, Natalie and John have had a tension filled relationship. Just when John was about to admit his love for her, he was involved in a massive car accident and presumed dead. Once again, Natalie thought her life was over. In December 2006, she found out that the man in the burn unit, believed to have been Hugh Hughes, was really John McBain! John finally opened up and admitted his love for Natalie! A vulnerable and loving woman, Natalie is relentless when her happiness is threatened!

    Natalie later met, fell in love with and married Jared Banks. Their happiness was short lived when Jared died after a gunshot wound during a plot to trap Mitch Laurence. Natalie's grieving led her back into the arms of John who was involved with Marty Saybrooke. However, after Marty and John lost their baby Natalie professed her love to him through a letter but thought he'd rejected her when John didn't show up at Rodi's. Upset, she planned to leave town for London and stopped by Brody's to say goodbye. Brody, thinking he lost Jessica, got drunk with Natalie and ended up sleeping with her.

    John made it clear that he wanted to give his and Natalie's relationship another shot and prevented her from leaving town. Natalie struggled with the guilt of sleeping with her sister's boyfriend and was devastated to find out she was pregnant - and that Brody was the father.

    Marty vowed to tell John the truth. Natalie kidnapped Marty and brought her the Buchanan Lodge, where Natalie went into labor. Marty helped her deliver the baby then ended up in St. Ann's after thinking the baby was Marty and John's.

    Natalie thought her secret was safe but was forced to admit that she and Brody had a one night stand at her double wedding with John, Jessica and Brody. She also devastated John, Brody and Jessica with proof that Liam was Brody's son.

    It was later revealed that Marty had switched the results, and that John was really Liam's father. Natalie stole Marty's session tape where she admitted the truth to her doctor. The women struggled over the tape until Marty pushed Natalie off the Angels Square Hotel roof and kidnapped Liam.


    Jared Banks (widowed)
    Cristian_Vega (2003 - 2005 - divorced)
    Mitch Laurence (Nov. 2002 to March 2003 - annulled)


    Brody Lovett (one night stand)
    Jared Banks
    Seth Anderson
    Paul Cramer


    Victoria Lord (mother)
    Clint Buchanan (father)
    Joey Buchanan (half-brother)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (half-brother)
    Cordero Roberts (half-brother)
    Rex Balsom (half-brother)
    Megan Gordon (maternal half-sister - deceased)
    Jessica Buchanan Vega (half-sister-twin)
    Victor Lord (grandfather)
    Eugenia Randolph (grandmother)
    Olympia Buchanan (grandmother)
    Asa Buchanan (grandfather - deceased)
    Bo Buchanan (uncle)
    Ben Davidson (uncle/step-father)
    Tony Lord (maternal half-uncle)
    Tina Clayton Lord (maternal half-aunt)
    Meredith Lord (maternal half-aunt - deceased)
    Todd Manning (uncle)
    Drew Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
    Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
    Starr Manning (cousin)
    Jack Manning (cousin)
    Brian Kendall (maternal half-cousin)
    Daniel Wolek (maternal half-cousin)
    C.J. Roberts (nephew by adoption / maternal half-cousin)
    Sarah Roberts (niece by adoption / maternal half-cousin)
    Duke Buchanan (half-nephew - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (half-nephew - deceased)
    Zane Buchanan (half-great-nephew)
    Brennan Buchanan (niece)
    Shane Morasco (nephew)


    Liam Asa (son with John McBain)



    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    At the Man Of The Year Gala at Shelter, Nikki complains to Rama about her lack of tips. When Dorian arrives, Rama hides behind Nikki. Carl Peterson joins Dorian and comments on the self-portrait she donated. Jo and David appear with their cameraman. Dorian introduces Carl to her soon-to-be ex-husband then trashes Rama. Viki arrives outside, late, and apologizes to Diego for Clint punching him. When Viki enters the gala, she tells Jeffrey and Destiny how lovely they look. Bo and Nora watch and hope Matthew's okay with Jeffrey and Destiny being together. They can't deny how they hoped one day Matthew and Destiny would reunite. Viki joins Natalie, where they discuss Clint and pray he stays away from the gala. Viki then takes Carl away from Dorian to meet Bo. Blair privately confesses to Dorian that she has no idea where Jack is tonight. Arturo and Dani appear. Tea spots them and orders Dani over. Dani claims Arturo is Brianna's uncle, but Tea is clearly upset by her daughter's date and storms off. Michelle appears and argues with Dani over Matthew and the fact that they're wearing the same dress. Arturo takes Dani away, and Michelle cries on Matthew's shoulder about how mean Dani is to her. Matthew races over to Dani, orders her to stay away from Michelle then goes to Tea and reveals that Arturo isn't Brianna's uncle. He was her sugar daddy. Tea stomps over to Dani and Arturo and demands he get his hands off her daughter. As they argue, the gala is called to order. Viki takes the podium and begins with the auction of Dorian's self-portrait. Dorian's embarrassed when no one starts the bidding. Carl notices, bids $100,000, and wins. At the bar, Nikki gets catty with Natalie and reveals that Cutter has been having sex with her for months. When Cutter joins Natalie, she seethes about what Nikki said. Nikki spills a drink on Natalie.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Hello Natalie.

    Clint screams at the gala at Shelter, "I am the Man Of The Year!" Viki begs Clint to stop making a fool of himself, as he trashes the place. EMS arrives and straps Clint to a gurney. Natalie scolds Bo for having Clint taken away like that in front of everyone. Natalie ignores Viki's orders not to follow Clint to the psych ward and insists on supporting Clint, as does Matthew. She storms out and pushes Cutter away. Cutter demands to know why Diego allowed Clint into Shelter and hears Clint paid him $100,000. Viki hears about the payoff from Diego too. Carl says goodbye to Viki, who gives Jeffrey the go-ahead to cover what went down with Clint. Tea follows Dani and Arturo outside and demands to know why she lied about Arturo. She calls Arturo a predator and warns Dani she'll end up like Brianna. Dani storms off. Back inside, Viki brings up seeing Blair crying during Carl's speech and asks Blair what kind of trouble Todd is in. Blair denies Viki any information. Cutter approaches Nikki about revealing their connection to Natalie. She reminds him they have business to take care of. He agrees and says that 'this' can't come between it. Nikki kisses Cutter and insists that what he has with Natalie will never work.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    As Carl takes the stage at the gala, Clint appears outside and tries to make amends with Diego. Back inside, everyone listens with emotion as Carl toasts to those who have given them their freedom in our nation. As Blair cries, Tea whispers, "He'll be back." As Bo takes the stage to accept the Man Of The Year award from Viki, Clint appears. He pushes Bo off the stage, takes the award and says, "From the bottom of my heart, screw all of you."

    Monday, August 19 2013: Hello Natalie.

    Clint is strapped to a bed at the psych ward. Natalie and Matthew arrive outside his room and hear Clint's been sedated for the night. After Natalie insists Matthew go home, she's led into Clint's room. Natalie screams, as Allison Perkins says, "Hello Natalie." Allison laughs as she holds a syringe over Clint, who gasps for air.

    Monday, August 12 2013: Kudos On A Job Well Done.

    Back at his office, Clint tells Cutter that he’s not doing anything to make things easier for Diego or for Shelter. Natalie emerges and tries to ease Clint into believing Cutter is a good guy. Jeffrey calls Clint to tell him the video is being posted as the man didn’t want to sell it.

    Monday, August 12 2013: Not A Question Of May I.

    At Shelter, Cutter tells Diego that Clint didn't give into his demands. Natalie overhears and wants an explanation for why they tried to extort money. Cutter tries to explain. Diego exits as Natalie apologizes for her loud outburst. She tells him that Clint was dropped as Man of the Year. Nearby, Blair replaces Clint's picture with Bo's.

    Outside Shelter, Tea appears with Dean, Cutter and Natalie arrive, and Bo and Nora enter. Natalie knows that Clint isn't happy and asks Bo if he’s heard from him. Inside, Tea asks Blair how she's holding up. Nora asks where Todd is. Blair lies as Tea and Dean head for the bar. David introduces Jo to everyone. Back outside, Dani tries to calm herself by telling Arturo her mom is inside. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive moments later as does Carl. Carl meets everyone as Michelle and Matthew approach. Dani and Michelle see they have the same dress on. All of them walk inside except Carl who stays to greet Dorian.

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