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    One Life To Live CAST - Starr Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Starr Manning Played by Kristen Alderson on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: 1991-05-29
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Alderson


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    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Starr arrives at Markko and Langston's in California. After they reconnect Starr sees some mementos from high school. Langton and Markko were remembering Cole. Starr has something to tell them. She thinks Cole would want them to know. They are stunned to hear Cole's alive and with his parents. Starr knows she may never see Cole again but is glad he's safe and with his family. While Markko takes a call, Starr and Langston talk about Ford. Langston's happy he found a family in Jessica and Ryder. A man, sent by Todd, arrives and introduces Starr to her bodyguard. "Nice to meet you, Miss Manning," Cole says. She rushes into his arms and ushers him in to see their friends. Cole shares that Patrick is alive and Marty's doing better. Cole's now where he belongs, with his family… Starr and Hope.

    Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    Starr enters the mansion and stuns the family by announcing, "I'm moving to Los Angeles." Her video went viral. This may be the only chance for Starr to follow her dream. She wants support from Addie, Dani, Jack, Sam, Tea, Todd and Blair. "Over my dead body," Todd replies. He just found her again and refuses to lose Starr. She insists on standing on her own. Blair agrees and says, "She's not our baby anymore." Adding to their heavy hearts, everyone watches "Fraternity Row." After the show, Sam wonders what a sex change is. Blair deters Sam, as Todd finally agrees to let Starr leave. When Todd warns he'll expect her calls often, Tea whispers, "Only as many as Statesville allows." Starr hugs everyone goodbye then leaves with Hope. Blair can hardly control her tears. Later, Todd offers to give Blair time alone. She asks him to stay, and they sadly wish Starr didn't go. Todd let her go because it's her time. As he breaks down, Blair finally sees he's the new man he's been claiming to be. Now, there's nothing holding Blair back. "If you want me," Blair says. "I'm yours." Todd kisses Blair.

    The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    At his apartment, James tells Starr they're over. He heard Starr tell Cole she still loves him. Starr reminds James that Cole was dying. James shares in her grief and brings up Ford. He can't deny the way Starr was looking at Cole and doesn't think she'll ever feel that way about him. Starr professes her love. "As much as you love Cole?" he asks. Starr apologizes and knows James is right. She rushes into James' arms and cries, "I'm going to miss you so much. I'm sorry." James never meant to make her cry and sobs, "I'll never forget you, Twinkle." She'll never forget him either. Knowing James wants a clean break, Starr leaves.

    Rick finds Starr outside the mansion. He's sorry about the death of her baby daddy and hugs Starr for being a PR goldmine. She can't believe the nerve of Rick. He has news. After Rick explains, he urges Starr to give him an answer by tomorrow. It's time to start a new chapter in her life.

    R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    At the mansion, Starr looks at The Sun with a headline reading: R.I.P. Cole Thornhart. Todd appears and holds Starr close. Dani arrives. She can't believe Hannah killed Cole. "Cole's alive," Starr replies. Todd warns Starr to stay quiet then agrees to let Dani in on the details. After he leaves the girls alone, Starr explains that Cole survived and was going to be transferred back to Statesville. She recalls telling Blair that Patrick was alive, and with Marty, and how Cole needed to be with his parents. Blair thought Cole needed to serve his time for killing Eli. Starr played the Irene card - Todd killed someone and wasn't in jail. She continues to explain how she begged Blair and Todd to help save Cole's life. She was able to tell Cole that Todd was going to help him be with Patrick again. In order for their plan to work, they had to make everyone believe Cole had died. Starr promised Cole he would see her and Hope again one day. She told Cole she loved him then Todd took him away. Todd would only tell Starr that Cole is now with Patrick and Marty. Dani wonders where James fits into Starr's life. Starr isn't sure but wants to be there for James. The girls leave, with Starr hoping to one day see Cole again.

    James throws an issue of The Sun across his apartment, as he remembers Starr vowing to never stop loving Cole. Nate arrives, in tears, as James says, "Bobbie died a hero." Nate explains that their mother is making the funeral arrangements and feels awful for leaving Ford and James when they were young. James breaks down and explains everything leading up to Ford's death. He admits to overhearing Starr professing her love to Cole. When Starr and Dani arrive, Nate leads Dani out of the apartment. James tells Starr they're over.

    I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    Monday, January 09 2012

    As the doctors work on Cole in the hospital, Luna appears. Cole's spirit rises from his body. He takes Luna's hand and leaves with her. Starr pleads with the doctor for an update, as Cole realizes Luna's dead and wonders if he is too. She only says they're somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Luna comforts him when Cole starts talking about how much he's hurt Starr and Hope. Maybe he's better off dead. A set of doors open abruptly. Luna urges Cole to listen carefully. He hears Starr… Back in the hospital, Starr pleads with Cole to fight, to come back to her and Hope. James appears just as Starr admits she never stopped loving Cole and never plans to.

    In another area of the hospital, Jessica and James await news on Ford. Jessica wonders if James found Starr. James only wants to concentrate on Ford right now. They never see the hooded figure carrying Ford's spirit away. In a darkened room, Eddie reveals himself to his son. Ford thinks he's dreaming and wants to get back to Jessica. Eddie opens a door and exposes flames, claiming they're in Hell. Ford rants at his father and calls Eddie a rapist. Eddie reminds Ford he didn't rape Nora, unlike what Ford did to Jessica. Ford knows Jessica forgave him. They have a son now. After Ford pushes Eddie into the flames of hell, he runs through a set of doors, sees Luna and asks, "Will you help me?" As Luna, Megan and Gabrielle watch from afar, Ford and Cole's family and friends gather in the waiting area of the hospital. A doctor appears, as Luna admits, "I could only save one."

    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Blair arrives at the mansion just as Cole is shot. Starr rushes to Cole, as James holds a gun on Hannah. Blair wonders what's going on, but Todd insists they get the car. Hannah screams her regret to Cole. She only wanted to hurt Starr! Starr slugs Hannah in the face. James, Blair and Starr take Cole to the hospital, while Todd stands behind and tells Hannah, "Maybe I'll kill you." He admits it wouldn't be the first time he killed someone. Hannah heard about Todd killing his mother, who shot Todd first. That doesn't count. Todd uses Hannah as a sounding board. She's bananas, no one would believe Hannah if he told her… Todd remembers killing Victor. Just as Todd's ready to confess, the cops arrive for Hannah. She calls Todd a murderer, but the cops take her away. Todd smirks.

    Blair, James and Starr rush Cole into the hospital. The doctor looks worried and orders a hysterical Starr out of the exam room. Blair takes Starr to the chapel. Starr explains how everything went down. Cole saved her and Sam's life. "What if he dies?" Starr cries. "A world without Cole doesn't make sense." Starr can't live without Cole. At Blair's persistence, Starr starts to pray then sings "You Only Have One Life To Live." Blair steps out into the hall and cries. Todd appears and holds her. Back out in the ER, James is stunned when Ford's rushed in with Jessica by his side.

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