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    One Life To Live CAST - Destiny Evans - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Destiny Evans Played by Laura Harrier on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

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    Real Name: Laura Harrier


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    This Looks Like A Hitlist.

    Tuesday, June 18 2013

    Jack joins Dani at the coffeehouse and rants about Todd. Over talk of Shelter Dani makes Jack promise never to do drugs. Jack agrees not to then brings up summer school and how he'll get to hang out with all of the bad girls. He teases Dani about living with guys then realizes she has feelings for Matthew. After Jack leaves, Bo appears and tells Dani about the drugs. He thinks someone wanted her to die. Reluctantly, Dani gives Bo the name of the student who sold her the drugs, Brianna Marland. Bo makes a call. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive outside and talk about loyalty.

    This Tastes Like Being On Ecstasy.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    Matthew brings his laundry to the loft and looks forward to eating lasagna. Bo hands Matthew a beer. When Destiny arrives, she and Matthew feel set up. Drew's home sick with a sitter, which leaves Matthew questioning Destiny's parenting. Matthew privately calls David for help. Soon, David and Dorian arrive, leaving Bo and Nora stunned to hear that Matthew called them. Later, Matthew and Destiny reconnect over old times. After dinner, Matthew sees a missed call from Michelle and leaves. Everyone else does as well. Bo prepares Nora for her first radio talk show and points to the laptop, queuing that she's live on-air.

    You're A Sorry Loser.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013

    Matthew looks at his 'to-do list' for work at the coffeehouse. When Destiny appears he apologizes for not being home to watch Drew. "You're a sorry loser, Matthew." He buys her and Drew a drink and gets irritated when Drew spills juice on his pants. Destiny calls Matthew a failure as a father. Nora appears, and quickly sneaks out, as Matthew buys Drew another juice. She watches, from outside, as Matthew holds Drew. Later, Destiny invites Matthew to dinner. He doesn't think it's a good idea and gets called away for work.

    Snoop Don't Lie.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    Matthew arrives home and is convinced to go running with Dani. Soon after, Destiny appears with Drew and hears Matthew forgot about watching his son and left with Dani. When Destiny knocks some of Jeffrey's papers over he stares at an envelope addressed to him. He admits the letter is from a man he owes his entire life to. His mom was the man's secretary, and he paid for his college. Destiny is uncomfortable taking money from people who aren't blood. Jeffrey thinks she should let the Buchanans help her. She's trying to get Matthew to step up and be a father. Later, Dani and Matthew return just as Destiny calls him a worthless father.

    Meat Is Murder.

    Thursday, May 23 2013

    Nora and Drew join Bo at the loft. He wonders why she didn't call Matthew when Drew kept waking up throughout the night and says, "I want to know when Matthew's going to be a father to his son?" She warns they need to help Matthew find out what he really wants where Drew is concerned. Destiny arrives and turns down Bo's offer of financial support. She knows Matthew doesn't love her and is dealing with living on her own.

    Don't Think, Just Drink.

    Tuesday, May 21 2013

    Cutter agrees to give Rama a reward if she moves a ton of Dom at Shelter. When Natalie and Destiny arrive, Natalie isn't sure she's up to partying. "Don't think, just drink," Destiny urges her. After some dancing, Destiny has to head home. Cutter asks Natalie to save him a dance and comments on all of her pent up energy. Natalie has to get home to Liam but agrees to meet Cutter for a date on Thursday. David and Leo arrive, which leaves Rama starstruck by 'Vicker Man'. Over talk of David's past movie, Rama accepts an unpaid part in David's new show.

    That's Why God Gave Me Nigel.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    Destiny leaves Drew at the loft with Nora. She feels like a charity case when Nora gives her and Drew gifts. Nora reminds Destiny they're family. They bond over some of Matthew's childhood keepsakes. Destiny agrees to keep them for Drew.

    Warts And Green Faces And All.

    Wednesday, May 15 2013

    Jeffrey runs into Destiny and Drew at the coffeehouse. She offers to give him his space, but Jeffrey insists they stay. Viki and Clint appear, talking about the Pellegrino account. Clint suddenly worries about the risk, but Viki wants to take a chance on investing. They briefly say hi to Jeffrey and Destiny. Jeffrey convinces Destiny to go home with him in order for Matthew to spend some time with Drew.

    Dani catches Matthew at home taking photos of himself to post online for Michelle. She offers to help him out and playfully rubs lotion on him. Matthew poses as Dani snaps several shots. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive and catch Dani sitting on top of Matthew. They insist Dani was just trying to get a close-up shot, but Destiny leaves in tears.

    The Less You Know The Better.

    Monday, May 13 2013

    Dani and Matthew argue over who should answer their door. He relents and finds Density and Drew. Matthew flips when he hears Destiny is dropping off Drew. Jeffrey hits on Destiny, as Dani clarifies she's watching Drew. While Dani gets a call from Tea and has to leave, Jeffrey agrees to watch Drew. "I think I can take care of my own son," Matthew interrupts. He and Density argue over Drew. When Matthew brings up Destiny not having the abortion she slaps him. After some screaming, Destiny leaves. Jeffrey gives Matthew hell for treating Destiny this way. When Drew starts crying, Jeffrey wishes Matthew luck and leaves.

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