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    pure hope

    Started by Myanna at 2006/11/11 06:59PM
    Latest post: 2006/11/12 05:18AM, Views: 564, Replies: 2
    #1   2006/11/11 06:59PM
    pure hope

    I was hoping that someone would tell me what the
    future will be for natlie and john. They have the
    purest and deepest love in all of daytime. I have
    tried to find information on their future...I dont
    want oltl to screw up this awesome couple!!!!!!!!

    #2   2006/11/11 09:00PM
    Re: pure hope

    I couldn't agree more! I stopped watching all soaps for awhile and then I started to watch again but the only one I watch now is oltl and thats because of john and natlie mostly.

    #3   2006/11/12 05:18AM
    Re: pure hope
    Amy Mistretta

    Hi everyone,

    To learn more about what will happen with future OLTL storylines, be sure to check our Spoiler thread at the top of all the threads. I post things as I hear them. Some are factual, others are rumors, which I clearly mark rumors. You can also check the November Sweeps Thread.

    And if anyone else finds Spoilers for the show, please feel free to post them in the Spoilers thread!

    Amy OLTL/Y&R writer

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