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    Remember Shannon McBain?

    Started by Dana562 at 2014/03/18 11:21AM
    Latest post: 2014/03/27 03:41PM, Views: 433, Replies: 1
    #1   2014/03/18 11:21AM
    Remember Shannon McBain?

    Anyone remember Shannon McBain, cousin of John and Michael McBain? I know that it's been a few years; however, I've always felt that they could have and should have done a lot more with her character. I know that she was kind of immature and irresponsible when she first came on the show; however, I also felt that there was room for her to grow and mature. And to me she wasn't really bad (like hateful), even though she did sleep with River Carpenter when he was going with Adriana. They should have kept her on the show and have her grow up.

    If you ever go onto the website "Who's Who in LLanview", you'll see that she has pitifully short character history.

    To me, there was so much more potential in her character to write her off the show like that.

    Anyone else?

    #2   2014/03/27 03:41PM
    Re: Remember Shannon McBain?
    Axl Rose

    Yes I feel that she could have had way more potential


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