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    Soaps Boards :: One Life To Live Forum :: BUMMER....OLTL Finale....spoilers

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    BUMMER....OLTL Finale....spoilers

    Started by BringBackStarr at 2013/09/02 05:42PM
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    #1   2013/09/02 05:42PM
    BUMMER....OLTL Finale....spoilers

    I watched after seeing a spoiler with Nikki and Cutter admitting they were sleeping together....

    Unfortunately thought it was Nikki SMITH and Cutter were sleeping together...sigh....But I stayed for the episode...

    Dani----what a sloppy mess she turned out to be..I cant even feel sorry for her...Just a MESS....

    Allison----How many siblings is this chick going to have? I could swear her father (the warden) said she was an only child and thats why he let her hang out at the prison 30 years ago...

    Blair---Amazing talented gorgeous and always delivers...

    Matthew and Jeffrey and Jack....Take off your shirts and speak as little as possible...Trust me---the more any of you speak, the less I listen---and I shudder to think what time is going to do with any of you...

    Nora, Bo, and Tea....sigh....sad....just sad....


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