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    Kevin and Kelly

    Started by CHScott at 2006/08/25 11:02AM
    Latest post: 2006/08/25 12:24PM, Views: 674, Replies: 1
    #1   2006/08/25 11:02AM
    Kevin and Kelly

    I am not particularly surprised in hearing of Dan's being let go from One Life. Kevin and Kelly's story has been treated as a "third teir" storyline at best. The writers are determined to force Rex and Adrianna on us as a supercouple and bore us to death with Spencer and Blair, Natalie and John, three couples who, to me at least, have little or no chemistry. It's a shame. Kevin and Kelly could have been or might be a really good story. It is my belief that Kevin, not Duke is the father of Kelly's baby. I think that Spenser lied to Kevin and when the truth comes out, Kevin will be one of a zillion suspects who will have shot, or shot and killed Spencer who doubtless is probably half Buchannan anyway. whew... Finally, don't be surprised if Heather Tom's the next to go...of her own accord. Doubtless she loves New York but One Life treats her as a reoccuring character and i'm sure Y and R would just love to get her back!!! Peace Out

    #2   2006/08/25 12:24PM
    Re: Kevin and Kelly
    Amy Mistretta

    Hi CHScott,

    I love your idea about Kevin being the real father of Kelly's baby!

    Thanks for posting!


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