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    One Life To Live ACTOR - Austin Williams

    Full detailed profile on Austin Williams playing Shane Morasco Balsom on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Williams

    Birthday: November 13, 1996
    Currently playing: Shane Morasco Balsom


    Austin Williams is a very talented child actor who has quite an impressive resume for such a young age - not to mention some major 'smarts' to go along with it! In fact, after scoring a 99.9% on his first IQ test, Austin was able to blow right past second grade and continues to hold his standards high!

    Although One Life to Live is his first daytime role, fans may remember him from appearances such as his roles in, "Sensing Murder," "The Good Shepherd," "The Girl Next Door," and can look for him playing Tommy in his latest 2008 release of "Phoebe In Wonderland."

    Clearly loved by all, Austin has been labeled by fans as being one of the cutest kids in daytime!


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    Law & Order (upcoming in February 2008)
    Phoebe in Wonderland - Tommy (2008)
    Law & Order - Billy Boone (2008)
    One Life to Live - Shane Morasco (October 29, 2007 - January 12, 2012)
    Michael Clayton - Henry Clayton (2007)
    The Girl Next Door - Ralphie 'Woofer' Chandler (2007)
    The Good Shepherd - Young Edward Wilson (2006)
    Sensing Murder - Kirk Neufeld (2006)

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