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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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Gigi tells Rex the truth! (

The Week of August 25:

Monday August 25:

Gigi makes a confession to Rex! Read how that went down in our Daily Updates!

Dallas shocks Nora.

Tuesday August 26:

Rex and Gigi find power in the truth - and their way back to 2008!

Back in 1968, the real Bo heads off to Vietnam, thus the future goes unchanged.

John and Blair can't stop thinking about Todd's mystery woman!

Antonio, Cristian and Sarah sneak into the palace!

Talia knocks Carlo out!

Todd and Tess work together!

Wednesday August 27:

Antonio, Cristian, Sarah and Talia get revenge on Carlo and Jonas.

Rex and Gigi plan to tell Shane the truth.

Brody grows closer to Shane.

Bo visits Lindsay in jail.

Todd and Tina are reunited!

Tina tells Todd about Jessica and the basement!

Thursday August 28:

Tess gives Todd a warning!

Natalie wants Jared to turn down her father's offer!

Delphina has news for Langston.

Bo gets his job back as police commissioner!

Friday August 29:

Tess' plans are threatened.

Todd tells Marty another huge lie!

Langston looks into her family tree!

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