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Spoilers for the Week of July 01, 2013

07/01/2013 12:00am

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Week of June 24:

Tuesday June 25:

OLTL Recap: Stranger Danger.

Bo gets Brianna's autopsy report.

A member of a wealthy family connected to the art scene appears.

Dani and Tea have a heart-to-heart.

As Blair tells Tea that Victor's been found, Todd screams after his brother.

Jack doesn't want Blair to reconcile with Todd.

Jeffrey looks into the 'Michelle situation' and uncovers a shocking truth - that she's in Llanview.

Shaun wishes Matthew was there more for Destiny.

Jack catches an older woman smiling at him and follows her.

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Thursday June 27:

OLTL Recap: Why All The Lies?

Todd becomes upset by what he finds at Willow Lake and brings Tea Victor's jacket.

Tea wants to know what Todd did to Victor.

A chance meeting in the coffee shop rocks Jack's world, as he lands in bed with a mystery woman.

Jack finds out the woman he slept with is his summer school English teacher.

Bo and Natalie's case brings unexpected twists and turns, as Bo attends Brianna's memorial.

Dani tells Rama they have to tell Bo that Arturo wasn't the older guy they saw Brianna with.

Matthew meets Michelle and agrees to give her another chance.

Viki doubts she'll be thanking Clint, like he claims, but is stunned to hear he got her money back.

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More to come:

Natalie confides in Destiny about her true feelings for John.

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