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Spoilers for the Week of January 02, 2012

01/02/2012 12:00am

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Week of January 2:

Watch the final One Life To Live Weekly Spoiler Video: Goodbye Llanview.

Monday January 2:

Coming off the holiday, the show will be pre-empted.

Tuesday January 3:

All hell breaks loose at Statesville Prison.

Bo and John find out who masterminded the prison break.

Troy holds Nora captive.

Bo fears for Nora's safety and calls her.

Mitch Laurence approaches Natalie, looking for Jessica.

Someone else walks into the danger at Llanfair.

Cole Thornhart surprises Starr.

After Blair and Todd break from their passionate kiss, Todd talks about the life they could have together.

Wednesday January 4:

John insists on talking to Natalie.

Mitch makes a demand of Viki.

Clint, Viki and John work to save Natalie.

Bo receives a visitor.

Lindsay Rappaport resurfaces.

Bo asks Lindsay if she knows what Troy is planning.

Troy plans to resort to extreme measures in order to have his way with Nora.

James goes to Starr about Cole's escape.

Thursday January 5:

Allison aims a gun at Clint and Viki.

Hannah pulls a gun on Todd while holding Sam.

Ford bum rushes Mitch.

Bo attacks Troy.

Shots are fired.

Friday January 6:

Lives hang in the balance.

Starr worries Cole will die.

Week of January 9:

Monday January9:

After Viki and Clint are shot, Viki will have an out of body experience that will have her late daughter Megan Harrison escorting her around Heaven.

Viki has a lot of company in Heaven.

John saves Natalie then kisses her.

The real Stacy Morasco appears to Clint.

Bo makes a choice between Gabrielle Medina and Nora.

Luna Moody Holden helps Cole.

Eddie taunts Ford.

Mitch is taken to Hell.

Tuesday January 10:

A death is covered up.

James and Nate grieve.

Clint orders a DNA test.

Tea almost tells Blair the truth.

Todd wants to right his wrongs.

Jessica tells Ford goodbye.

John finds Natalie in his apartment.

Wednesday January 11:

John and Natalie make love.

James and Starr breakup.

Roxy finds out Rex, Gigi and Shane are leaving Llanview.

Shaun and Vivian part ways.

Matthew tells Destiny he's not ready to be a father.

Neela confesses her love to Jack.

Rick gives Starr an opportunity.

Thursday January 12:

Blanca pays tribute with "Fraternity Row" creator Agnes 'Dixon'.

Rex, Gigi and Shane say goodbye.

Starr and Hope say goodbye.

Clint gets Jessica's paternity results.

David tells Matthew to step up to the plate.

John rescues Tomas and reunites him with Tea.

Destiny's water breaks.

Friday January 13:

Destiny Evans gives birth to a boy named Drew.

Starr arrives at Markko and Langston's.

Cole stuns Starr.

John arrests Todd after him and Blair make love.

Allison holds Victor Lord Jr. hostage - alive and gagged!

Brody visits Jessica after she finds out she's Clint's daughter.

Clint proposes to Viki.

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