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Spoilers for the Week of September 02, 2013

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Jaw-dropping season finale. (TOLN)

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Week of August 5:

Monday August 5: Part 1:

OLTL Recap: I Can Always Tell When A Man Is Lying.

Todd gives his family members devastating news.

Tea orders Todd to bring Victor home.

Bo and Clint face off when Bo tries to get Clint to take responsibility for his actions.

Natalie screams at Cutter over Clint.

Jeffrey witnesses Dorian arguing with Viki over Clint.

Dorian asks to be introduced to Kate.

Michelle sees Destiny with Drew and thinks she's the babysitter.

Drew has to be rushed to the hospital after a seizure.

Monday August 5: Part 2:

OLTL Recap: We'll Always Have Our Secret.

The Buchanans come together at the hospital during a family crisis.

Todd and Blair are forced to make a heartbreaking decision but promise to keep their secret - that they are married.

A shocking twist reveals a character's true intentions - when Jeffrey appears to have the strange tattoo on the bottom of his foot.

David's reality show producer lures Dorian in.

David lets Rama down easy.

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Todd has news. (OLTL Instagram)

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Week of August 12:

Monday August 12: Part 1:

OLTL Recap: Kudos On A Job Well Done.

Blair goes to Tea for support after having an emotional day with Todd.

Tea wonders if Blair slept with Todd.

Viki and Jeffrey discuss whether or not Clint's actions should be made public.

Natalie suggests someone deserves to face their current troubles.

Clint sees a video of his drunken scene at Shelter.

The Buchanans work to stay strong as things escalate at the hospital.

Destiny tells Nora a bit about Michelle.

David airs his dirty laundry on camera.

Blair warns Rama and Nikki not to get personal with the customers.

Monday August 12: Part 2:

OLTL Recap: Not A Question Of May I.

The annual Man Of The Year Gala begins.

Bo and Clint get news that changes things.

Carl Peterson, Jeffrey's benefactor, appears in Llanview with instructions for Jeffrey.

Dani worries about her mother's reaction to her gala date.

Week of August 19:

Season One Finale!

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Monday August 19: Part 1:

OLTL Finale Recap: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

Viki and Dorian hope the Man Of The Year gala will go as planned.

Clint makes a scene at the Man Of The year event and does a spectacular boozy swan dive.

Tea is furious when she finds out Dani's date is Arturo.

Natalie finds out the truth about Nikki and Cutter.

Jack decides to have some fun of his own and has sex with Kate.

Monday August 19: Part 2:

OLTL Finale Recap: Hello Natalie.

Paramedics arrive at the gala.

Natalie is shocked by what she sees at the hospital.

A fan favorite returns.

Allison Perkins holds a syringe over Clint as Natalie screams.

Though Blair opens up to Jack, he continues to hide a secret of his own.

Tea demands answers from Dani and Arturo about their relationship.

Dani and Arturo kiss, take off their clothes and head to the bed.

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Spoilers for the Week of August 19, 2013

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Week of July 29:

Monday July 29: Part 1:

OLTL Recap: Daddy Issues.

Viki is shocked to learn just how far Clint is willing to go.

Matthew is cautious in regards to both Dani and Destiny's new relationships.

Jeffrey and Destiny share a close moment.

Jack goes to David for advice on Kate.

Kate turns Jack away.

Dani takes slack for being out with Arturo.

Blair questions Todd about a note.

Monday July 29: Part 2:

OLTL Recap: I Want To Dance.

Clint causes a major public scene, which leads Bo, Nora, and Viki to take control.

Bo arrests Clint.

Cutter relays news to Natalie then kisses her.

Dani leans in to kiss Arturo.

Dorian realizes that Jack is seeing someone.

Everything changes for Todd and Blair after they receive a new message from the mysterious organization.

Blair is devastated.