Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Bo believes that Todd abducted Spencer, Viki, Clint & their family gather around the Christmas tree at Llanfair, Blair takes a DNA test, Todd tortures Spencer and John learns about the mistrial...

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Just as John asks Natalie what happened at the trial, Cris comes in and tells John that he can't blame Evangeline. John looks to Natalie, and she informs him that Spencer is not going to jail. Cris and Natalie give John the details of the trial and say that Spencer has been committed to a mental hospital. Natalie assures John that he'll get his justice against Spencer, that Evangeline is preparing for a retrial. Cris goes into the hallway to take a call. Natalie watches as John is in pain. However, he refuses to take any pain medication. He takes Natalie's hand and says that he wants to focus on what's important. When Natalie leaves to get John something to drink, John picks up the phone

John talks on the phone to Michael and tells him he needs him to get the doctors to hurry up with these skin graphs! Natalie walks in and says, "Over my dead body!"

Kelly joins Blair and Dorian at the hospital and Blair fills her in on the pregnancy. The doctor calls Blair into the examining room, and Blair prepares for the DNA test.

In the hallway, Kelly tells Dorian that Zane will be released today, that she'll be leaving for London soon. While Dorian appears upset, she gives Kelly her blessing. The doctor come out, tells Dorian that Blair is done. Dorian goes to Blair and promises her that she can get the DNA results for her by tomorrow!

At Llanfair, Clint helps Vicki get out all the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. As they empty the ornament box, Viki and Clint show Asa and Renee all the different treasures they've collected over the years. They all express that they have so much to celebrate this year.


Nash brings Jessica and Bree to Llanfair, and Jessica asks him to stay. They go in to join Jessica's family, and Asa makes a crack that he doesn't belong there. Viki steps forward and tells Nash to stay, says that he's always welcomed there. Nash looks around the room and comments that the Buchanan's go all out for Christmas. Clint throws Nash some lights and asks him to help with the tree.


Kelly and Zane show up. As everyone looks at the baby, Kelly apologizes that they won't be able to stay for the holidays. Viki expresses that she's just happy that Kelly, Kevin and Zane will be together.


After he's done helping Clint, Nash goes to the front door to leave. Jessica lets Nash know that she remembers him telling 'Tess' that he never experience Christmas, having been tossed around from one foster home to the next. Nash tells her that he's glad Bree is there with her. Nash leans in and gives Jessica a kiss on the cheek, tells her she's a great mother. Nash leaves

Jessica asks Viki if they have any extra ornaments. When Viki says yes, Jessica picks up the box and says to herself, "Nash, I'm going to give you a Christmas you'll never forget."

At the penthouse, Dorian tells Blair that they need to come up with a plan in case the baby turns out to be Todd's.

In Bo's office, Bo questions Todd about Spencer's disappearance. Todd acts as though he doesn't know anything about it and asks Bo how he could let Spencer get away. Just as Antonio and Bo ask Todd where he was when Spencer disappeared, Marty walks in and overhears their conversation. After told about Spencer's disappearance, Marty warns them that Spencer won't leave town, that he'll go after his enemies. Bo says, "Unless one of his enemies has already gone after him" Todd changes the subject and asks Bo what he's doing about the creep who tried to rape his daughter! Marty reminds Todd that Cole was on steroids. When Todd leaves, Marty goes after him

Antonio and Bo decide to put a tail on Todd, hoping that he'll lead them to Spencer.

Marty tells Todd that testifying in Spencer's defense had nothing to do with him. Todd warns her to keep Cole away from his daughter, then leaves

Marty goes back into Bo's office. Bo asks if it's possible that Spencer faked his insanity. Marty stands by her theory and says that Spencer is mentally unfit. Bo goes on to ask if she thinks Spencer planned his escape, and Marty says no. When asked if Todd could've abducted Spencer, Marty says that she thinks it would be smart for Bo to keep an eye on Todd. After getting details of Todd and Spencer squared away, Marty tells Bo that she had applied for a job as a profiler and asks for him to disregard her application. Marty leaves and Bo pulls the application out and stares at it


In the warehouse, Spencer screams that Todd is not going to get away with what he's doing! Spencer rubs his arms against the chair in an attempt to cut through the duct tape. Spencer looks up at the water and starts to lose it! Although his wrists are bleeding from the pressure of the handcuffs, Spencer frantically tries to slice away at the duct tape.

Just then the door opens and Blair walks in. She breaks Spencer free, tells him she hates Todd for what she did to him Suddenly, the room is dark again, and Spencer realizes that he was daydreaming! He looks up at the jug of water, crying, begging for Blair to save him. He begins to vision Blair there again, except this time he grabs her and says she's going to die!

Todd comes home, and Blair tells him that the brain tumor has not reemerged. After Dorian leaves, Todd comments that she doesn't look good, asks if she's sure she's okay. Todd demands the truth!

Next on One Life to Live: Nash thinks Jessica is out to ruin his life, Todd lets Blair in on his scheme, John wants to go after Spencer and Cristian & Evangeline take time out for romance...

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