Monday, December 11th, 2006

Todd resorts to extreme measures to get what he wants, Blair finds out she's pregnant, Rex meets with Michael and Bo comes to the conclusion that Spencer has been abducted...

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From Todd's backseat, Spencer wants to know where they're going, to which crime scene. When Todd won't answer, Spencer taunts him with all that he's done to Todd. Todd warns Spencer that he's going to wish he were dead after Todd gets done with him.

At Rodies, Adriana asks if Rex can live with the secret that Todd is Tommy's father. Rex says there's no other way. Marcie and Michael show up, asks Rex to see the files on Tommy. Before he can do that, Rex tells them that Tommy's biological mother was mentally ill. Michael looks over the file, sees the blacked-out names, says that it's standard procedure when a person wants to remain anonymous. When Marcie flips over a page of the file, Adriana sees Todd's name on it! Suddenly, Adriana rips the file from Marcie's hand, reminds Rex that he hasn't made copies of them yet! She takes the files and says she'll be right back with copies

Rex apologizes to Michael and Marcie, and they respond with their thanks for all he's done. Marcie turns to Michael, asks if Tommy's mother's illness can be passed to Tommy. Michael assures her that although it's possible, Tommy may never develop the illness. Michael gets a call from Natalie and leaves the table.

Adriana returns, hands them all copies of Tommy's files. Michael says that John made it out of surgery okay, that they all need to be thankful for all they have. He tries to reassure Marcie that Tommy will be okay, that he's a beautiful little boy who will be loved for the rest of his life. Adriana and Rex watch on as the proud parents boost with love for Tommy. They thank Rex, say that Todd was jerk for firing him because Rex could have found his son, too! Michael comments that knowing Todd, he'll do whatever it takes to find his son Marcie hugs Rex, as Michael thanks him and Adriana, then they leave

Adriana tells Rex that Michael's right, that Todd won't stop looking for his son! Rex says, "Then I'll make sure he does..."

Dorian asks Blair if it's possible that she could be pregnant with Spencer's child. However, Blair says IF she's pregnant, it has to be Todd's. "It just has to be" She claims if she could give Todd the gift of a child, that maybe he could forgive her. Dorian again asks Blair the same question, forcing Blair to admit that she very well could be pregnant with Spencer's child Dorian says they'll face this together, that Spencer's out of their lives. Blair gets emotional, says that if she is pregnant with Spencer's baby, she'll lose Todd forever.

The doctor comes in, tells Blair that she's pregnant!

When Blair and Dorian arrive back at the penthouse, Blair looks up the last time she and Todd slept together. Although Blair thinks the baby is Todd's, Dorian says they need to find out for sure!

Bo warns one of his cops that there was a problem with Spencer's transfer, tells him to find out what's going on!


Todd takes Spencer back to the warehouse to where Spencer kept Margaret. Spencer wants to know what the heck Todd plans to do to him! Todd eerily walks around the room, rehashing that Spencer also delivered his son there. When Spencer warns that Todd will end up on death row if he kills him, Todd pushes Spencer down, tells him he's going to tell Todd where his son is!


Spencer tells Todd he did him a favor, that his child could've had the same sickness as Margaret. Todd points a gun at Spencer, tells him he better start talking. Spencer laughs, says that Todd doesn't have the guts to kill him! Instead of shooting him, Todd pushes the butt of the gun hard against Spencer's head wound. Spencer screams, warns Todd that the cops are going to find him, then Todd will pay!


Todd sits down, says he wants to play a game, that he'll torture Spencer until he tells him what he wants! When Todd seems to have a fixation of burning Spencer's hands, Spencer claims that Todd can't get the image of Spencer running his hands over every inch of Blair's body out of his head! Todd grabs Spencer by the hair and slugs him in the face!

At the station, Antonio tells Bo about with happened to Jessica, says that Nash is going to stay with her until he gets off duty. Suddenly, they get word that Spencer is missing from the transfer van! Bo and Antonio head to the scene.


Once there, Bo questions the men driving the transfer truck. Bo states that whoever took over the van knew the route, the time, but still wonders who would help break Spencer free? Antonio shows Bo that chloroform was used to knock out the drivers, and the two men try to put the pieces together. Bo notices that whoever took Spencer went through the woods, that the person had a car waiting there. Antonio reports that Blair and David couldn't have helped him, and Bo has a thought


Todd sits Spencer in a chair, then duct tapes him to it! He leans in, tells Spencer that he's thought of a way to torture him, that Spencer will be begging to tell Todd where his son is! Todd takes the duct tape, tapes Spencer head so his chin, his face, is pointing upward. Spencer sees a water jug above his head, and Todd goes on to explain to him how Chinese water torture works, says that the slow dripping of the water will drive him insane for real! Todd says, "Ta Ta," then leaves

Back at the station, when Bo comments that there are a handful of people in Llanview who would put their own freedom on the line to make Spencer pay, Todd approaches him and Antonio, says, "Are you guys talking about me?"

Next on One Life to Live: Viki, Clint & their family gather around the Christmas tree at Llanfair, Bo believes that Todd abducted Spencer, Blair takes a DNA test, Todd tortures Spencer and John learns about the mistrial...

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