Hands Off!

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Antonio and Nash rescue Jessica, Todd casts his revenge against Spencer, John has a talk with Vincent and Matthew & Bo discuss Paige...

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At the docks, Jessica is being pushed around by the man who remembers her as Tess. She pushes him off, screams that she is NOT Tess! Suddenly, another man shows up, apparently another one of Tess's conquests. The man says that tonight she's going to get two for the price of one. Both men laugh To save herself, Jessica begins to act like Tess, asking if one of the men will go get her a drink. Just then, he removes a bottle of gin from his pocket, and Tess takes a sip. The man gets out his camera phone, snaps a picture of Jessica. She throws the gin on the man, acting like it was an accident. He hands her his cell phone, then turns around to clean up. Jessica quickly sends Antonio a text message

At Nash's, Antonio looks through Nash's photo album of Bree and Tess. Nash questions whether Antonio really wants Nash to tell Bree about Tess. Before he can answer, Antonio takes out his phone, tells Nash he's received a text message from Jessica. "Jessica's in trouble!" They both leave


Although Jessica is trying to hold her ground, the two men continue to push themselves on her. She anxiously looks around the docks, praying that Antonio will show up soon!


Just as both men pull Jessica close, Nash and Antonio arrive, screaming for them to get their hands off of her! One of the men swings a board at Nash, the other goes after Antonio Just when Nash and Antonio think they've knocked the men out, one of them raises the board over Antonio's head! However, Jessica smashes a bottle over the man's head and knocks him out

The cops arrive and take the men away. Jessica thanks Nash and Antonio for coming to her rescue.

After John wakes up from his surgery, a nurse comes in to look him over. Natalie tells John she'll be right outside, then leaves.

In the hallway, Natalie runs into Vincent. She tells Vincent that they can't be friends anymore, that she doesn't want to upset John. Vincent thinks there's more to it. Natalie admits that she's afraid that after John finds out about what happened at the trial that he'll have a setback in his recovery. Vincent says he understands, then Natalie goes to call Michael

Vincent goes into John's room, tells him he's happy he's doing okay. Just as Vincent turns to leave, John tells him to stay, says they need to talk about Natalie. Vincent tries to explain the kiss he and Natalie shared. However, John stops him, gives Vincent a warning, "I'm back now" Natalie comes in, asks what she's missed. Vincent leaves In the hallway, he thinks back to his kiss with Natalie, says to himself, "I'm sorry, John, but I can't make you any promises"

Dorian tells Blair that she needs to take care of herself instead of worrying about Todd! Blair defends Todd, says she's worried he's going to go after Spencer. When Blair tries to leave, Dorian refuses to let her go, says her health is more important than Todd! Blair expresses that she's scared, that she just wants her family back.

At the hospital, Adriana stands outside a storage room door while Rex is inside looking through some files for information on Tommy. She sees Michael, goes to him, says how sorry she is about Spencer's trial. Suddenly, Dorian comes up behind Michael, tells Adriana that Blair is very sick, that she needs her whole family.

After Adriana returns from seeing Blair, Rex comes out of the room, trying to conceal his findings down his pants! However, Dorian notices, comments that he better watch out, pointing to his pants, that he may get a paper cut! Adriana gives Dorian a dirty look, then leaves with Rex.


On the way to the mental hospital, the van transporting Spencer stops due to an obstruction in the road. The cops get out to take a closer look while Todd watches them from the bushes, a ski mask hiding his face. After the cop clears the road, Todd goes to the van, smashes the window, says he's taking Spencer with him! Todd knocks the cops out, then points the gun at Spencer's face. Spencer recognizes Todd's voice, asks what the heck he's doing!


Todd gets Spencer in his car and they head away from the transporting van. Todd comically hangs his head out the window as he drives away, singing a happy jingle about making Spencer Truman pay! Todd tells Spencer to relax, that he'll understand what he's up to after they return to the scene of the crime!


Mathew brings Bo lunch to the station, surprising Bo by saying he should be married, that he smiles so much more when he's with Paige. When asked if Bo has ever thought about marrying Paige, Bo says that the timing has never been right. He tells Matthew that Paige needs time to get over Hugh.

At Rodie's, Vicki tells Starr that her parents are doing their best to fix things. They talk about Marty, about Todd raping her Starr says that Blair was right to not believe her dad. Vicki comments that Starr sounds as if she hates her father. However, Starr gets emotional, says she doesn't hate her dad, it's just that she can't believe he would do something so cruel. Vicki convinces Starr that she needs to talk to Todd, to tell him she loves him.

Rex calls Michael, says that he found Tommy's birthparents. They agree to meet at Rodie's. After he hangs up, he looks to Adriana for support. Rex has a plan

In the examining room, a nurse asks Blair if there's any chance that she could be pregnant. Blair thinks back to making love with Todd, says that maybe there is a chance When Dorian comes back in, Blair says, "I may not have a brain tumor after all I think I'm pregnantI'm having Todd's baby." However, Dorian reminds Blair of one little problem "How can you be so sure that the baby you're carrying isn't Spencer's?"


Next on One Life to Live: Blair worries about losing Todd forever, Rex delivers some news to Michael & Marcie, Bo questions whether Spencer was abducted and Todd tells Spencer he's going to tell him where his son is

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