Who Will Be Going To The Gala?

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Christian has two dates for the Gala, Blair scrambles to steal Spencer’s key, Dorian has an ally, Antonio finds a clue and Jessica brings Nash closer to Tess.

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David Fumero

Todd arrives early at Evangeline's for their Gala date. Suddenly Christian shows up unaware of Todd and Evangeline's date, wanting to take her to the Gala himself. Evangeline surprises Chris when she says she's going with Todd. Just as Christian questions Evangeline's choice of a date, she declares she's going with both men! Todd gets a call from Starr's nurse, leaving Evangeline explaining to Christian that Todd is a good friend. But Chris isn't buying it, tells her Todd's in love with her. However, Chris being the great guy he is understands Evangeline's decision.

Rex finds Dorian in Bo's office. Rex tells Bo she's responsible for setting him up for stalking Adriana. Bo questions Dorian, but she sticks to her guns, claiming not to know where Adriana is. Dorian does her best to hide her involvement, but they don't believe her. In walks Clint, hearing the whole thing, questions Dorian himself! Clint defends Dorian to Rex and Bo, says she's a changed woman. However, he makes it clear that he would never be able to look Dorian in the face again if she had anything to do with her daughter's disappearance.

Antonio tells Jessica of his new job assignment on the Vice Squad, says he'll be investigating what happened to her when she was a child. She doesn't appear happy. After he leaves Jessica with Nash to head back to work, Nash picks up on Jessica's uneasiness.

Blair and John converse at the palace on how they're going to put their plan into action. John is concerned for her safety, but Blair wants Spencer to pay for what he did to Todd. Blair meets Spencer at his suite. He tells her he has something very special planned for the two of them tonight. Blair distracts him by messing up his tie, then fails at stealing the safe deposit box key when Spencer reenters the room. However, Blair always has a plan... She acts as though she's faint! Blair gets Spencer to once again leave the room.

Claudia and Natalie have it out at the station when Claudia requests to see John. John scolds Natalie for allowing her jealousy to show through at his workplace. John says they have other things to worry about like getting the proof they need on Spencer, tells Natalie he wants her help in spying on Spencer at the Gala.

Antonio questions a man who he believes knew Norm Leads, Jessica's victimizer. When the man names off the names of girls who Norman talked of, the girls on the tapes, Antonio gets what he's after when Tess is on the man's list of names.

Blair struggles to get the key off the ring as Spencer comes back with a drink. She points out that he's missing a button on his suit coat. Spencer heads downstairs to get a sewing kit, leaving Blair to remove the key from the ring. But he returns before she gets the chance.

After tucking in Brennan, Nash gets ready to leave the loft. But Jessica stops him, thanks him for being there for her. Nash expresses how much he misses Tess. To comfort Nash, she gives him Tess's journal.

Dorian leaves Clint at the police station, says she's going to the island to look for Adriana. Bo questions Clint's new outlook on Dorian.

Nash sits in Angel's Square, reading Tess's journal. Through Tess's words, Nash gets encouragement that she will come back to him.

John and Natalie stakeout the Palace, as they go over plans for nailing Spencer. Blair waits for Spencer outside his suite. While still inside, Spencer makes a call to the bank, says he needs to pick up something from his safety deposit box. Tonight!

Next on One Life to Live: Dorian threatens Bruce, John fears for Blair's safety, Spencer proposes to Blair!

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