In The Hands Of The Court

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

The judge is left to decide Spencer's fate, Jessica is haunted by Tess's past, Dorian goes with Blair to the neurologist, Todd puts a new plan in motion and John faces another surgery...

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After the judge dismisses the jury, everyone watches on as they leave the courtroom The judge calls order, says he's received some disturbing information about the defendant. He asks Spencer to rise, reads the charges against him, says that although he previously ruled that Spencer was fit to stand trial, he's now thinking about changing his mind! Blair makes an outburst, saying that Marty got to Spencer! Evangeline objects, as Spencer yells in a rage that he's not crazy! The judge calls Dr. Marty Saybrooke to the stand to testify about the incident she witnessed with Spencer in his cell.

Blair stands up, asks Marty how much Spencer is paying her for lying for him! The judge slams his gavel, demands silence! Marty is instructed to recant what she witnessed in Spencer's cell. After she does, the judge asks if she thinks Spencer is capable to stand trial. Marty says that Spencer is mentally incapable of his actions. The judge allows Marty to step down He states that Spencer is mentally unable to understand the charges against him The judge declares a mistrial! Spencer is instructed to be transposted to a mental institution until further notice.

Vicki remarks to Clint that she thinks Todd is planning something to get revenge against Spencer.

Todd surprises Blair with his calmness. When Dorian shows up, Todd asks if she'll take Blair to the neurologist, and she agrees. Blair tells Todd not to do anything stupid! Todd stares at Spencer

Todd goes back into the courtroom, tells Spencer that he'll pay! After Spencer says he's innocent, Michael lunges at him but is dragged out of the courtroom. Todd screams for Spencer to tell him where is son is! Vicki comes to Todd's side, tells him to calm down. Todd makes Spencer nuts by calling his mother all sorts of name! The bailiff takes Spencer away

John stands strong, tells the doctor that he won't go into surgery until he hears Spencer's verdict! The doctor leaves, and Natalie tries to calm him down as they wait to hear from the court. Although they refused to give John a remote to the TV, Natalie shows John that she stole one! She turns the TV on John and Natalie watch the press release about Spencer's mental state. The nurse comes in, tells John he has to go to surgery now! John says, "Sorry, I don't see that happening!" The nurse gives him a few more minutes, and Natalie goes to call Bo to see what's going on in court. When she can't get a hold of Bo, Natalie insists that John gets his surgery.

After ditching class, at home, Starr gets an IM from Cole, saying he ditched class, too. Suddenly Starr gets a new email, saying that Marty is taking the stand.

Marty meets up with Cole, and they talk about the case. Cole questions whether his mother is trying to get back at Todd for what he did to her. Marty makes Cole understand that she handled her job without making it personal. Marty warns Cole that Starr will probably not be very happy with him over her decision

Starr shows up at the courthouse, but her parents are gone. Vicki asks Starr if she'll join her for dinner, trying to take Starr's mind off of the judge's ruling.

Bo arrives at the hospital to find John in surgery. Natalie says that John is going to be furious when he finds out that Spencer got off on a mistrial!

Todd opens up his safe and removes a gun!

At the vineyard, Antonio comments to Nash that things are coming together nicely. He gets a call from Jessica, saying she's almost done with their Christmas shopping, that she's at Rodie's getting some hot chocolate. Antonio and Nash go over Nash's plans for the vineyard, then get on the subject of women. Nash states that it's been a bad year for him in the women department He tells Antonio that he tried to say goodbye to Tess through a makeshift funeral.

At the bar, the man who recognized Jessica as Tess watches her. He approaches Jessica, and she asks him to leave, pretending she doesn't know him. The man sits down, calls her Tess. Jessica is adamant, says that he has her confused for someone else! Jessica gets up to leave, but the man stops her, says he knows her dirty little secret, that 'Tess' is a game for her, a sort of private life. The man claims that what her husband doesn't know, won't hurt him. He suggests they find a place to go. Jessica warns him that she'll call the cops if he doesn't leave her alone! The man apologizes and leaves

Jessica calls Antonio, says she's on her way to the vineyard. She leaves the bar, and the man follows Jessica makes it to the vineyard, appearing preoccupied. When Antonio questions her, Jessica chalks it up as being stressed from shopping. Antonio suggests she go get a massage, and Jess agrees. Outside of Nash's, Jessica looks for her keys, then feels a man's hand over her mouth! Not able to fight him off, Jessica is dragged away

Next on One Life to Live: Todd casts his revenge against Spencer, John has a talk with Vincent, Antonio & Nash rescue Jessica and Matthew & Bo discuss Paige

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