She Wanted Us To Let Her Go!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Layla holds Evangeline's life in her hands, Jessica and Natalie get news, and Starr and Langston reconnect...

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At her mother's house in Maryland Layla stares at Evangeline's living will. Mrs. Williamson lashes out at Layla for not being around. Layla reads the will and says Evangeline never wanted to be on life support. "She wanted us to let her go," Layla cries. Mrs. Williamson can't face the thought of losing her. "What if she's already gone?" Layla asks. She pleads with her mother and says, "We have to be brave for her." Mrs. Williamson warns Layla that she will not allow Evangeline to die and says, "If you make the wrong decision your sister's blood will be on your hands." After Layla leaves Mrs. Williamson looks through all of Evangeline's mementos. She finds a business card.


Still at Evangeline's bedside Cris professes his love for her and wishes he could save Layla and her mother from the heartache of having to make such a heartbreaking decision. Cris explains his love for Layla and the need to move forward. "I've never felt so powerless," Cris says and talks about the guilt Layla carries for being with him. "I have the same guilt," he admits and wishes he knew for sure that Evangeline gave them her blessing. "But that's not going to happen. You're not coming back," Cris sobs. Layla arrives and shows Cris Evangeline's living will. After Layla assures Cris that Evangeline wouldn't want to live like this Cris suggests they call a lawyer.


Back in Llanview Jessica and Natalie are in the hospital waiting room feeling nauseous. Greg appears and the girls explain their sickness.


In an exam room with Greg Jessica goes over her symptoms. Greg assures her the muffins are being tested then steps out for a bit. When Greg returns he announces, "It wasn't the muffins. You're pregnant."


Across the hall in an exam room with another doctor Natalie explains her symptoms. The doctor briefly leaves then returns eating a muffin and says, "You're pregnant."


Dorian stands in Viki's bedroom shocked to see David and Viki in bed. David gets out of bed, goes to Dorian and says, "We want romance not a threesome." When she won't leave David climbs back into bed and starts making out with Viki causing Dorian to cringe! Viki pushes David away as Dorian screams, "How could you!" Charlie appears and tries to act surprised but David rants at him for leaving Viki for Dorian. Dorian demands answers. Viki confesses that she and Charlie faked everything in order to get David and Dorian to admit their feelings for each other. Dorian and David adamantly deny having any feelings. As they ramble on Charlie and Viki offer to give them some time alone. However, Dorian chastises Viki then fires Charlie! Viki and Charlie protest but Dorian vows to drag their names through the mud if Charlie doesn't walk away. Dorian admits David deserves better friends then leaves. David agrees and tells Viki, "I'll be in my room in the south wing!"


Seated in the park Langston wonders what Starr's been up to. "Target practice," Ford interrupts. Starr accuses Ford of stalking Langston. When he claims Langston is free to be with Markko Langston informs him that Markko left town. Ford apologizes to Langston about Markko leaving then takes another shot at Starr for shooting his brother. After Ford leaves Starr tries explaining how different James and Ford are. Langston can't believe Ford never mentioned having a brother. Langston wonders if there's anything between her and James but Starr denies it. They both promise never to let anyone come between them again. From the shadows Ford watches them.


Over at the mansion Eli leaves a message for Ross then overhears Rex telling Kelly that he has a lead on Bennett Thompson. When Rex and Kelly join him in the living room Eli breaks the news that Blair said yes. Eli is excited to join their family and offers his free legal services. Kelly admits they are looking for her mother's murderer, Bennett Thompson. Eli becomes nervous as Kelly explains finding the name in Melinda's vase and advises she drop the investigation. Kelly lashes out at him for suggesting she ignore her mother's death. Eli claims cases like this never end well for anyone. Kelly vows to find her mother's killer and begs for Eli's help. Eli reluctantly agrees and looks over all of the Bennett Thompsons Rex found. Rex brings up Rodney and the Boston baseball card found in his hand. He found three Bennett Thompsons in Boston and suggests they start looking there. One's in marketing, one's a teacher and one's a lawyer. Eli remains calm then takes a call from Mrs. Williamson who's trying to get in touch with Bennett Thompson!


Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie and Jessica aren't honest with each other.

Gigi gets accepted into Llanview University.

Charlie and Viki decide to go on vacation.

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