Sex With Me Would Be A Real Treat For You!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Dorian and David back away, Natalie and Jessica end up in the emergency room, and Mrs. Williamson gets rid of something...

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Charlie and Dorian are kissing at the mansion when Langston walks in and says, "Don't mind me." Langston doesn't need an explanation, especially after what she did to Markko. Charlie gives them a moment and Langston cries to Dorian, "Markko's moving to California." Langston wants Markko to be happy but Dorian suggests she stop him from leaving. Langston brings up David. Dorian never tried to stop him from leaving. "Instead of focusing on my love life try focusing on your own," Langston warns then leaves. Charlie rejoins Dorian and starts kissing her neck. "I can't do this," Dorian says, backing away. Shockingly Dorian claims she can't do this to Viki! Dorian reminds him of the mistakes they made while trying to kill Mitch. Charlie brings up the signals Dorian's been sending him. She never dreamed he'd betray his wife and says, "I'm appalled at your behavior!" Dorian kicks Charlie and refuses to betray Viki. Charlie tries to get Dorian to admit that she really stopped him because of David. Dorian denies it then says Viki deserves to know what kind of a scoundrel she married!


Natalie and Jessica walk into Llanfair and find Viki and David making out in the living room. They demand to know what their mother is doing! Viki stutters but David claims they were rehearsing for a European movie he's auditioning for. Natalie and Jessica see David's muffins and accuse him of poisoning them. David denies it then takes a bite of a muffin. The girls still don't feel good and agree to see a doctor. Once they leave Viki wants to pick up where she and David left off! "I can't do this," David says, removing Viki's arms from around his neck. Though David knows sex with him would be a real treat for Viki he can't do this to her. What kind of friend would David be if let Viki ruin her marriage. Not to mention he doesn't want to lose her as a friend. Viki urges David to admit why he really pulled back. Charlie calls and warns Viki that their plan is a bust. Dorian's on her way over to rat him out for trying to cheat on her! For David's benefit Viki starts crying and says, "He's leaving me. He just told me he belongs with Dorian." Viki falls into David's arms. David admits he didn't want to ruin her marriage but now that Charlie's out of the picture… David leads Viki toward the stairs. Viki pretends to double lock the front door, but really unlocks it, then follows David to her bedroom!


Later out in the foyer Jessica and Natalie wonder what could be wrong with them if David's muffins didn't cause their sickness? They can't get in to see their regular doctor and have to rush to the bathroom again! Afterwards they grab the muffins and head to the emergency room.


Upstairs in Viki's bedroom David promises to make Viki feel better than she's ever felt in her entire life. David takes off his clothes, which makes Viki nervous. She goes to put her robe on then climbs into bed with David who suggests they make a sex tape! Just then Dorian barges in screaming, "It's about Charlie. He tried to get me into bed." David and Viki smile while Dorian takes in the sight!


Still in the park Starr tells Cole about her visit with James and claims she won't be seeing him again. Starr starts rambling and Cole asks, "Are you okay?" Markko appears and Starr welcomes the distraction. Markko brings up Ford and James. Starr assures him they are nothing alike. When he asks if Starr and Cole are back together they uncomfortably claim to just be happy they are back home with Hope. They want Markko to move back in. He informs them he's leaving for California. He and Langston aren't destined to be together like Starr and Cole. As Starr reminds Markko that Langston will always love him Langston listens from around the corner. Cole, Starr and Markko say their goodbyes and think back to the great times the four of them had. As Cole walks Markko to his car Langston joins Starr in tears.


At the hospital in Maryland Mrs. Williamson assures Layla that Evangeline didn't have any papers drawn up but Layla is sure Evangeline would've filed a living will. She accuses Layla of giving up and threatens to have her barred from Evangeline's room. After her mother leaves Layla admits she wants Evangeline to live too, just not like this. Cris urges Layla to go home and talk to her mother.


Cris goes in to see Evangeline. He wonders if he and Layla are being selfish. If they can't look past the machines and see the woman they love. He wishes he knew if she'd get better, if she'd want to keep living like this. Cris takes her hand and cries, "I need you to know. I've never stopped loving you."


Layla arrives at her mom's and catches Mrs. Williamson by the fireplace with some papers. The women struggle with the papers until Layla grabs them from her mother's hands. It's Evangeline's living will.


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Layla holds Evangeline's life in her hands.

Jessica and Natalie get news.

Starr and Langston reconnect.

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